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[ Read Online Saints (Pawns of Patience, #2) ✓ woodwork PDF ] by Cassie James ↠´ Nothing Brings A Group Of People Together Quite Like A Dead BodyPatience Is Rocked By The Death Of One Of Their Own, But Not Everyone Is In MourningNow Alliances Are Shifting, And Sometimes The Only Way To Stay Alive Is To Choose The Right SideNot Everything Is As It Seems In PatienceSome Are SinnersSome Are PawnsAnd Now They Re All Pretending To Be SaintsSaints Is Book Two In A Series Of Full Length Reverse Harem High School Bully Romances Some Scenes Portray Subject Matter That May Be Difficult For Some Readers Enjoy At Your Own Risk So good This series just gets better and better with all the twits Look forward to reading book 3 in this series So after finishing book one a few weeks ago and waiting so patiently, not so patiently, lol , that I couldn t wait to get my little hands on book two As soon as I saw that this book was out I couldn t click on it fast it enough and dove in right away Though I have to say that as of right now, and I should probably wait to write my review until I ve hadclarity, but as of right now I have very mixed feelings on this book And I will let you know why down below in just a minute Now this book picks up basically right where book one left off Which I really appreciated, sometimes books in a series won t pick up where the last one left off and leave you feeling confused But luckily in this series so far it doesn t seem like its going to be that way In this book we also get one of the questions that was left on our minds answered But it also left us with a whole slew of other unanswered questions Alright so I guess I should get to the parts that I didn t particularly like in this book, right Yes Ok so here it goes 1 At times I felt like that this book kind of dragged and was so slow that I found myself skipping through it to Just get to the next part I kind of felt like at times the author was just putting extra thoughts and stuff in there to fill in parts of the chapters But while putting extra thoughts in there it kind of dragged the book along 2 Now this is supposed to be a Reverse Harem series, right As far as Reverse Harem goes this is a really, really slow burn type Reverse Harem type series At least for me, I m hoping that it starts to pick up I do have to say at times though it doesn t feel like an RH At times it almost has a love triangle or menage type feel to it But like I said I m hoping that changes in the next book Now let s get to the characters, especially the boys.
Now you may notice I said boys because that s exactly what they are in this book And I keep having to remind myself at times that these characters are still in high school and not older And have to take that into account with the way they act at times because at times when I get into a book I feel like I get pulled into it and feel like I m right there with the characters But anyways on with the boys At this point I m starting to wonder if Jax is redeemable at all, he s still his ar eholly way in this book as he was in the first Though there was the one moment he had with Juliet in his room when she went to speak with him, but still he even took that moment and tried to ruin it I want to give him the benefit of doubt and believe he can change his ways But I just need to knowabout him and why he is the way he is Ahhhh, Patrick, we gotPatrick in this book and I was happy to see him in a better light and not so Jax like in this book I thought the scene at his parent s house was perfect and hilarious Though he still had his moments where he was cold and I just wanted to jump in the book and smack him Ace, the mysterious Ace I was hoping that we were going to getof Ace in this book to see if he could make up for what he did in the first book Now he makes a quick appearance in chapter three and then kind of disappears And we re only left with Juliet s thoughts on Ace and how she feels about him and it kind of left me angry about him not being in the bookThen about two thirds of the way through right about the time you almost forget about him he kind of just pops up and is there all the sudden But we still don t get to really Know Him and he s still kind of shrouded in mystery Ahhhh Smith, by far Smith is my favorite of the guy s though he s not really in this book much either I know it may seem like I m complaining about this book and didn t enjoy it But I did Really Enjoy this book I think that this series has great potential and that Author Cassie James has a way to hook you into the storyline and make you wantI definitely know I wantand don t know how I m going to survive till August for the third book I m giving this book 4 Stars out of 5 and can t wait for Book 3

Still so mysterious A great second book in this series where tensions run high while deceit plays out in the background I like the main character but she still comes off as clueless By the way the story ended, she won t remain clueless for long The vibe I m getting from the other teenagers, especially the four young men who have each treated her terribly over the course of the school year, is still one of the unknown Do they have something they re keeping from her Why would Jax be able to do what he did without repercussions Regardless, I m loving the intrigue in this book and look forward to reading the next book.
Really goodAs always was fun reading book 2 some things wore revealed but still so much questions await answers can t wait for book 3 to finely know what is going on, did hollis have something to do with Juliet s parents death Will she find the treasure Well that I m sure she will lol in book 3 but I just can t wait to find out about so many questions that are lingering in my head lol Enjoy guys definitely a fun read, wish it was longer though.