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Download Epub Format â Knight PDF by Ç Raquel Ann Gil I love how the author percepts about reality and life in this high fantasy book The romance is realistic, it s neither slow nor fast Love the CorVal couple shipping.
My reaction after reading this majestic thing 1 Why isn t this thing already a published book and a bestseller on top of that So glad this is getting published now even though I, personally won t be able to physically touch, smell and turn the pages of this awe worthy creation Wait, that sounded a lot Les creepier in my head Anyways, moving on, I LOVED this book and dear Lovely writer, if you ever decide to sell this internationally, at reasonable cost of course , count me in.
2 Why the marshmallow is this thing so addicting I can never get enough of it Easily my favourite fantasy series on Wattpad it s the kind of book that makes you stay up late at night to just absorbof its awesomeness.
3 The characters just take my breath away Each one is unique and just so unique Don t judge my lack of vocabulary Valeriana is the perfect heroine and I love her child like tendencies They just make hernatural and authentic I love the character s imperfections just because they are so fitting and perfect.
4 The writing OhMyGods, the writing I could only dream of writing like that Ms Lovely, you are a lovely and amazing writer Bless me with those writer hands and take away my writer s block Only the best of the books have the power to just play like a movie in a person s mind I got siriusly disoriented after reading the book and coming back to the real world Your words are magic.
5 Names those names Those freakishly long names the names of the kingdoms and people and blah blah blah Where did you get those names Each one unique and different a lat on the back for me for that And the language itself that takes some genius.
6 You have created a new world where I would really like to go Who wouldn t want to attend the Academy 7 Lord Aeron and Lord Lienhard These guys They are the uncles that sneak you away from your parents to let you have fun They are the ones that take interest in your love life or lack of one too much to be honest Their schemes are hilarious but not when aimed at you 8 Zion Oh dear I m dead What I wouldn t do for him.
9 Corvan The epitome of mysteriously attractive guys Sorry but I never could imagine him with long hair But that hair, tho I would kill to have that hair was that even grammatically correct 10 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl As much as Valeriana And that is the biggest compliment in itself since I m always biased towards the narrator Would there be a movie for this Because I would totally beg for her role 11 Keelan Where CAN I get a Keelan 12 The Mystery Everything is so intricate and well woven it seems there s something hidden in each word and phrase I am waiting for the day when the mystery is solved and all the puzzle pieces fit together because that would be something to see or read whatever.
You are missing out on a lot of awesomeness by NOT reading this book I swear to God I ve reread this thing 2 times, not counting the first time Now if that isn t evidence enough to prove this is magical, I don t know what is.
Oh, and is Valeriana the cat type of girl or the dog type of girl Or is sheof a Aslan type of a girl PS I don t know what to say in this Hey, I just wanted a postscript But, when will Brindon teach Val to paint I want that moment and the moment when Keelan meets the sweet addict I really liked this book except for two things it desperately needs an editor there were words missing completely, grammar errors, spelling errors, etc the second thing is the dialogue of the teenagers seems forced a lot of the time it seems like it was written the way an adult thinks teens talk.
Actual rating 3.
5 starsThe story was actually quite good The main problems with this book werein the way it was written, feelinglike a rough draft It quite often happened that some sentences were missing making the plot jumping from one point to the other without making any sense It definitely needs some extra editing Besides that, I think the characters could be makedbelievable and some extra explaining about how the world s work wouldn t hurt.
Besides a few weirdly worded sentences and way to formal conversations between strangers Which I guess made sense in the end given who the conversion was with and the world they were in and it did get better or maybe I got used to it I enjoyed this story a lot The main character was tough although a little annoying at times but I mean I get it she was kinda kidnapped but still suck it up haha she was also pretty smart and didn t really do anything dumb which was a relief Corvan and Vals bickering was real entertaining and what the king said about the two of them to Val had me nearly crying of laughter, that whole visit was epic I enjoyed all the supoorting characters especially Seraphina she was badass and the king I liked him from what he was in, I d love to seeof him though There was one dude who really got on my nerves and was a creep, honestly the way he was a complete asshat dueling her but then started being all stalkery and shit like no dude back off you re not her type get that into your head The peeps who ve read this will know who I m talking about There wasn t really any romance but you could tell that was being set up between maybe a few people but definitely one pair It wasabout Val figuring out how to survive in this new world and find outabout herself.
