Trailer ✓ Brazen Chariots: An Account of Tank Warfare in the Western Desert, November-December 1941 PDF by ï Robert Crisp

Trailer ✓ Brazen Chariots: An Account of Tank Warfare in the Western Desert, November-December 1941 PDF by ï Robert Crisp A great recall of the early desert war in 1941 Definitely a classic.
I ve read Brazen Chariots possibly 10 times since 1975 loved it every time I ve been reading war history sad, but true gotta learn tho since I was eight in 1953, and I d rate this book at one of the top ten ever done in English It should be combined with The Gods Were Neutral however, to really get the full flavor of the British Army s misadventures in Greece and North Africa.
That Crisp was a professional writer is evident he s got it down pat The maps in my paperback edition are poor, tho typically most of this type display maps that have half the locales mentioned in the text not included luckily I have a pictorial history that was annotated by an 8th Army squaddie who had a very bad time of it, not surprisingly to help out Heartily recommended for accuracy, humor, and you are there immediacy A Tank Officer S Story Of The Desert War In North Africa, Brazen Chariots Is One Of The Most Widely Praised War books Ever Published Major Robert Crisp Recounts Operation Crusader, The Great Tank Battle Waged Against Rommel S Afrika Korps On The Borders Of Egypt A very well written account of a tank commander s life during Operation Crusader I especially liked the vignettes and descriptions of daily life The risks taken by the B echelon supply forces are hailed throughout Crusader was spearhead by Recon units, followed by fuel trucks, followed by the tanks The tanks were literally following chains of fuel dumps left by the supply trucks.
The descriptions of battles was well done too The reader can see the tracer rounds ricocheting off the Jerry armor and up into the sky.
The ferocity of the action is perhaps best summarized by the following paragraph early in the book According to Gatehouse s records the brigadier of the 4th Armd , the brigade was in action continuously for the first fourteen days of this period without rest or maintenance, and with an average of two battles a day the brigade centre line covered 1,700 miles and many unit tanks traveled over 3,000 172 Honeys M3 Stuarts were knocked out by the enemy in five weeks the total strength was 163 and I myself had six tanks knocked out the average sleep for commanders during the fourteen days was one and a half hours in twenty four at the end of the campaign the 400 tanks under Rommel s command had been reduced to 58.
Amazing book that is down to earth in it s tone without being overly simple He keeps it neat without missing out on details that you want to hear His story telling is very vivid and at times even funny.
A very readable and enjoyable account of a troop commander 3 tanks fighting in the desert against Rommel during the 28 days or so of the Crusader battle The author has 5 tanks either destroyed or put out of action under him during the fighting It is too bad that it is only 182 pages and the copy I purchased is the ancient 1961 paperback and the map is unreadable so be sure to go online and print one out if you want to follow the course of the action It is described as a classic and one of the very best accounts of men in combat and I would have to agree The author writes well having been a journalist and his style is just light and self deprecating enough to read as easily as fiction His backstory is interesting as well and I would recommend looking at his Wikipedia profile I am looking forward to reading the other and lesser known book of his account of his experiences in the Greek campaign which precedes this story Highly recommended.
I recently got to sit in an M 47 Patton tank, which inspired me to re read this account of ard warfare in North Africa in WW2 Crisp, an officer in the British 3rd Royal tank regiment, provides vivid descriptions of combat while locked in a horrible steel box.

Classical elucidation of battle field and it s trechourous routine Ideally suited for young leaders in uniform to understand the battle field before practically experiencing it People outside combat profession may enjoy the crescendo as emotional fiction, however impacts are likely.
This is a much better effort than MAJ Crisp s first book, The Gods Were Neutral However, I disagree with the prevailing reviews of this book It s a good account of British armor operations against Rommel, but it s not great MAJ Crisp was a tank commander on an M3 Stuart tank, which was one of the lightest tanks produced by the U.
, but not used much after 1943 In only had a 37mm main gun, and VERY thin armor MAJ Crisp s account is of interest mainly because it s desert warfare and he was in a clearly inferior vehicle to what the German army possessed Not a bad read, maybe even a classic account, but certainly nothan 3 stars.
Crisp s memoir of desert tank warfare during Operation Crusader late 1941, designed to relieve Tobruk is held up as a classic of the genre First published in 1959 or thereabouts , it is breezy and dry, like a fine English GT Crisp does a fine job of conveying what it was like to be a tank commander in a Lee Tank called by the Brits Honeys , particularly all the swanning about that he drily recounts He also provides a nice picture of some of daily life of members of the 8th army the desperate need to brew up , the lack of sleep and concurrent need to leaguer up , and so forth As a memoir, this is perhaps what is expected Still, it is not completely satisfying Crips doesn t make an effort to explain broader strategy or to contextualize his experiences one will need to consult other works for this sort of thing Additionally, Crisp leavens his work with plenty of upper class army slang from the period again, this offers verisimilitude, but can be off putting for a younger generation of readers even those who are well educated All in all I respect the book as an important icon of British war memoirs, but found it unsatisfying as an account of the campaign or even as a social history of the 8th army.