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[Martin Bailey] Ü The Sunflowers Are Mine [arithmetic PDF] Read Online æ I m painting with the gusto of a Marseilles eating bouillabaisse, which won t surprise you when it s a question of painting large Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother TheoThe Sunflowers Are Mine is a heavy researched non fiction book about one of art history s most iconic paintings, Vincent Van Gogh s Sunflowers It is also a very informative biography of the artist around that time I did not know that much about Vincent Van Gogh before reading this book I ve always been curious about what motivated Van Gogh to cut off his ear This author says that it was partially motivated by Van Gogh s fear that he would lose his bother Theo s emotional and financial support he had recently received a letter from Theo announcing his engagement and that combined with mental illness caused him to act out in that self destructive way Nineteenth century artists tended to choose elegant vases for floral still lives, but it is typical of Van Gogh that he opted for ahumble vessel The title of this book comes from a letter that Van Gogh wrote in which he said that other artist s had made various flowers their signature Jeannin painted peonies and Quost painted hollyhocks , but that Van Gogh was going to make sunflowers his signature flower Though most people are familiar with his painting depicting fifteen sunflowers in a simple pot, Van Gogh painted many lesser known pictures of sunflowers A botanist might feel that Van Gogh has not depicted the sunflowers accurately enough, but that was hardly his intention He robustly set out to capture the essence of the flower, with a degree of exaggeration and stylization The level of detail in this book is extraordinary Every aspect of the paintings is described to a T I wish I had gone into this book with a better understanding of art technique There were a few words I had to look up, such as impasto Always continue walking a lot and loving nature, for that s the real way to learn to understand art better and better Painters understand nature and love it, and teach us to see Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo I learned a lot from this book For example, it was Theo Van Gogh who encouraged Vincent to paint flowers because he thought they might be marketable They weren t as highly regarded as landscapes or portraits, but people would often buy paintings of flowers to display in their homes.
I would recommend this book if you are interested in Vincent Van Gogh enough to wade through a very detailed account of one aspect of his painting specifically his work that involved sunflowers If you are looking for ageneral biography of Vincent Van Gogh, there are better books to chose from I have heard good things about Julius Meier Graefe s Vincent Van Gogh A Biography and Victoria Charles Vincent Van Gogh Still, I found this a very interesting read I intend to pick up one of the two biographies I just mentioned to gain a better understanding of his life overall.
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Grade B Netgalleypub date Sept 1, 2013Frances Lincoln Repub Feb 5, 2019Received Feb 5, 2019 Quarto Publishing Group White Lion Publishing This Is The Story Of One Of The World S Most Iconic Images Martin Bailey Explains Why Van Gogh Painted A Series Of Sunflower Still Lifes In Provence He Then Explores The Subsequent Adventures Of The Seven Pictures, And Their Influence On Modern Art Through The Sunflowers, We Gain Fresh Insights Into Van Gogh S Life And His Path To Fame Based On original Research, The Book Is Packed With Discoveries Throwing New Light On The Legendary Artist I received an e copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review purposes Thank you An in depth look at the history of one of world s most famous sets of paintings Van Gogh s Sunflowers Bailey writes about the very origins of the paintings, about Van Gogh s life around the time of the creation of Sunflowers, about the critical reaction to the pieces and of their fate before and after Van Gogh s death, as well as about their eventual places of residence The book is full of beautifully reproduced pictures and of interesting facts The most important of the latter, perhaps, is that there were seven paintings in the series, with six surviving one was destroyed in Japan during WWII but then there is also the fact that the Sunflowers were once considered controversial and just plain weird Overall, while this might not necessarily be required reading for everyone, it is nonetheless a fascinating book.
Absolutely stunning and enjoyable read Hands down, Vincent is my favourite artist of all time.
This meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated book is the story of Van Gogh s iconic sunflower paintings, a fascinating account of the different versions and their adventures in time and place All the paintings are collected at the end, making comparisons easy and rewarding, with their provenance and list of owners A timeline and full bibliography are included, making this an accessible volume for the general reader as well as a useful one for the scholar and art historian A great read.
Even non art lovers are aware of Van Gogh s Sunflower paintings This tells you the inspiration for them Beautiful, lovely book Quite a treasure

I have been an Van Gogh fan ever since I stumbled upon Lust for Life by Irving StoneLust for Life I have read other books about Van Gogh and his work, and I would place The Sunflowers Are Mine The Story of Van Gogh s Masterpiece as one of the best I ve read The biography section was concise, but telling The relationships between Van Gogh and other painters of his period and the way they exchanged paintings was something I had not known much about I especially enjoyed the second part about the influence of his sunflower paintings It was a thrill to see plates of paintings I have never seen before, and I liked how the author showed Van Gogh s influence on the flower paintings of other artists The history and travel of each Sunflower painting was very interesting to me I would definitely recommend The Sunflowers Are Mine to anyone who is a fan of Van Gogh or who may want to knowabout his famous Sunflowers.
This beautiful dive into some of Van Gogh s most iconic paintings is a definite must read for those who love his work Carefully written, with obvious painstaking research informing it, it is a book full of information about the artist s life and his mental status when he set out to paint his sunflowers The book delves into the influences of the time that led Van Gogh to paint these flowers, along with the mental fragility that led him to doubt his own talent With the added benefit of the images included in the text, this is a complete study of the work and the man behind it.
What a gorgeous book I m a casual fan of Van Gogh, and loved the opportunity to delve deeper into his artwork This was thoroughly researched, but also written in a way that was engaging and easy to understand The author s tone was unpretentious, andenthusiastic and informative, which I appreciated I think both serious artists and casual fans will enjoy this book Biographical information, Van Gogh s influences, as well as his specific artistic techniques were included I learned quite a bit, and I m happy to now have interesting conversation pieces to impress people with I was impressed with the author s knowledge base as well as his writing style, and I m interested in checking out Starry Night Van Gogh at the Asylum by Martin Bailey I ve also enjoyed browsing Martin Bailey s blog dedicated to Van Gogh, Adventures with Van Gogh at The Art Newspaper A copy was kindly provided by the publishers through Netgalley.