[ Pdf Principles and Precepts of the Return to the Obvious ✓ sunday-comics PDF ] by Lanza del Vasto ✓ babyandbeyondshow.co.uk

[ Pdf Principles and Precepts of the Return to the Obvious ✓ sunday-comics PDF ] by Lanza del Vasto ✓

Great words from a saint.
8Teach your body to die walkingTeach it, step by step, the nature of everything, which is to passLet every desirable thing say to your eyes I don t belong to you you don t belong to me 10Since your body cannot follow you into steadfastness, keep it constantly on the move so as to put its anxiety off the track.
All day long keep it walking or working stop it only for sleep If for one single moment you cease to busy your body, it will busy you.
16 At least never be one of those misers for whom honesty is an economy of gratitude If you don t know how to ask when you are in need, your dignity has shaky foundations If you don t know how to receive and give thanks, you will forever remain in debt What can you give back to your mother in exchange for her blood, her milk, and her tears In exchange for the light and your soul, what are you going to give back to God 17If you close your hand, the world will remain closed to you like a fist If you want the world to open up to you, open your hand first.
18Never forget that generosity is a privilege Those who receive from your hand know it, have no doubt If, therefore, you give immodestly, their ingratitude will be well deserved.
25 Those who consent to give up the moments of their brief and precious lives to acquire this conventional sign of possible pleasure are dupes of abstraction and live in unreality.
26 Endeavor to do what nobody but you can do.
Endeavor to want what everybody else can have as well Distinguish yourself by what you are, not by what you have.
27 Many are those who seek rare and precious things, but rare and precious is the taste of rough and common things.
35 You have too much life in you, big city.
Too much life is called fever Fever is a sign of sickness.
Your sickness is having no reason for being.
36 What do they produce Speed A form of nothingness.
37 Trifles and abuses are the great business of these busy men, unsmiling and serious as monkeys.
68 If you pray to ask, do not ask to receive, ask to purify desire.
Pray God rather to purify you of all desire Yes, do not pray in order to ask, but pray to give thanks and sing glory Pray to take part in the growth of the trees, in the leaves in the wind, in the birds in the light, in the work of the illustrious planets, in the ecstasy of the stars forever established in truth.
69Of the future you have one certainty, one only you will die This is not misfortune like ignorance or sin, but a grace sent by the Lord in the guise of chastisement Which gives its price to our every moment and concludes our figure.
73 Play at giving, there is noentertaining game Give yourself, spend yourself, go think, sing, and act as one does when one sings When the ungrateful heir, Death, comes to claim his due, let him find empty coffers, leftovers from a feast, and the house forsaken.
74 Death is an absurdity what is cannot cease to be But we shall die, for this life is not our being, but our lack of it.
79If you don t want to fall prey to suffering, go and meet it If you flee it, you are lost, for it runs faster than you.
80 The only suffering is suffering undergone The suffering a man imposes on himself, to train and try his powers, thereby loses its horror and its venom The man who can impose suffering on himself can impose limits on it, take possession of it and break free The man who, by the grace of love, assumes the suffering of others, abolishes all suffering of his own, wipes out his sins and establishes in grave and lasting joy the heart he has worked upon.
81Are you going to turn your head and peck at every desire like a hen running after flies 82Desire is like a beggar you give him generous alms to make him go away, but theyou give him, theoften he returns and knocks at the back door.
85 Ifyou do not take this road rejoicing, your heart full of desire and hope, know that you are not made for it and go and dabble elsewhere Yes, perfume your head when you fast, and if you suffer, consider your suffering a gift of God and if you weep, remember that blessed are they that mourn, and be happy with a difficult happiness Austerity is Le Gai Savoir Practice on yourself like a musician on his instrument When you can play, you will draw from the strings pure, continuous music entitled Perfect Joy And you will no longer be of those who anxiously ask whether there is a reward in another world for the righteous.
96On Fridays you shall fast Fasting does not mean eating one thing rather than another, but means not eating As often as you must gather strength against invasion from outside, you shall multiply your fasts and prolong them You may drink water, for as everybody knows, happiness is living on love and fresh water.
104 Prayer for Friday Lord, be my bread today,the spring of my strength,my hunger, my thirst, my desire, my joy.
Keep me from the loves that are not love of Thee.
Deliver me from my nature, Lord,and take my place in me.
