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☆ The Unexpected Everything ç Download by Ù Morgan Matson Andie Had It All Planned Out When You Are A Politician S Daughter Who S Pretty Much Raised Yourself, You Learn Everything Can Be Planned Or Spun, Or Both Especially Your Future Important Internship Check Amazing Friends Check Guys Check As Long As We Re Talking No Than Three WeeksBut That Was Before The Scandal Before Having To Be In The Same House With Her Dad Before Walking An Insane Number Of Dogs That Was Before Clark And Those Few Months That Might Change Her Whole Life Because Here S The Thing If Everything S Planned Out, You Can Never Find The Unexpected And Where S The Fun In That Because the law requires me to make some sort of pun about the title hereI MUST SAY, GOOD SIR, THIS WAS AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT Except not everything was delightful But lucky for your precious face, I m going to have a list of likes and dislikes But I m very pleased to say that the book was very sweet and happy I mean, plus drama and angst in the last 100 pages, but do you know how often I read HAPPY books Like 3% of the time It was refreshing Although FYI it is winter in Australia and I realise the Americans are like Oh let s publish nice summery books because it s summer but I am huddled under 74 blankets while forced to read your summer books and being murderously jealous AppreciateCaitsSuffering L I K E S It is so so so so friendship focused Seriously Friendship is the BIGGEST THING in this book And I think that s really common for most of the Matson books I ve read so far And ya know, this gives me warm fuzzies Not only does it really hone in on Andie and her 3 really really close friends, it talks about friendship between fathers and their daughters LIKE, AWWWWW The book starts with Andie having like 2% of a relationship with her dad, and then it grows and strengthens until they re watching John Wayne ew and having midnight ice cream meetings and inside jokes and IT LITERALLY IS MY FAVOURITE THING TO WATCH THIS DAD AND HIS DAUGHTER GROW CLOSER It features a HOMESCHOOLER who is NOT WEIRD.
Be still my beating heart The love interest is Clark who is a a huge nerd, b socially shy but not inept, c a homeschool gradate, d and a fantasy writer AKA HE IS THE MALE VERSION OF ME He was so adorable and literally one of my FAVOURITE bookish boys of the universe He was funny and awkward and adorable and I shipped him and Andie so so so hard Also Clark is suffering from writers block.
which is like the ONLY way writers are represented in literature, so That was annoying But I appreciated all the insider writers jokes and how he felt with pressure from his fans and how he was so young and successful and ajdfklasdfjad CLARK CLARK CLARK What I m most impressed about is that he wasn t a FREAK I could list a scanty few books movies with homeschool characters, and usually the homeschooler is really embarrassingly freaky WE ARE NOT, OKAY WE ARE COOL FISH SOMETIMES DORKS AND NERDS, SURE, BUT NOT COMPLETE WEIRDOS It was a relaly pleasant book to read.
I mean, I was stressing because when a book is about HAPPINESS I just am sitting there waiting for the sucker punch of tragedy Ahem But for about 400 pages, it was about a strengthening summer friendships, b Andie loosening her tight controlling reigns on relationships and letting herself fall for someone properly, and c putting happiness first I loved the theme of happiness And it had that nice summery vibe with ice cream and scavenger hunts and pizza and poolsso, ya know, I m here in winter being bitter BUT IT WAS ALSO NICE DOGS THERE ARE PUPPIES Andie is set to go to pre pre med med school shhh, it s a thing but gets dumped from the program at the last minute She ends up walking dogs all summer I KNOW DREAM JOB I am actually quitting being a writer directly and taking up dog walking because PUPPPPPIES Ahem So there are tons of dogs and a few cats here and none of them die, so isn t that lovely So much win for the author here I laughed out loud SEVERAL TIMES.
The dialogue and witty banter was so freaking brilliant I CRACKED UP Three or four times, and this is from the person who usually gives 1 3 of a smile and calls it laughing NOPE OUT LOUD CRACKING UP D I S L I K E S It was way too far freaking long.
I m not gonna lie I almost gave it 3 stars for thiswhy Because I got bored several times I realise it was building friendships and making the characterscomplex with all the side detours but THERE WERE SO MANY RABBIT RUNS Literally pages and pages of events that really didn t contribute to the plot Wellwhat plot, really It was a summery contemporary and full of laughs and sweet moments and romance, but definitely not excelling on the plot But I found the first 100 pages excruciatingly boring, and then the middle just made me want to nap Contemporaries DO NOT need to be 500 pages They just don t No It was entirely predictable.
