Ù A Rebel in My House (Civil War Romance #2) å Download by ñ Sandra Merville Hart

Ù A Rebel in My House (Civil War Romance #2) å Download by ñ Sandra Merville Hart Free Ebook She s a single woman living alone in Gettysburg during the Civil War She helps a Rebel soldier and then has to worry about being declared a traitor They fall in love Like Sandra Merville Hart s first book, A Stranger on My Land, her latest book, A Rebel in My House, transports me back to the Civil War, but this time, the setting is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hart s heroine, Sarah Hubbard, is a strong heroine, a businesswoman seamstress in a time when women were expected to marry and have children Anythingwas frowned upon And her sister does most of the frowning But sewing isn t all that Sarah that she can do she can nurse, calm animals and fall in love with the enemy For Sarah lives in Gettysburg and she s loyal to the Union.
Jesse Mitchell is a rebel soldier, wounded and seeking shelter during the first day of the three day battle Against her better judgment, Sarah agrees to tend to his wound but makes the mistake of looking into his eyes Can three days of shells and artillery drown out the sound of two hearts falling in love Sarah Hubbard Makes Her Living As A Seamstress In Her Solitary Home Beside Willoughby Run, A Creek Near Gettysburg Her Loyalties Are Firmly On The Side Of The North So When Confederate Soldier, Jesse Mitchell, Seeks Refuge At Her Home She Cautiously Agrees To Help Him Jesse Promised His Sister In Law To Bring Her Husband, Jonas, Home Safely With All The Death He S Witnessed Fighting For The Cause, Protecting Jonas Has Become A Matter Of Honor He Is Prepared To Die For His Brother And His Country He Appreciates His Luck In Finding A Caring Woman Behind Enemy Lines When Union Soldiers Spill Onto Their Property, Sarah S Compassionate Decision To Conceal Jesse S Presence In Her Home Leads To Hardships Than She Can Imagine More Than Borders Separate The Couple Can A Southern Soldier And A Northern Seamstress Overcome The Bitterness Of Loss And Find The Love Amidst The Horrors Of War Recently I had the pleasure of reading a new Civil War novel by Sandra Merville Hart, A Rebel in My House This historical romance gives the reader a unique view of the battle woven from two different perspectives Confederate soldier Jesse Mitchell and a Gettysburg civilian Sarah Hubbard.
When the cannons roar beside Sarah Hubbard s home outside of Gettysburg, she despairs of escaping the war that s come to Pennsylvania A wounded Confederate soldier on her doorstep leaves her with a heart wrenching decision.
Separated from his unit and with a bullet in his back, Jesse Mitchell needs help He seeks refuge at a house beside Willoughby Run His future lies in the hands of a woman whose sympathies lay with the North.
Jesse has promised his sister in law he d bring his brother home from the war Sarah has promised her sister that she d stay clear of the enemy Can the two keep their promises amid a war bent on tearing their country apart Let me give you a hint they have a lot of trouble keeping those promises Sandra deftly led me through the battlefield on Cemetery Ridge where fear and fighting surrounded the men, then marched right down into the streets of Gettysburg where civilians hid in cellars as artillery shells landed around them The author s descriptions of the battle made me feel like I was in the middle of the fighting at times But this isn t a story just about the struggle that tore the country apart The human aspect of the story touched me in several ways Sarah shows the sort of kindness that could heal the war s wounds, and how the couple developed a love that created a relationship which, despite the odds, had a chance of survival in a war torn society Sandra portrayed the anguish of people on both sides of the fight, writing a story that brought me to tears at one point.
If you like Civil War history, and sweet romance, then don t miss A Rebel in My House by Sandra Merville Hart Five stars to this author.
I was given an advanced copy of this book, but was under no obligation to review it All opinions are my honest and my own.
A Can t Put Down ReadThis book was as riveting and dramatic as its predecessor A Stranger on My Land A wonderful love story filled with suspense that will keep you turning the pages.
Great storyI really enjoyed reading about the story of Sarah and Jesse Could almost see the battle as it took place Great story Sandra A Rebel in My House is the first book by Sandra M Hart that I ve read, and I was absolutely enthralled Starting it over a weekend, I was able to finish it in two sittings I fell in love with Jesse Mitchell, a handsome, gracious, integrity filled Southern man perhaps because he reminded me of my own Southern gentleman husband I also liked Sarah She is gentle and brave It upset me when her sister was cruel and belittling to her I wanted Sarah to fight back, but that was not her way When I read historical fiction, I like to learn something new, and even though I am well versed about the Battle of Gettysburg, A Rebel in My House gave me a fresh perspective about what civilians endured I didn t realize portions of the battle literally took place down Main Street The book put a face on the situation and made it personal I cried when one of the characters who I had grown to like died, and I laughed during one of hospital scenes when the men try to make light of their circumstances Ms Hart s writing is vivid, and I was able to smell, hear, and see the activity happening in each scene She effectively presents the message of God s presence in our lives without being preachy Sarah s prayer touched me when she said, God, show me the way Jesse doesn t believe you can hear above the noise of war, but I believe you hear best when things are at their worst Because this book is about war, there is some violence during the battles and graphic descriptions in the hospital scenes, but in neither case it is gratuitous I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy historical fiction, especially readers interested in the Civil War era I received this book for free from the author A positive review was not required, and all opinions expressed are my own.

Sandra Merville Hart did a fantastic job with her wonderful research of pulling me into the story, A Rebel in My House Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is supposed to be a sleepy little town but with the sound of battle, Sarah Hubbard makes a choice As she tends the wounds of Jessie Mitchell, a Rebel soldier, her life is changed forever A great read I highly recommend it.
Sandra Merville Hart s novel is gripping from beginning to end The first novel she wrote is titled, A Stranger on My Land, both stories take place in the historical timeframe of the War Between the States When I finished reading her first novel, I couldn t wait until she published another story The tales she writes touch the heart and soul of readers in a unique way that defies words.
A Rebel in My House is a novel that brought tears to my eyes and that s saying something The detailed scenes and the characters seemed so alive to me that it was as if I was there witnessing what was occurring at the time Sarah Hubbard is a single woman making her living as a dressmaker in Gettysburg when a stranger knocks on her door and requests aid As time goes on it seems the danger is increasing near her home from the war so Sarah goes to live with her sister and niece in town Yet, Sarah cannot help but think of the stranger who is once again in the thick of battle.
The knock that began the change in Sarah s life continues to bringconflict of the heart than anything else Of course, Sarah s conflict with her sister Martha doesn t help Sarah in any way Towards the end of the story is when I was near tears as the author depicts a very touching scene that I can imagine took place many times during the war When I read how Sandra prepared to write this story for us to enjoy, I could tell it really touched her heart with the real people behind the fictional ones.
Please read both of her novels and enjoy them I sure did and again I cannot wait to see what flows from her pen in the future Set during the battle at Gettysburg, A Rebel in My House tells the story of a woman swept up in an event that changed the course of a war If you ve never thought about the how the war and the battles impacted civilian lives, this story will open your eyes Full of rich details of the time period, Sandra Merville Hart also explores the differences between North and South in a realistic, not stereotypical way Amid those details, she weaves a story of love and trust Well worth reading.