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5 stars rounded upI m still speechless The secrets, the lies, the twists and turns I never saw coming, the truth Masterful writing and brilliant story telling Mathieu knocked this one out of the park.
This was a story filled with lies lies told to others, and lies told to one s own self I won t lie, this was a sort of sad portrait of a family that was stuck, but I thought Mathieu incorporated an interesting historical time period, and her personal connection elevated the tale Full review to follow ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS From The Author Of Moxie Comes A Stunning Novel Told In Three Voices About The Lies Families Tell To Survive Every Year, Summer Begins When The Callahans Arrive On Mariposa Island That S When Elena Finney Gets To Escape Her Unstable, Controlling Mother By Babysitting For Their Two Children And The Summer OfPromises To Be Extra Special When She Meets JC The New Boy In Town, Whose Kisses Make Elena Feel Like She S Been Transported To A New WorldJoaquin Finney Can T Imagine Why Anyone Would Want To Come To Mariposa Island He Just Graduated From High School And Dreams About Going To California To Find His Father And Escape His Mother S Manipulation The Liars of Mariposa Island Follows Siblings Elena And Joaquin, With Flashbacks To Their Mother S Experience As A Teenage Refugee Fleeing The Cuban RevolutionJennifer Mathieu S Multilayered Novel Explores The Nature Of Secrets, Lies, And Fierce, Destructive Love A very different book from Jennifer Mathieu, but I m grateful to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this prior to publication.
The ARC I received has the simple title The Liars and this definitely indicatescharacters could be given this title than the family of three we predominantly focus on.
The majority of the story focuses on 17 year old Elena, and her attempts to carve a life for herself away from the controlling behaviour of her mother Her older brother, Jouqain, is allowed to work and go out at night but he recognises their mother s behaviour is abusive and does what he can to support Elena in her attempts to develop her own life With nobody else to support him though, Jouqain doesn t know what to do to improve their situation.
Alongside the story of these two and the summer that starts to signal change, we get the background to their mother s life It is jarring at first, but the details about her wealthy home in Cuba and the change in lifestyle when she s sent alone to America do explain at least in part some of her actions.
Nothing is really resolved by the end of the book for Elena, but the circumstances around Jouqain do give some hope that things might change in time.
75 5 I loved the settings of this book and the flashbacks to Cuba, I also loved the use of Spanish throughout I ve read this during the summer and it is a perfect summer read I liked the twists and turns but I kind of guessed them a bit before I was expectingfrom the ending i felt like it was building up to something big but it ended quite openly The book deals with a lot of mental health issues and Elena one of the main characters suffers abuse at the hands of her mother and her older bf who gives her drugs and I just did not agree with this relationship it was just wrong on so many levels I m pretty sure she is underage at 16 17 to be having sex with her 19 yr old bf I m not sure of the age of consent in different states I think it may be 17 for Texas My heart just broke for Elena who I feel will be stuck living with her mother for a long time and taking abuse from people in her life, I feel like Carrie the mother will never overcome her past and will be stuck living it and living with lies The book is an emotional ride and I wish it would of exploredof a relationship with Carrie s husbands family Joaquin, Elena s older brother was an interesting character but I just found the whole family dynamic so messy and heartbreaking, I wantedfor this family and for things to start to change I really liked the character of Amy, Joaquins gf and would of loved to haveof a backstory for her.
Overall The Liars was a quick summer read for me which was written beautifully,I sped through this book as I was so intrigued, and the author kept me hooked all throughout and I m looking forward to readingfrom this author in the future.
Thank you to the publishers for sending me a review copy in exchange of an honest review A review will follow on my blog Trigger warnings, mental abuse, physical abuse, drug use, alcohol abuse, emotional abuse.
I enjoyed it Weirdly similar to last book I read in places.
