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Download Epub Format ß The Doomsday Code PDF by ↠´ Alex Scarrow Liam O Connor Should Have Died At Sea In Maddy Carter Should Have Died On A Plane In Sal Vikram Should Have Died In A Fire In But All Three Have Been Given A Second Chance To Work For An Agency That No One Knows Exists Its Purpose To Prevent Time Travel Destroying HistoryInBritish Computer Hacker Adam Lewis Finds His Name In A Coded Manuscript That Is Almost One Thousand Years Old How Did Adam S Name Get In There And Why Confronted By Adam In , The TimeRiders Travel Back To Sherwood Forest InTo Discover The Origins Of The Ancient Message But When A Strange Hooded Man Appears Interested In The Same Thing, They Begin To Wonder What Terrible Threat This Cryptic Link From The Past Holds For The Future Review This is the third book in what is quickly becoming the hit Timeriders series, never a fan of young Adult fiction but always an admitted fan of Alex Scarrows work i approached the first book in two minds, would i feel obligated to like it, would it be too fluffy for an adult, would the language talk down to kids etc.
There was never that problem with the first book, the second or this fantastic third in the series so far.
Each book in the series truly gets better than the last, the plot lines cleverer, the charactersdepth, and the emotional connection with the reader stronger.
I as an adult love these books, I have bought them for my son, my nephews and my god children all of whom love the series, and i will probably put a set away for my granddaughter for when she is old enough.
These books are for me a set of books with a story that can be read and reread with characters any age can relate to The best part of this series is that there is so much potential it could run and run forever, when you mess with time you can mess with history and the results truly fun I for one would be quite happy to see this series run forever with its current quality Parm Book Description From back of Book Liam O Connor should have died at sea in 1912 Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010 Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026 But all three have been given a second chance to work for an agency that no one knows exists Its purpose to prevent time travel destroying historyIn 1993 British computer hacker Adam Lewis finds his name in a coded manuscript that is almost one thousand years old How did Adam s name get in thereand why Confronted by Adam in 2001, the TimeRiders travel back to Sherwood Forest in 1193 to discover the origins of the ancient message But when a strange hooded man appears interested in the same thing, they begin to wonder what terrible threat this cryptic link from the past holds for the future .
Serial ini semakin seru saja Liam dan Maddy semakin dewasa, mereka sudah bisa memutuskan sendiri apa yang harus dilakukan Beck dan Bob, I love them, my adorable meat robots Saya penasaran dengan nasib si Alan, apakah kita akan bertemu dengannya lagi Endingnya bikin penasaran.
Rela begadang saya untuk menyelesaikan buku ini Seru sekali, benar benar tidak bisa ditutup Eh tapi pas mau selesai malah sengaja dilambat lambatkan membacanya Rasanya tidak rela kalau harus berpisah lagi dengan petualangan Maddy, Liam, dan Sal.
Sebenarnya, kali ini, gelombang waktu yang menandakan adanya sejarah yang telah diubah tidak terlalu parah Hanya ada satu poster film yang dibintangi oleh Leonardo DiCaprio nampang di tembok Maddy ternyata penggemar Leonardo DiCaprio Dia tahu kalau Leonardo tidak pernah memainkan film tersebut Singkatnya, TimeRiders menyadari kalau film itu seharusnya tidak ada.
TimeRiders akhirnya menemukan bahwa film tersebut adalah film tentang Adam Lewis, seorang ahli komputer yang mampu memecahkan manuskrip Voynich yang berasal dari abad pertengahan Padahal sebelumnya tidak ada seorang pun yang mampu membaca manuskrip tersebut.
Yang lebih mengagetkan lagi, pintu markas TimeRiders kedatangan tamu, yaitu Adam Lewis sendiri, yang asli bukan yang versi film Bagaimana Adam bisa menemukan para TimeRiders Yah, silakan dibaca sendiri.
Adam mengatakan kalau manuskrip dari masa lalu itu sengaja ditujukan untuknya Ada namanya tertulis di situ Maddy yakin kalau manuskrip itu sengaja ditulis untuk menyampaikan pesan kepada TimeRiders melalui Adam Manuskrip itu meminta mereka pergi ke Inggris tahun 1194 untuk mencari orang bernama Cabot Di pesan itu juga tertulis kata Pandora Kata yang membuat Maddy frustasi karena harus merahasiakan sebuah pesan penting dari Liam dan Sal.
Bersama Beck dan Bob yang baru, Liam segera pergi ke tahun 1194 Ada yang tahu apa yang sedang terjadi di Inggris pada tahun 1194 Saya tidak tahu, dan yah saya kaget sekali ternyata saat itu adalah saat dimana Raja Richard sedang meninggalkan Inggris untuk menyerang Yerusalem dalam perang salib.
Whooaaaahhhh, saya senang sekali Sudah lama saya ingin membaca tentang perang salib, ksatria Templar dan mitos Cawan Suci Aseek, kali ini TimeRiders akan mengajak kita berpetualang di abad ke 12.
Jadi ini adalah kisah tentang Raja Richard dan Raja John Tentang Ksatria Bertudung yang menyelamatkan para petani Tentang Sheriff Nottingham yang namanya tidak diketahui Ada Salahudin juga yang menjadi musuh Raja Richard di Perang Salib Dan ini adalah kisah tentang perebutan Cawan Suci.
