ð Goth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide to Dark Culture ✓ Download by Á Gavin Baddeley

ð Goth Chic: A Connoisseur's Guide to Dark Culture ✓ Download by Á Gavin Baddeley Just remebered this book,it s one I read ages back and is well worth a re read, it looks at the Gothic influence as much in the context of film and literature as much as music and is a fascinating run through genres and sub genres.
though I suspect other genres possibly exist now.
Fine photos throughout to illustrate points and interesting opinions on the birth of the Goth sound citing the Doors as a strong possibility.
A fine read Very thorough, well researched and backed up with sources and literature and exquisitely written It s something I ll definitely be coming back to.
Due To Its Passionate, Extreme Aesthetic, Goth Culture Remains Both Vibrant And Vibrantly Loved, And Continually Inspires New Developments In Pop Culture Both A Starting Place For Newcomers And A Source Of Incisive Insights For Veterans, Goth Chic Examines This Dark Culture From Multiple Angles Each Chapter Of This Lavishly Illustrated Guide Dissects A Distinct Aspect Of The Goth Genre, Including Movies, Music, books, Graphic Novels, And Written By An Official Representative Of The Church Of Satan, Goth Chic Is An Insider S View Of A Fascinating Realm Puh, das hier ist schwierig Wenn du ein Buch suchst, dass dir die Gothic Szene erkl rt und n her bringt Ne, lass bleiben.
Wenn du ein Buch suchst, das dir schaurige B cher und Filme chronologisch sortiert aufz hlt und beschreibt, dann kannst du dir dieses Buch durchaus holen Zeitgen ssische Musik nur GB und Amerika wird auch aufgez hlt und beschrieben Der Autor hat f r dieses Werk wohl nur bis ins Jahr 2000 recherchiert Bands wie VNV Nation aufsteigender Stern und Apoptygma Berzerk sind ihm nur eine kleine Randnotiz wert, aktuelle Horrorfilme und B cher z B von Stephen King, der fehlt komplett, wird nur drei mal zitiert tauchen nicht auf.
Es ist schon verwirrend und h lt nicht das, was man erwartet.
Ich werde es wohl wieder zum Erschlagen von Spinnen benutzen Quite an intelligente, passionate and comprehensive look into Goth a must read for Goths and anyone wanting to understand Goth beyond sterotypes Baddeley covers everything from gothic literature, to horror movies, comics, and tv series, before even beginning to make a history of late 20th century and early 21st century Goth pop culture and that is a welcome change from studies and chronicles which start usually move the other way around Lavishly illustrated, its prose is quite passionate and enrapturing My one complaint is the excessive emphasis on transgression for transgression s sake.
Unlike the name Goth Chic would suggest this book is not a style or how to be guide Baddeley walks the reader through the history of the Gothic subculture with a heavy emphasis on the media that often goes with it, from classic Gothic literature to comics and from German Expressionist horror films to Tim Burton Naturally music takes up a good chunk of the book as well The one chapter focusing on fashion is rather short and for the most part details the history and influences of the archetypal Goth style.
Goth Chic is an interesting and entertaining read, Baddeley obviously knows the subject well and often delivers his facts with a wry, witty sort of humor While it may not provide any new information to those alreadyor less well acquainted with the subject it should still be fun enough to pick up at least once.
This is one of the most in depth books about the goth subculture outside of academic literature This book offers information about many semi obscure books and movies that every goth should check out Virtually every element of goth culture is touched upon While goths in their thirties may not find too much new information, those in their late teens and twenties can find this book useful and entertaining.
Be forewarned, not all of the material in this book is suitable for younger readers so parents shouldn t get this book for their tweenage children.
This book was clearly written by one who understands the intricacies of gothic culture and influences Lots of detail and information A useful text I was pleased that it covered classical music It was divided well into chapters that traced various aspects, such as literature, music and movies, separately in a chronological way This is a good and informative book for anyone seeking to learnabout the origins of gothic culture It is good that it was written by someone who understands it, not someone who doesn t and has to interview random strangers, as some other books seem to do.

I think this book is a gem, an invaluable resource of things and categories Goth related that even older Goth veterans like myself will find interesting new facts, histories, and recommendations of some seminal rarities I feel quite lucky to know about now I mean, there s a short but excellent section on Goth classical music, especially pre twentieth century that I knew nothing about Some reviewers complain there s insufficient information on contemporary Goth music, typically thought to have been fathered by Bauhaus as everyone knows Two comments 1 This isn t an encyclopedia nor does it pass itself off as focusing extensively on every major Goth band since the late 1970s There are already good books that do that and that isn t this book s focus, nor does it purport to be 2 The author did serious research for this book in basically every category covered, and traces the first Goth rock album Goth to a surprising artist who preceded Bauhaus by a good half dozen years The actual beginning of the movement traced to one early 1970s album, to someone who gets NO credit for shit That type of information is what sets this apart from other books on Goths or Goth music And obviously not only is music addressed here, but Goth literature besides the obvious , the huge influence of early German cinema, a bit about clothing, comic books, andAs someone who has been into the Goth scene and or music for well over 30 years, I thought I knew all I was dead wrong This is an excellent resource for those interested in Goth of ANY age I learned about films, novels, bands, and composers I m grateful to have been introduced to now, even in my older years You may think you ve heard it all or read it all, but you re wrong I was glad to find out I was wrong This is definitely for a niche market, but I can t recommend itstrongly A must for any Goth s bookshelves Definitely recommended.
I think aappropriate subtitle would be a connoisseur s guide to stupid movies about zombies There s almost nothing about literature, or the actual subculture, and the chapter about music is ridiculously short and incomplete Money wasted.