105 Confirm fasting by silence Speak to no one on such days If you are spoken to, answer by gesture, or if necessity forces you, in writing No one can know the profit he will draw from this practice without having tried it, this the softest of all austere exercises, soft to the spirit as wool to the body, wool that makes for it a nest of its own warmth.
106 The softest but the most effective Your face closed and your mouth sealed, you will walk like your own statue, O chaste one You will feel a wall rise up around you, and foundations under your feet Through the loopholes of your eyes, you will see men approach then dissolve into air because of the vanity of their loud voices and their gestures Lowering your eyelids and going down into yourself, you will gauge your inner majesty.
118 If you fall ill, treat the illness by showers and sweating give it a jolt, lest being at ease, it stay with you But if a fever gets the better of you and your legs give way, look for a dry corner and lie down out of the way Fast, drink water and wait Help your illness to pass by not thinking of it There is only one cure for all diseases patience If your time has come, die with good grace Nothing isvain than to want to put off the hour that will come all the same And nothing isvulgar than to insist.
123Love and respect your body Treat it like a stranger, like a friend, like an enemy, like your neighbor s wife.
124 Habeas corpus possess your body and know it It is a thing that comes to you from outside, a thing among the other things, still immersed like a plumb line in outerness Among the other things, it is the only one you feel from the outside and from the inside at the same time It is therefore the only key that can let you into the meaning of all the rest All created things have their echo in your body as the sound of the sea echoes in the conch.
153The eye that sees all does not see its own look None has seen God For in every eye, it is God who sees.
162In paths no man has trodden, risk your steps.
In thought no man has thought, risk your head.
163 Have regard for others Have regard for the opinions of others Have no regard for the opinions others have of you.
165 Reason can prove its own truth concerning anything at all, but action alone can link truth to the nonsense of reality.
179 Hindrance, Being Carried Away and Enchainment are the 3 orders of inner enslavement Man falls ceaselessly from one order of enslavement into another As a result, in the conduct of his life, there are halts, leaps, sudden unforeseeable changes of direction and the uncertainty he takes for free will.
181 If you want to escape from Hindrance, do not try to augment your power in proportion to the covetousness of pride and ambition, for Hindrance will augment in like measure Reduce your desires to your needs, your ambition to surpassing yourself and your pride to considering the dignity of your essence.
184Become capable Capable that which contains Capable whoever possesses a content Contain, contain, contain your anger, your seed and your breath.
188 The mental form of Hindrance is blindness and ignorance The mental form of Being Carried Away is inattention, sister to inexistence Or else it is imagination the kind that fills our heads with bubbles and din and robs us of everything, even our very selves Or it may be reaction the act that has its cause outside me The mental form of Enchainment isi the stupid logic of routine that does not make us do things because they seem sensible, but makes things seem sensible because we do them Mental Enchainment is what hoists the technical genius of human beings on to the same level of perfection as the work of insects eating away the beam they live in The periodical catastrophes named war and ruin are likewise its doing And each of us gladly plays his part in the manufacture of the catastrophe, for motives of interest, duty and love of popularity.
192 Deliverance of the head is wisdom Deliverance of the heart is love Deliverance of the senses is beauty Deliverance of the act is the rite.
193 The Rite is the act of Presence The Rite is the Representation and the Present Representation because it recalls, reproduces, produces the presence of God among men The Present because it presents the offering, makes it valid, because it obliges the offerer to pay attention and collect himself, that is to say, obliges him to be present The Rite delivers from Hindrance It keeps a man away from objects of appetite and subjects of pride, turns desire into prayer and giving, makes pride bow down, strikes at the roots of Hindrance The Rite delivers us from the Being Carried Away in which we empty ourselves in words and gestures On the contrary, it leads a man to fill with himself the words and gestures of the Rite Of Beauty206Sing.
Above all when walking in the plain, to give rhythm to your steps.
Sing in long draughts as you drink from a spring when you are thirsty Forget the tunes you know Extricate yourself from teh sticky trap of songs you have learnt Let your voice flow according to its own law and the inclination of the moment Search in the substance of your own voice for plenitude of form and the happy ornament Mold your modulation on the gently rounded line of the hills wedded by distance to the substance of the sky Sing lest you grow old Sing to defy time that passes, escapes and destroys us Rebel against time, fly over it, take revenge on time with a song Music changes time into a plaint and the plaint into a pleasure Why, O heart, do you grieve in the song I grieve when I sing a lament for the death of all things I grieve for the red of the roses that will turn brown tonight I grieve for the happy faces with quick, shy eyelashes and moist lips, of whom nothing will survive but the skeleton s grin I grieve for girls in love whose flesh is snow and lilac I mourn for the bells of my village The great country we crossed when I was a child and will never see again I mourn for the house that rang with children s voices and clear laughter and homely sounds The window that opened to the hope of morning, and the sweetness of lamp lit evenings by the fireside 255 Life sleeps in the depths of our flesh Love is the moment when life passes from one body into another Life is laid bare life is wide open during that flash Love is evidence of life.