Nah, keberadaan Liam dan kedua unit pendukung di tahun 1194 kemungkinan akan menimbulkan gelombang waktu yang akan merubah New York lagi Akan jadi apa lagi New York di tahun 2001 Yah itu tergantung dengan apa yang mereka lakukan di sana Yang pasti untuk pertama kalinya, Sal menyadari bahwa gelombang waktu seakan bingung mau membentuk keadaaan yang seperti apa.
Lalu, apa sebenarnya rahasia yang dimiliki oleh Cawan Suci dan apa hubungannya dengan TimeRiders Dan kenapa harus Adam yang menyampaikan pesan Voynich kepada TimeRiders Silakan dibaca sendiri deh bukunya, haha Strong recommended banget pokoknya Buku ini berhasil membuat saya ingin jadi ilmuwan seperti Adam Punya otak cemerlang namun tetap rendah hati dan menjadi orang yang menyenangkan Dan lagi karena namanya Adam Lewis, saya jadi membayangkan kalau wajah Adam seganteng wajah Adam Levine, nama mereka mirip sih, huehehehe.
Dan di buku ini, scene scene lucunya lumayan banyak Menghibur sekali, terutama kalau Liam yang bertingkah konyol, seakan akan lelucuannya benar benar natural tanpa dibuat buat At last, saya memberikan 5 dari 5 bintang untuk The Doomsday Code It was amazing Tentu saja Ristus miten koukuttava loppuratkaisu Tapan kaikki, jos sarjan suomentaminen loppuu t h n.
Vauhtia riitti ja historian henkil t loksahtelivat taas vankemmin paikalleen mun henkil kohtaisella aikajanalla T m on niit kirjoja, joilla on oma, vinkkarista riippumaton el m Pojat vinkkaavat n it hyllyv liss toisilleen ja uusiin osiin syntyy jonoa heti kun ne saadaan kirjaston listoille.
Truly enjoying the Time Riders series by Alex Scarrow It reminds me of the TV show The Librarians, and although less edgy, and dark 12 Monkeys.
The Doomsday Code has the team from The Agency tracking down the Holy Grail and an ancient manuscript The coded message contained on the scroll is prophetic The earth is bound for destruction When a doorway appears those in that time period want to know what is on the other side The answer is in the Holy Grail.
And everyone wants it.
Including a hooded figure who lurks in Sherwood Forest in 1194King Richard His brother John and The Hood.
These might be considered YA novels, but there is nothing childish in the telling Like time travel stories Action Adventure History Man, then you gotta try sinking your teeth into Scarrow s series Phillip TomassoAuthor of Absolute Zero and Damn the Dead I hate it when a chronicle book series is too damn good, I have to wait too damn long for the next one So far each book has been even better than the last.
The time travel elements are evenambitious this time around Well it was ambitious in the first two books but evenso here I don t think I got my head round all the intricacies of it In all honesty, I suspect there are plenty of loop holes but the narrative is so engrossing, I don t really mind and just accepting the rules the book throws at me The characters are superbly defined with some bitter sweet moments including the artificial ones for which the author cleverly and entertainingly takes us into their thought process This time around we get a fascinating snapshot of the days of 12th century England andalternate time waves to boot My history isnt great so I don t know how accurate the historical aspects of this are but there are some surprising twists to certain historical figures depicted in other books and films It matters not whether the event and motivations were true, however, as its credit to the book to infuse that curiosity in the first place.
Once again, this isthan just a young adults fiction This is a clever, thrilling, fast paced and extremely entertaining popcorn fiction for all ages 14 upwards Bring on book 4, please Seriously, when the heck is that coming out Well I m officially hooked After the first two books, I might well have ventured away from this series and left it unfinished However, I decided to give the third book a try and I m glad I did This book has turned my ambivalence to true devotion This series just keeps getting better and better, and now I m so invested in these characters that I must complete the entire series As with the Time Hunters series by Carl Ash which is also among my favorites , I love how the author gives us an alternate explanation of a popular pseudo historical event, which in this case is the legend of Robin Hood Could this have been the story behind the legend Probably not, but it s still fun to imagine that it could have happened this way instead of the glorified and sanitized version presented by Disney The other thing I love about this author is that his book are so engaging and easy to read with plenty of page turning action I can t wait to see what else Scarrow has in store for Liam, Maddy and Sal.
Seri ini semakin ke sini semakin seru tapi bolong logikanya juga semakin rada dan anehnya, typonya kok juga makin nambah Agak berbeda dari dua seri berikutnya, ketika perjalanan waktu yang mereka lakukan menimbulkan gelombang waktu yang merusak Bumi di tahun 2001, perjalanan kali ini malah membuat New York di tahun 2001 menjadi jauh lebih tenang dan bersih Tetapi, mengubah sejarah masa lalu bahkan untuk masa kini yang lebih tenang adalah sangat berbahaya karena konon dapat memicu robeknya selubung antara dunia dengan Kekacauan entah apa ini, mumet yang dapat menimbulkan kiamat Di buku ini, Liam dan kawan kawan bertualang ke Inggris pada tahun 1194 pada era Raja Ricard dan Sherif of Nottingham, terkait dengan sebuah manuskrip dari abad pertengahan yang sampai saat ini belum bisa dipecahkan isinya Penggila teori konspirasi ala Dan Brown mungkin juga bakal tertarik membaca buku ketiga ini Selengkapnya di