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✓ Read ✓ Light Rock Fishing - Hard Rock Fishing Knots & Rigs by Andy Steer µ This LRF HRF Knots Rigs Book Is Packed Full Of Knots And Rig Illustrations To Help You Discover The World Of Light Rock Fishing, Hard Rock Fishing And Light Game Fishing Sixty, Clear, Concise, Easy To Follow Illustrations That Will Help You Gain A Solid Base Of Reliable, Tried And Tested Knots And Rigs Hopefully Land Fish, Lose Less Tackle And Protect The EnvironmentIncluded In This Edition Set Up, Spool Knot, Alberto Knot, Alberto Double Knot, Albright Knot, Lock Knot, Double Grinner Knot Mono To Mono, Double Grinner Knot Mono To Braid, J Knot, Simplified FG Knot, Stren Knot, Dropshot Knot, Dropshot Knot Palomar, Dropshot Knot Knotlesss Knot, Perfection Loop, Surgeon S Loop, Dropper Loop, Loop Loop Connection, Loop Dropper Loop, Surgeon S Knot Dropper, Berkley Braid Knot, Braid Ring Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Palomar Knot, Grinner Knot, Trilene Knot, Unifilament Knot, Fish N Fool Knot, Rapala Knot, Non Slip Loop, King Sling, Domhof Knot, Spade End Knot, Assist Hook Knot, Powergum Stop Knot, Wire Leader Knot, Wire Leader Crimping, Split Shot Rig, Micro Jigs, Dropshot Rig, Bottom Jig, Wacky Worm Rig, Texas Rig, Jika Rig, Carolina Rig, Eddystone Eel Rig, Ned Rig, Mojo Rig, Black Minnow Lures, Shore Jigs, In Line Lures, CrawZ Rig, Rigging A Weighted Swimbait Hook, Sbirolino Bombarda Rig, Casting Float Rig, Sliding Float Rig, Mullet Spinner, Sabiki Rig, Flatty Teaser, Flounder Spoon, Mini Boom RigA Big Thanks To The Various People, Angling Professionals, Tackle Manufacturers And Fishing Magazines For Their Encouragement, Advice And Support In Helping Creating This Unique Publication Black Flagg, Delalande P Che, Dieter Eisele, Dinss, Eddystone Eels, Fiiish, Gamakatsu, HTO, Lure Lounge, Mac Fishing, Martin Liebetanz Vahldiek, Sea Angler Magazine, Spro, Tronixpro, VMC Hooks, Westin, Zebco, Z Man UK