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☆ Read ☆ The Harrogate Secret by Catherine Cookson ↠´ God, I loved this book so much when I first discovered it in 8th Grade Gave it away to some friend and never got it back And it was such a lovely hardbound edition, too But, yeah, just gorgeous this book, read it so many times And it s a shame really that Cookson isn t really much of a big deal in literary circles and not many people read her much any She was pretty good Will always have a soft spot for this one particular book of hers.
Well written The story line was engaging Picked a number of new words and on the whole i think she wrote a very descriptive book for her time.
The Harrogate Secret by Catherine Cookson An interesting tale of suspense focusing on the rise of the middle class in general and, in particular, on the rise of Freddie Musgrove in an England of 3 or 4 hundred years ago The plot is masterful leading to a very good read.
Absolutely brilliant story that I really enjoyed Recommended.
didn t finish I read all of Catherine Cookson s books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley I recently re read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed However I m sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.
Young Frederick Musgrave Was Never Agile Than When Navigating His Sculler Across The Waters Of The Tyne Between The Busy Seaports Of North And South Shields InAlready His Services Were In Demand As A Carrier Of Messages And Certain Small Packages For Those Whose Activities Made Them The Target Of The Customs And Excise MenAs Well As Agile, Freddie Was Also Reckoned To Be Lucky, But On Such A Night As Brought Him To The Towers, The Home Of Mr Roderick Gallagher, Both Luck And Courage Were To Be Tested To The LimitFrom That Night On, Things Really Began To Happen To Freddie, And The Best Of Them Came When He Gained The Friendship And Patronage Of Miss Maggie Hewitt, Who Was To Play A Major Role In Shaping His Life And Fortunes But He Would Still Need All His Luck And Resourcefulness To Escape The Long Shadow Cast By Roderick Gallagher, Whose Power And Influence Threatened All Who Crossed His Path He s an everyday Love.
But You are something different Amazing if not the best novel I d came across A lot about life in 1840 s Yorkshire, England.
Loved it Some pretty exciting, page turning bits Catherine Cookson books never fail to get me hooked