I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review This review contains BIG spoilers so please skip it until you ve had the opportunity to read this wonderful book The sign of a great novel for me is that it lingers in my mind long after the last page LIARS is one of those stories It s told through three POVs Caridad, Elena and Joaquin Caridad the mother is damaged by her previous life as a spoiled, wealthy Cuban child who became a lonely US refugee during the Cuban revolution Her children, Elena and Joaquin, are damaged by their mother s bitterness, alcoholism and selfishness Each member of this family has their coping mechanisms and the children use lies and co dependence to survive Caridad and their dismal lives By allowing every character a voice, JM gives the reader insights and the opportunity to develop sympathy, if not empathy for all of them.
This story is a snapshot of one summer but it s also a crossroads where Caridad s children choose their own paths, either actively or passively Through multi layered, gorgeous prose, JM reminds the reader that each of us has a private story, a different version of the truth, and that ultimately we are all attempting to thrive Sadly, in this story and in real life, not everyone has the strength to escape the darkness of their youth If they do, it can mean cutting off the past, including family, and moving far away for the chance of a better life SPOILER When I finished LIARS, my heart was full of hope for Joaquin He did the nearly impossible and broke free He will walk a tightrope for some time, but the longer he stays away from Mariposa Island, the less inclined he ll be to return Alternately, my heart aches for Elena I don t think she will ever get out of that house, away from the unhealthy relationship with her mother, and the lies she has come to tell so easily, as well as the alcohol and drugs she ll increasingly abuse, will be another form of imprisonment.
In the end, I m left unsettled by LIARS but the better for reading such a beautifully nuanced novel.

Disclaimer I received this book from Netgalley This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest More like 3.
5The Liars of Mariposa Island is one of those books that makes you examine the power of words It is an emotional story that asks us what we are willing to sacrifice for our family, and when is enough, enough The Liars of Mariposa Island is a story about summer, freedom, parties and boys Narrated from the perspective of a girl and her older brother, The Liars of Mariposa Island is a story that revolves around family It features a relationship between the main character, who is 16, and an older teen, 19 years of age A book that is stewing with secrets, lies, and proving there s a bit of a liar in us all We are asked what we will do to continue our lies, to protect ourselves, and our family But what drew me to The Liars of Mariposa Island were the exploration of truth and lies, the memories of Elena s mother as a refugee from Cuba, and the question of whether we have the strength to break free of our family s hold Throughout the book we witness scenes of Elena s mother as she flees Cuba, assimilates to life in the US, and her own vulnerabilities, fears, and lies Every character in this book is a liar Whether that be a white lie, Mathieu explores their motivations and fears Unfortunately, a place where The Liars of Mariposa Island fell short for me was in the ending I appreciated that half of the book is narrated from Elena s perspective and the other half Joaquin s besides the chapters from their mother , but I didn t feel much resolution from the ending I wasn t expecting there to be a very happy ending, because the book is a full of family drama and tension, but I was looking forclosure.
I mostly wanted to try this because I was such a big fan of Moxie This is a book in a very different vein and so, unsurprisingly perhaps, it didn t work nearly as well for me.
5 Words Family, friendship, secrets, lies, love.
Content Warning Alcohol abuse, drug use, child abuse, family separation.
Release Day Review The Liars by Jennifer MathieuThe Liars was muchcomplex than I first expected, and almost like a psychological thriller at times The story had me hooked, the unreliable narrators had me second guessing everything And yet, I still didn t see it coming.
I really enjoyed the different narrative perspectives, how it cast a different slant on the story Each character had their own motivations for the lies they told And Elena was the most fascinating and it was a little bit chilling how naturally it seemed to come to her.
As much as I loved being inside Elena s head as the story unraveled, I think my favourite character was Joaquin He is so full of love and anger and frustration and resentment and a desperate need to care for his sister He s so torn up about wanting to help himself too and I found it so endearing I loved how much of an excellent big brother he was, even if Elena resented it at times.
Caridad is a wonderfully complex character and my opinion on her switched back and forth with what the story revealed about her life Sometimes I hated her almost as much as some of the other characters, other times it felt like my heart could break over what happened to her.
The Liars is also known as The Liars of Mariposa Island in the US.
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