258 Sleep calls the living creature back inside Hunger drives him outward Love addresses him to the inside of the outer form.
259 Sleep creates, recreates, that is to say, creates anew, makes and unmakes life from within Hunger kills the life of the other who is outside in order to take his outside Love creates a life by means of the other who outside it procreates Why must God create Because He is love.
279 Knowledge without wisdom is a deadly danger Beauty without love is a deadly poison Power without justice is a gulf of blood Asceticism without charity is a desert of pride.
281 Love is the passion that burns and destroys everything the action that creates and saves everything.
282 A drop of good in an ocean of baseness redeems the whole284 Attachment, lust and passion such is the sorry trinity of stagnant love.
291 If you dislike war, respect your neighbor And cherish the man who comes from afar Venerate the distance in him Distance is like an allusion to the infinite Love the man in your neighbor Love God in the man who comes from afar.
295 There is a kind of lust that shies away in horror from everything love seeks, and wants only ugly, dirty, vulgar, adulterated objects There is a kind of lust that hunts for innocence and beauty in order to debase them, drag them in the mud and leave them there.
296 Lust contaminates its object The lecher does not like his object to return to him, bringing back with it his own smell He repulses it as the mouth loathes what it has vomited Which is the reason why certain lechers love virgins And would like a new one every night.
307 Love, love Bristle at the indecency of the word Don t speak of love all the time, don t discuss it in a competent tone of voice Beware of letting yourself go in sublime poetic speeches on the subject of love, lest you rush into indecency Know that you don t know how to love, and at least remain modest How could you love someone else when you don t know how to love yourself How could you love yourself when you have never met or seen yourself When you are unable to look steadily at yourself and the nakedness of your essence even for five minutes You don t know how to love For in order to give, one must have What have you to give, but your own disorder and emptiness You don t know how to love, you only know how to run away through other people You only know how to flow according to your own inclination, to slide into pleasure, to unroll the chain of accustomed and mechanical gestures Give up your trifling and your slobbering kisses Learn how to love, not because your incontinent heart is overflowing, but to obey God s commandment Learn the virile charity that has severe words for those who flatter you, serene for those who fight you, warm for the weary, strong for the suffering, clear for the blind, measured for the proud, and a bucketful of water and a stick for the sleepers If love pleads and weeps kill it if it embraces and forces kill it Learn the love that hopes for nothing from the world, but shines by its own virtue, the love that inspires the beloved with strength and leads him to deliverance Prune your heart your heart twisted like an old vine with revolt, aversion, anger and disgust, cut it clean and stick the graft into the wound Turn away from the whole world to care for it alone, the small shoot scarcely turned green It needs all your vigor in order to grow green all the warmth of your care, all the light of your attention When the tree has grown green, it gives itself entirely in its fruit.
315 Returning evil for evil is not undoing evil but redoubling it When they hear shouts of Fire men of goodwill rush up with torches But it is water and salt we need.
316 The ferret caught in the trap pushes against the door and theit pushes, the tighter the door shuts Pulling toward oneself is the trick of intelligence If, instead of pushing against evil, man drew it toward him, he would perhaps escape from the trap of evil.
320 You love the sea although it is only a desert, indifferent in calm, threatening in the gale, where the wind sows and reaps the surf, and although it has nothing to give you other than cold, bitterness and death And you love it because it turns the multiplied face of heaven Love men thus, my friend, and expect nothingof them, and nothing else.
321 O madman walking in the night, raise your head, stop, look heaven in the eyes and question it What is it that preserves the admirable edifice of the world This that each star is a globe of fire turning on its own axis The just precision of all, safeguards each star from rushing upon another and maintains each in its burning chastity Each because of its density attracts all others Each because of its fixity upholds all others Each because it radiates reaches all others and communicates its presence to them Learn from the stars how to love.
Written between Rome and Bari, on the road taken up again and finished between jungle and glacier on the Himalaya this Christmas Eve 1937.
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