I mean, look at it You KNOW Andie is the I dump him before he dumps me, and it only lasts 3 weeks max sorta gal So aka the book is going to be about the guy who steals her heart, right And she has awesome friends.
okay so something is going to happen there She misses her mum Great, she ll confront those emotions MAYBE I vE JSUT read TOO MUCH But I think a lot of the reason I got bored was because it was entirely predictable I was kind of disbelieving at how quickly it went from SUMMER FUN POPSICLES to ANGST DRAMA HEARTBREAK Okay, I shouldn t be Humans are weird and confusing, obviously But the ending had me blinking quite rapidly and going Seriously After this whole summer of fun, you re gonna do THAT I just did NOT feel the ending at all I think this is because the climactic drama revolved around a secondary character, not Andie So it felt detached from her and I didn t really care I mean, it does affect Andie and she ends up doing STUPID THINGS BECAUSE OF ITbut it felt like this whirlwind of STUPID because I wasn t invested in the secondary character as much as Andie.
All in all It was definitely a sweet, summery book about friendship I won t even deny that I enjoyed that a lot I miss me zombies and stabbings though But the predictability and the length did give me lots of YAWN moments However, puppies and ice cream and the cutest fantasy writer love interest to ever grace literature MORE than make up for that QUOTES books were everywhere Not in haphazard piles there was absolutely nothing about this place that seemed haphazard but there were floor to ceiling built ins on all sides of this very large room, and they were absolutely crammed with books It was the kind of room big couches, comfy chairs that you would expect a TV in, but I didn t see one anywhere All I could see were books What is this I asked, taking it from him, then recognising the familiar font on the cover This one showed a crow and a flaming swords A Murder of Crows, the title read By C.
B McCallister.
I know you don t read, Clark said, and I raised an eyebrow at him But I thought maybe you wouldn t have anything against listening It s the audiobooks, so it s like someone telling you a story Ha ha, I said, turning it over and reading the back I felt my eyes widen this takes nineteen hours Yeah, Clark said, not seeming fazed by this And those are just the first two discs There s like twelve, but I didn t want to scare you I d found my favourite brand of plastic bag orange, biodegradable, from Raiders of the Lost Bark, whose name thrilled Bri to no end She d almost lost it when I d told her about the other business, Temple of Groom I was listening to it constantly in my car, in my room, before I went to bed, my phone propped up on my nightstand and a sleep timer on so I wouldn t miss anything But the place I really loved to have the story told to me was while I was at work There was something wonderful about being outside, moving, keeping an eye on the dogs in front of me while the rest of me was swept up in the story As a direct result of this, all my dogs were getting much longer walks than normal, since I hated to stop in the middle of a really great part The walks that were normally twenty minutes had turned into epic walks that took us all over town, and as a result, most of them were getting pretty wiped out Well, it sure looks like they had fun, Maya said as she bent down and scratched BAnjo s ears Banjo immediately flipped onto his back and looked at her expectantly he was a fool for belly rubs Definitely, I lied, since I honestly couldn t have told her Tamsin had been captured by the book s great villain, locked in a tower, and separated from the Elder, so the amount of fun the dogs were having had not been my primary concern.
Watch my review video here Watch my interview with Morgan Matson here Matson definitely did not disappoint with this book Filled with books, dogs, ice cream, scavenger hunts, and a swoon worthy new romantic interest, Clark, The Unexpected Everything was an addictive read I love the message of this book, learning how to live in the moment, and all of the characters were strong and some of them easy to love ALSO CLARK What a babe A nerdy, beautiful babe.
I definitely recommend this and all of Morgan Matson s other books, especially during summer

A bit predictable, but a lovely summer read nonetheless If whole galaxies could change, so could I It s seriously impossible for me not to fall in love with the summer season while reading a Matson book The Unexpected Everything was exactly what I was looking for right now.
It is the ultimate summer read, filled with hilarious, thrilling, and poignant characters that I won t be forgetting anytime soon.
I thought I wasn t going to enjoy this one as much as her last book because of the length, but Morgan Matson really knows how to make the pages fly by Her pacing in books makes it completely unputdownable She perfectly captures that feeling during those magical summer nights where time seemed to stop Seriously, hours passed in what felt like seconds while reading this book.
This review contains spoilers.
The story all starts with a conference in front of Andie s house, she s the only daughter of a prominent congressman, who s suddenly caught up in a scandal that threatens to upend not only his career but the next national election.
When you are a politician s daughter who s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both Especially your future.
But that was before the scandal Before having to be in the same house with her dad Before walking an insane number of dogs That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life.
