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[ Read Online The Adventures of Barry & Joe ✓ church PDF ] by Adam Reid ↠´ This novel is written in a series of mini chapters, some no longer than a paragraph while others are 2 and a half pages long at the most Every chapter feels disconnected from the other, like your supposed to guess how it all fits together The only link that you have to go on is the novels premise Obama and Joe Biden are hoping dimensions going back in time trying to save the world Reading this book felt less like reading a novel andlike reading the authors footnotes It was such a good idea until the author ruined it by not adding enough detail to make it worth reading Instead he relied on name dropping to keep the reader interested That may have been enough to get people to buy the book, but it wont be enough to keep them from realizing what a huge mistake that was For those of you who are thinking of reading this because it is listed as a graphic novel, let me stop you there There are only three comic sections in the whole book, the rest is just terrible paragraphs, doodles, and fake comic covers At one point, there is even an entire chapter composed of short episode descriptions 101 of them for a Barry and Joe TV show It adds nothing to the book but takes away too much of your time If the author had taken at least 2 of those ideas and fleshed them out, this would have been great But instead the longer you read this book theyou realize you could have been reading something better.
This was quite an exciting and weird ride Definitely amusing.
These Are The Continuing Adventures Of Barack Obama And Joe Biden, Time Traveling Superheroes On An Epic Journey To Turn The Tide Of History, Bromancing Spacetime Together In Search Of A Brighter Future For AmericaDesperate Times Call For Desperate MeasuresMoments After The Inauguration Of Our Th President, Best Friends Barack Obama And Joe Biden Were Escorted To Secret Lab Run By The World S Greatest Scientists They Were Asked To Take Off All Their Clothes And Hold Very Still In A Fetal Position Until They Felt A Painful Tingling Sensation Then They Vanished They Would Awake To Find Themselves Apart, And Inside Their Younger Bodies And Driven To Find Each Other, And To Change History For The Better Their Only Guide On This Journey Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, A Scientist From The Present Who Appears In The Form Of An Augmented Reality That Only They Can See And Hear And Thus They Find Themselves Leaping Throughout Their Own Lifetime, Looking For The Best In Peoplestriving To Right Injustice Wherever They Find It, Forever Hoping That Their Next Jump In Time Will Take Them To A Future That S Not Scary And Broken On A Quest For A World Which They Can Proudly Call HomeThe Brainchild Of Director Adam Reid, Born Out Of His Deep Frustration After TheElection And Launched Via Kickstarter, The Adventures Of Barry Joe Is A Nostalgia Hued Science Fiction Tale Celebrating The Greatest Bromance In Modern History, That Of President Barack Obama And Vice President Joe BidenA Visual Feast That S Part Comic Book And All Heart, This Book Is A Love Letter To Brilliantly Cheesy Sci Fi And The Two Men Who Can Still Be Counted On To Inspire Us It S Unhinged Political Fan Fiction Filled With Hope And A Dose Of Healing And Perspective For All Of Us Watching In Horror As Trump Leads Our Country Down It S Darkest Timeline I laughed out loud, got emotional, and overall enjoyed everything in this.
This is absurd and funny I laughed out loud and I don t do that I bought it for the illustrations alone Fabulous art This is less of a novel andof a series of vignettes with a narrative through stream At times tedious, for the most part this is a fun and funny romp that lampoons time travel, classic science fiction, Zombies, the Apocalypse, and modern politics Sound impossible it isn t This book is consistently funny and there are moments where you will laugh HARD I am dinging the evaluation of the story itself because one section goes on WAY too long No spoilers You ll know Push on through that, because the book as a whole is well worth the journey Prepare to laugh.

Amusing, escapist sci fi for troubled times.
If you miss the real Barry Joe being in office If you enjoyed the Andrew Shaffer Hope Never Dies book If you liked Quantum Leap or Saturday morning superhero cartoons, then you ll likely enjoy this.
The only reason I read this is I needed a graphic book for a challenge and this one sounded like fun It was different.
I listened to this graphic novel on Audible and I am so glad I did The Bromance theme song is HYSTERICAL That s not half of what is so great about this book, however I popped this in when I had my high school kids aged 15 and 17 and stark raving Democrats thanks to the influence of their father trapped in the car with me on a 45 minute ride home from one of those common kid summer things band camp, choir auditions, etc They rolled their eyes because I was playing YET ANOTHER AUDIOBOOK but as soon as the Bromance theme song played, they were hooked What is this they asked, trying to feign indifference Oh it s just a new Barry and Joe story I heard about and had to listen to, I said You know who Barry is, don t you Blank stares in answer to my question Barack Now shhhh and listen And then they listened and laughed, right along with me.
We loved the far fetched story and a favorite scene was Barry vs the giant Barack robot I was amused by the science fiction terms explained in the last part of the book, but my kids actually did not know some of those so it turns out that the explanation was helpful for them We are looking forward to replaying this for their dad when we head up to Minnesota s boundary Waters He will LOVE this Mr Reid you are a genius I salute you and thank you for the family bonding experience We wantadventures of these two characters please