Lots of action and friendship Learning about the lore history was interesting too I wonder how her family s doing haha Interested to see where this next book goes and what happens next between the twelve and Val Maybe a SPOILER coming up but not really Her friend chavi made me suspicious towards the end though

Congratulations to Lovely It s good to hear your book will be published and personally, I screamed out of excitement when I heard the news Knight is one of the book that I subscribed in Wattpad but I don t read it until Lovely wrote the fourth book which is Warsong It s the best decision I ever did when I clicked the read button.
Just want to say there is hella lot of spoilers when you read this For your sanity, don t read it I personally love the Celeste Academy series and I m a totally sucker to Fantasy type books Celeste Academy series shows so many interesting things like adventures, a really accurate fighting scene, the characters awesomeness, comedy in the time of distress, romance which I m not totally rooting for but Corvan and Valeriana are just too cute, you know Anyway, this series also have a good depth of humans chaotic feelings or Valemnians, whichever you choose, and Lovely always come up with a chilling quotes that feels like it slaps at your face because of the sheer amazement She is a brilliant author and for me, she portrays her character well without changing them even when the book evolves Don t let me start with the cliffhangers I think she really likes it when she strands us, helpless, not knowing what happened in the next story She describes all the characteristics of Valemnia acutely like you are actually there The history of Valemnia, the names of the characters which are unique you have to agree with me this is the truth the romance which is not a rush and the way she builds the relationship between the main characters are brilliant although you will feel frustrated when you read it and not to mention, the fighting scene This one is my favorite among the books I can imagine it clearly when I read it since she always write the details accurately that it s not a problem to imagine it I ve so many things to say but what I really want to say is, I recommend people to read this book This book is not your typical Fantasy books and this book will give you a hell lot of ride with so many twisting plots Expect a roller coaster ride when you pick up this book The only reason I am giving this book o because of the grammatical errors But considering that a 14 YEAR OLD wrote it, the grammatical errors were insignificant I loved this book LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT Knight is a must read Great plot and story in general Valeriana is very relatable and characters make are lovable and quirky And the tense relationship between Corvan and her, I ate it all up.
Good book, needs editing.
While the story is very entertaining and I started up late to finish it, this book needs an editor badly, honestly it read like it was a translation of itself Still, I will be reading the second book when it is released.
The story was amazing The beginning was a bit slow, but after I got into the story, it gets very interesting Especially at the end, I m really eager to read the second book.
You Can Either Choose To Attend This Academy Or Continue To Be Detained As A Prisoner Allowing You To Train As A Knight Is Probably The Best Choice Since Having A Human As A Celeste Is Advantageous Because Of Safety Purposes, The Gates Are Never Opened Current Circumstance Requires, However, The Re Bridging Of Our Worlds If Ever You Survive And Graduate From The Academy, You Ll Be A Representative The Ambassador Of Humankind Quite A Fancy Title, Don T You ThinkPandora S Box Has Opened And Hell Has Broken Loose Unfortunately For Valeriana Kerrigan, She Had The Front Seat At The Cutting Of The Ribbon Now, She S Deep In Cow Dung Or Rather, Under The Claws Of A Demon Fortunately, She Is Saved By The Skin Of Her Throat By A Sword Wielding Woman Who Claims To Be From Another World And That S Just The Appetizer For The Entr E, Apparently, Is Entering Pandora S Box Itself Which She Later Finds Out Is Called Valemnia With Earth Potentially Being Involved In Valemnia S Pesky Pest Problem, Valeriana Is Unable To Take A Neutral Stance Leaving The Busy Streets Of Modern Day Boston, Albeit Unwillingly, She Takes A Plunge To Brave A Whole New World In The Most Literal Sense One Which Mirrors Hers With A Dash Of Surrealism, Beasts, Demons, And Even Locals Who Wield The Elements Like Second Nature Despite The Minor Setbacks And Being Human , She Is Confronted By A Path She Cannot Hope To Never Take Pick Up Arms, Survive Eight Years In An Academy As A Knight In Training, And Help Push Back The Demons Plaguing Valemnia However, To Do So, She May Just Have To Let Go Of Her Humanity Follow Valeriana Through The Magic Filled Halls Of Celeste Academy Grab Your Copy Of This Adventure Packed Fantasy Now