¶ The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride Ú Download by ¿ Joe Siple

¶ The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride Ú Download by ¿ Joe Siple This was a wonderful story about a 100 year old man and a 10 year old boy with a fatal heart defect Mr McBride doesn t have a reason to live His wife is dead and his two sons have died His grandson doesn t spend any time with him One day he decides to go to the heart ward at the hospital and meets Jason Jason has five wishes that he wants to have before he dies Mr McBride decides to make these wishes happen He wants to kiss a girl, be a superhero, hit a home run, find his mom a boyfriend, and make magic happen All the characters are lovable, especially Jason and his next door neighbor, Tiegan Rose Marie A definite tearjerker 4.
5 stars This is a tender story of an unlikely friendship between Murray, who is 100 years old, Jason, a 10 year old boy who needs a heart transplant, and a little girl named Tiegan It s quirky, funny and a tear jerker I recommend it if you like Elizabeth Berg or Catherine Ryan Hyde.
With All His Family And Friends Gone, One Hundred Year Old Murray McBride Is Looking For A Reason To Live He Finds It In Jason Cashman, A Ten Year Old Boy With A Terminal Heart Defect And A List Of Five Things He Wants To Do Before He Dies Together, They Race Against The Limited Time Each Has Left, Ticking Off Wishes One By One Along The Way, Murray Remembers What It S Like To Be Young, And Jason Fights For The Opportunity To Grow Old But When Tragedy Strikes, Their Worlds Are Turned Upside Down, And An Unexpected Gift Is The Only Thing That Can Make Jason S Final Wish Come True Mr Murray McBride is 100 He lost his wife 18 months ago and wonders if today should be the day he stops taking his pills, until he meets Jason and learns about his list of five wishes Through Jason, he meets his best friend, Teigan and they work together to get Jason s wishes completed in a race against the clock.
It isn t often that an author can completely draw you in and have you deeply invested in a story This story tugs at your heartstrings and will bring tears to your eyes It is a story which should be brought to life on the big screen.
The story starts at JFK Center for the Performing Arts Washington, D.
C Miles, the biographer of Prospero The Greatest Magician, is about to hear a story about magic and the real thing.
Segue 20 years earlier, centenarian Murray McBride of Lemon Grove, Illinois wonders How can a man as old and washed up as me possibly find a reason to live It is Murray s voice we hear for the greatest part of the story It is a voice of old fashioned principals He is a man of conviction, strong religious belief and able to acknowledge his faults and his failings But it is his one hundredth birthday and he want to do something to help someone before he dies and decides that reading to sick children at the Children s Hospital in a nice gathering space might be something he can do.
Segue the children s hospital, ten year old Jason Cashman, dying from a terminal heart defect, is playing a video game in that nice gathering space After undergoing yet another treatment he is waiting for his father, and Jason has just enough time to engage Murray McBride before he is dragged out of the hospital by his father But Jason has forgotten something and his father will not take the time to allow Jason to retrieve a small scrap of paper that he has left behind This little scrap of paper defines the balance of this wonderful, remarkable, heartbreaking story.
There are distinct characters Murray s Priest and friend Father James his unsettled grandson Chance, who perceived as selfish, might just be misunderstood Jason s I m always going to be there for you friend Tiegan Rose Marie Atherton Jason s Mother Anna who will never give up hope Jason s Father Benedict whose aloofness masks his fear Each one is developed and defines the direction the story takes The peripheral characters are equally well defined and each lends credence to the story.
Jason s video game provides the perfect device to help Murray and the reader to understand how unfair life can be even as you continue to play How Every once in a while life blasts you for no reason, even though you didn t do anything wrong.
Segue JFK Center for the Performing Arts Washington, D.
C Miles, the biographer of Prospero, The Greatest Magician, has just heard the most amazing, the most important, and the most miraculous story of real magic.
I have been looking for my next great read and there is no doubt that I found it in this book Thank you NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for a copy.
What a beautiful example of friendship I love any story about quirky characters and this book is just that This is a story of the unlikely friendship between a 100 year old man and a 1en year old boy I had an entire range of emotions when reading this book There are parts that are laugh out loud funny and parts that made me do the ugly cry Do not let the pitiful cover picture detour you from reading this book This book will definitely be on the list of my favorite books of the year I received a copy of this book from NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I received a free digital copy of this book from the publishers author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Murray McBride is 100 year old and rather sick of living while the people he loves die and leave him alone On his birthday, McBride s decided enough is enough until he meets Jason a young boy with a heart condition and not a long time to live Jason has a list of five wishes he wants to complete before he dies, and Murray decides to help him, changing both of their lives in the process.
This is a very sweet, moving book that is just like a big old visit to a candy shop Murray is the typical grumpy old man think Carl from Up and Jason is a exuberant boy who makes you think he s not sick at all until the unspeakable almost happens The two had a very good dynamic between them and once you look past some of the implausible scenarios like Murray actually being allowed out of the blue to become Jason s Big Brother , all the situations they get into are enjoyable and fun.
This just reminded me of a sweet made for TV kind of movie The plot is straight forward, Murray is ancient but appears quite healthy, Jason is young and very sick and the friendship ends up helping them both in the long run view spoiler The bit at the end of the book when Jason s best friend dies in a car accident on the way home from the hospital and her mom donates her heart to Jason was just way too similar to My Sister s Keeper for me I also found the whole Jason being a magician as an adult reallyy, really weird hide spoiler I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway.
This started off well, but the obvious emotional manipulation at the end ruined the entire book for me It was pretty apparent that the goal was to make the reader sad just for the sake of it, realism and plot be damned There are a few fairly sweet sentiments scattered throughout the book, but I will have forgotten them in a few days and all I ll be left with is how angry I felt at the thrown together, soap opera ending I wish I hadn t wasted my time.

I really enjoyed this book, though I had a couple minor issues with it There were a few times I became frustrated by the behaviors of the 10 year olds in the story because they just didn t ring true to age Also, the two of the male side characters felt fake They were just too shallow and felt like cookie cutter characters However, the characters were consistent and the main characters were very well developed, so it really didn t take away from the story The best part about this book is that Siple can write emotions You felt what the characters were going through and you cared about them That alone makes this a great story But, it is also a good storyline I enjoyed following all the characters on their adventures and wanted to know what would happen I had a feeling about what would happen at the end, but it wasn t any less heartbreaking I was engaged the whole time and did not want to put it down Very impressive for a debut This is certainly a book I can recommend If the blurb is something that interests you, then give it a try I think with this book, you get pretty much exactly what you expect It played out basically as expected, maybe a bit too neatly along the way with some things But, it was emotional and enjoyable at the same time I think this book would make a great Hallmark movie People would love the heartfelt story Thank you to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is a tear jerker about two very unlikely friends Murray McBride is 100 years old and ready to die, while 10 year old Jason is hoping to live another year They meet in the hospital and Murray learns Jason has 5 things he wants to do before he dies Murray, with the help of Tiegan start working on a plan to grant Jason his wishes This unusual friendship will have you smiling and crying it s great to see Murray have a reason to live This book is a very quick read because you keep turning the pages and not realizing how long you ve been in the story I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.