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î Read » Doctor Right by Janet Tronstad Ü Treasure Creek, Alaska, Has Only One Pediatrician The Very Handsome, Very Eligible Dr Alex Haven But The Former Big City Doc Is Counting The Weeks Till His Contract With The Tiny Town Is Up All So He Can Return To Los Angeles To Start A Clinic In His Brother S Honor Nurse Maryann Jenner Is Determined To Keep Alex In Alaska By Finding Him A Bride And Giving Him A New Reason To Stay But When A Little Boy S Life And Maryann S Hope Is Jeopardized, Alex May Find His Own Reason To Stay Forever Definitely a sweet little story I liked how the relationship between Alex and Maryann was already established well, as a working relationship at least before the story started, so while their romance did seem rather quick, it wasn t as quick as an insta love kind of thing.
I liked how Alex learned about what forgiveness and grace meant, though I wish it had been fleshed our a wee bit .
I look forward to seeing what happens next in Treasure Creek.
Another great addition to the Treasure Creek stories.
Klondike Hero by Jillian HartTreasure Creek Dad by Terri Reedand this is the 3rd book in the series.
It deals with a man thinking forgiveness is by works That he has to make amends before asking forgiveness A woman who was from a broken family and her parents were constantly falling in and out of love, just not each other.
A moose.
A hurt boy from a poor family.
All of it added up to a fantastic story with a great ending.
Thanks Janet for another great reading experience for us.

I really enjoyed this one Many of Janet Tronstad s characters are people I would love to be friends with in real life, and I enjoyed spending time with them while reading Dr Right There were enough descriptive details included to help you feel like you were actually there, but not so many that they overwhelmed the story She also had enough happening in the plot that it seemed like asubstantial, interesting story than some contemporay romances do.
Thanks Janet for a copy of this book I really enjoyed this book It is part of a 6 part series on Treasure creek Alaska Each book is a stand alone but it would be of benefit to read Jillian Harts Klondike hero, as Maryann is first introduced in that book In this book Maryann is working for Alex who is a pediatrician he is looking at finishing up work with in a month or so and planning to go back to LA to start a up a new clinic dedicated to his brother who is disabled Alex has alot of guilt he is dealing and as we see in the book it can be unrealistic guilt which often happens to children when something happens and they blame themselves Maryann loves children and loves how Alex works with the children and really wants him to stay in Treasure Creek When Timmy is need of medical help he becomes a catalyst in what will happen next I loved the story and I love the fancy Women these women are in Treasure creek to find husbands only alot of single men are running from them which adds to interesting encounters A great read.