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ê Read ¿ The Perfect You by Caroline Leaf à The Perfect You A Blueprint For Identity by Dr Caroline Leaf is a very unique personal assessment tool Dr Leaf has formulated a method by which to discover your own uniqueness as God s masterpiece and to help yourself becomein alignment with that uniqueness in everyday situations.
Not for those seeking easy answers, quick fixes, and simple to do lists, this book is a very thorough scientific exploration of what makes each of us unique in the way that we create and store knowledge to gain our own perspective and interpretation of life as we perceive it Dr Leaf reveals seven metacognitive modules which we use in order to constantly interpret information as it is presented to us throughout our day These modules are Interpersonal, Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Logical Mathematical, Spatial Visual, Musical, and Intrapersonal The first two parts of the book are a detailed analysis of how the brain works in conjunction with our mental emotional state, how we can discover and unlock our potential to control and boost our mental awareness, and an explanation of what is meant by The Perfect You , as well as how to achieve it.
The third part of the book is The Unique Qualitative UQ Assessment Tool , which is a series of 34 50 questions for each of the metacognitive modules discussed in parts 1 and 2 These are not yes no or Likert scale 1 10 questions Instead, these are all short answer questions, with 5 lines provided for each answer These are questions like Do you enjoy learning and using new vocabulary If yes, describe the what, how, when, and why If no, describe the what, how, when, and why The point isn t to get a final tally or pass some test, but rather, to be honest and open with yourself about who you are and how you process and interpret your surroundings in everyday mundane moments This part of the book also includes a checklist and exercise to help you stay focused on changing your thought patterns in order to alter your current state.
Dr Leaf states Your UQ profile has a threefold purpose to help you understand how you uniquely think, feel, and choose to increase your ability to mindfully and deliberately self regulate your thinking, feeling, and choosing to keep you in alignment with the Holy Spirit and to help you understand how you think, feel, and choose when you are operating in your Perfect You so that you can recognize when you are operating outside of it Part four of The Perfect You has examples and tips to help you get through those times when you find yourself not following the assessment of your unique Perfect You Overall, I found this book to be a very interesting study of how we interpret and respond to our surroundings, and how we can adjust our thinking in order to change our world both inside and out However, as stated, this book is deeply scientific and could be very confusing and hard to read for a lot of people Also, while the in depth short answer questions are designed to probe your specific reasons behind your actions, I could see this as being a problem area for people that don t have an analytical mindset and have a hard time objectively assessing their own behaviors For those of us that arescientific and analytical, this book is a masterpiece and can connect the dots to raise your personal awareness of why you think, feel, and choose the things you do on a daily basis as well as how to have better control in order to becomein alignment with God s design for your being 4 5 stars Disclaimer I received a complimentary print copy of this book from Baker books for the purpose of this honest review All opinions are my own.
Switch on Your Brain steps you though how to detox your thinking but could only go so far until I found out the unique way in which I think The Perfect You steps you through how to do exactly that It revealed to me areas that I thought were weaknesses, because of circumstances around me, were actually strengths in how I process information This has allowed me to thinkabout what I am thinking about and start to recognize when I am thinking correctly Perfectly You or incorrectly discomfort zone Thank you Dr Leaf There Are A Lot Of Personality Tests Out There Designed To Label You And Put You In A Particular Box But Dr Caroline Leaf Says There S Much To You Than A Personality Profile Can Capture In Fact, You Cannot Be Categorized In This Fascinating Book, She Takes Readers Through Seven Steps To Rediscover And Unlock Their Unique I Factor The Brilliantly original Way Each Person Thinks, Feels, Relates, And Makes Choices Freeing Them From Comparison, Envy, And Jealousy, Which Destroy Brain Tissue Readers Learn To Be Aware Of What S Going On In Their Own Minds And Bodies, To Lean In To Their Own Experience Rather Than Trying To Forcefully Change It, And To Redefine What Success Means To Them Released From The Suffocating Box Of Expectations, They Ll Embrace Their True Identity And Develop A Clear Sense Of Divine Purpose In Their Lives Knowing And Understanding Our Identity Empowers Our Choices Unlocking One S I Factor Is Not Optional It Is Essential In The Perfect You, Dr Leaf explains a key link between science and faith Specifically how the mind controls the brain, how we were not created by God to live in fear but in love, and that any thought that goes against our inner Perfect You sets us up for toxic thoughts and fear In order to peel back the layers of programming we ve been through in our lives due to the influence of the world, we need to explore and pray about who we were truly created to be Understanding your Perfect You is essential to unlocking how you think, feel, and choose It isthan finding your purpose it is about finding your God given self Each of us has his her own blueprint We cannot adopt that of another person or we lose out and we also fail then to do that which God put us specifically on the earth to do In other words, as Leaf explains, the world will lose out if you do not operate in your Perfect You you are a specific part of his reflection, the missing piece that brings a unique perspective and hope to the world There is no one like you which means there is something you can do that no one else can do.
I am always looking for better self investigative tools and deeper insight re how to live aproductive, peaceful and loving life The Perfect You offers a terrific road map to a wisergrounded way to go through your day I also recommend Switch on Your Brain, a book that literally changed the way I think and live.
Wow, I cannot recommend this book enough This book is a tool that everyone should use A book with a subject matter that makes you think as you read and want to apply what you ve read when you re done Dr Leaf has done an amazing job tying science and Biblical truth together.

I loved The Perfect You by Dr Caroline Leaf It is a fascinating book about discovering The Perfect You that God designed us to be and focusing on Him which will enable us to love, reach beyond ourselves, and grow into the fullest expression of His design and plan Dr Leaf emphasizes that whatever moves into our conscious awareness is what we spend the most time thinking about.
Dr Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a Ph.
D in Communication Pathology and a BSc in Logopedics and Audiology, specializing in metacognitive and cognitive neuropsychology Dr Leaf is the author of Switch on Your Brain , Who Switched off My Brain , Think Eat Yourself Smart , and others She also hosts her own TV show The Dr Leaf Show on TBN She is a speaker, lecturer, and writer of magazine journals and periodicals Her passion is to help people see the power of the mind and the link between science and God as a tangible way of controlling their thoughts and emotions, and find their sense of purpose.
I was amazed at all the affects our toxic thinking can cause to our mental and physical bodies It is a scientific fact that our mind controls our brain, our brain does not control our mind Our brains respond to what we do, so we can change our brain, through changing our thoughts, words, and actions The Perfect You is rich with Dr Leaf s expertise of the brain and how our thinking affects our daily lives She thoroughly explains how the brain functions, the philosophy, and science behind The Perfect You and how The Perfect You blueprint for identity came to be It is based on God being our focus, and living out the purpose He uniquely designed for each one of us to reflect His glory.
In Dr Caroline Leaf s words, The Perfect You is how you uniquely and specifically feel, and how you uniquely and specifically choose Our thinking is designed to reflect his image since we have the mind of Christ When asked why people should know their Perfect You, her reply is, knowing your Perfect You will unlock you and set you free to be you, a particular reflection of the Creator, which fulfills your sense of purpose, increasing your intelligence and your joy in the process I will admit this is a bit of a heavy read, but so worth it Dr Leaf mentions that this is a serious book, and it is serious business requiring serious consideration As I read The Perfect You it all made so much sense I believe that God designed each one of us to be unique and to collectively live out His purpose in this broken world and to live out the fruits of His spirit It is a book you want to take the time to read to digest all the valuable information and powerful truths within it and then begin doing the work to bring about the freedom of change, to beChrist like Dr Leaf has included her UQ Profile Unique Qualitative Assessment Tool which was structured from her Geodesic Information Processing Model that she developed thirty years ago It is a series of questions that you answer and then summarize to discover your own Perfect You blueprint identity, the one God destined for us to live out Dr Leaf includes fascinating charts, checklists, exercises, and diagrams all geared to successfully live out our Perfect You She gives the tools and information needed to discover and understand our blueprint and then how to apply it and change our lives One of the exercises in the book is to become mindfully aware of our thinking, feeling, choosing, words, behaviors, and habits I loved her list of Spiritual Elements of the Discomfort Zones Fascinating Some of my favorite quotes in The Perfect You by Dr Caroline Leaf Your Perfect You sets you free to be who you are and to do what you love Operating in your Perfect You brings satisfaction and contentment It reveals your kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control Gal.
5 22 23 It is hopeful it never gives up, enduring through every circumstance We were created to reflect the glory of God into the world and reflect the praises of creation back to God We need to develop the same mindset as Christ so that we create realities that are in alignment with God s plan to bring heaven to earth When we learn to focus on our God, who is love, and what he says about us, we learn how to embrace our unique identity and discover who we truly are in him 1 John 4 8 We have, after all, his love, power, and a sound mind 2 Tim 1 7 The Perfect You really woke me up to how I have been living my life It also answered many questions I have asked myself about my life experiences I want to live out the life the Lord predestined for me I want to be the best version of myself, which is how the Lord designed me to be I know these changes will take time, but I am already starting this journey of living in my Perfect You Thank you, Dr Leaf, for writing this amazing book, rich with powerful truths, scripture, research, and scientific facts, merging science with faith.
An empowering look at our ability to control the mind and set the course for our thinking, feeling, and choosing The Perfect You comes along side the reader and provides the necessary information to identify one s strengths and unique features God s image can be reflected through the individual as intended when that individual s unique perspective and hope is shown to the world Dr Leaf artfully explains how we are all created to be unique individuals who function best when we allow our experiences to enhance each other and develop a fuller reflection of God s image The Unique Qualitative Assessment Tool helps to develop a picture of one s Perfect You The Discomfort Zones that are outlined in the book are extremely useful and practical to show the reader when the mind is off track and provides examples to take control and return back to functioning within The Perfect You Practical exercises are also included to take theory to action and application within daily life choices.
A practical and spiritual way to find out your true identity.