After the conference, Andie plans to leave home for the summer to participate in her pre med pre pre med med program, until an unfortunate phone call informs her that her perfect summer isn t going to play out just as she d planned.
Andie not willing to give up on her plans for a great summer yet, starts anew with a mysterious dog walking job Which I absolutely adored, especially when she met her boss, Maya, for the first time I was smiling so much So I just had to then spent some time on Tumblr looking at cute dogs And I m still amazed with how utterly beautiful these pictures are SourceWhile doing said dog walking job, she meets Clark And he turns out to be a lotthan Andie was expecting Their meet cute was hilarious with the whole Bertie the dog situation.
I also really liked Clark s initial nervousness around Andie, especially when he tried to ask her outI was justtrying to get a sense of your schedule He blinked, like he d just heard himself, and I could see the tops of his ears were starting to turn red Wow, that sounded creepy I didn t mean that in, like, a weird way I think I m making this worse Oh god He took a breath, then swallowed hard I was wondering, you know, what you do At night He stared at me in horror after he said it, like he couldn t quite believe the words had come out of his mouth Oh, man, he muttered, closing his eyes behind his glasses for a moment This isn t going well I had to bite my lip to stop myself from smiling wide Me too, Andie, me too Oh, and when her dad and Clark met I was laughing so hard and feeling just as baffled about Clark s lifeDad, this is Clark Goetz Hoffman, I said, just as Clark said, McCallister What I turned to look at him Clark McCallister, Clark said I thought your last name was Goetz Hoffman You two need a minute to confer my dad asked, looking between the two of us Clark wrote the book, he wrote the book, he wrote the book throughout The Unexpected Everything we got little snippets of another story called A Murder of Crows written by a certain C B McCallister.
And I was pretty impressed with him when I connected the dots Also, I m really glad it was explained early on in the book and not dragged outI blinked at him, trying to figure this out I had assumed Clark was my age, or close to it, though I was now starting to question everything Because people who were my age, or close to it, didn t write bestselling fantasy books They didn t have movies based on their books with huge movie stars in them How was this even possible I published the first one when I was fourteen, Clark said, clearly reading the confusion on both our faces He gave an embarrassed shrug Homeschooled kids have a lot of time on their hands And even though their actual first date was really awkward, I m glad it went that way because no insta loveBut it was too bad, I realized, as I looked at his profile, lit up by his dashboard light He was really, really cute And he seemed nice But apparently, somehow, that wasn t always enough I made a mental note to be sure to tell Toby, since this seemed to run counterintuitive to everything her Rom Coms had told her It s the first time I remember reading a book where the first date didn t go in the most spectacular way So thank you, Morgan Matson, for that But they have a good talk with one another when Andie comes over because of Bertie I was so glad the dog recovered And also glad for the really nice conversations they had while watching over BertieAs Clark went on, telling his story, I realized that I wasn t trying to stop him, or control the conversation, or keep him from asking me something I didn t want to answer It was like talking to my friends and I would just have to see where the conversation took me And so, surprising myself, I leaned forward to listen Matson really knows how to develop her romances because just them holding hands for the first time left my heart beating too damn fastI took a breath to continue the story when Clark s hand brushed against mine, and all the words left my head.
I wasn t sure if it was an accident, so I kept my hand stretched down by my side, within easy reach, and what felt like a lifetime later, Clark s hand brushed mine again, sending a spark through me that I felt all the way in my toes He kept his hand touching mine, and then, moving a millimeter at a time, curved his fingers around so that they were resting against my palm, just brushing it, so lightly Then he moved up, over the curve of my thumb, and ran his index finger over the inside of my wrist in a slow circle Meanwhile, the whole deal Toby made with Palmer concerning her excessive use of emojis made me crack upYou need to dial it back, Palmer said as she pulled out her phone Like this afternoon, you texted me I m so whale, dancing girl, dancing girl, blushing smiley, nervous teeth smiley, star, star, pizza She looked up from her phone What was that supposed to mean Seriously so entertaining.
Also also, a Since You ve Been Gone reference showed upWhoa, Palmer said, drawing back slightly from me, her expression surprised I mean, she said, regrouping, hi, Andie Umrough night Is it that bad I asked, tucking my hair behind my ears, slinking down farther in the booth As I did, I caught the eye of a guy sitting across the restaurant and felt my stomach sink as he gave me a smile and a quick wave It was Frank Porter, who I d had a micro crush on last year when I heard he broke up with his longtime girlfriend But he came back to school in the fall so clearly besotted with Emily Hughes that I d quashed my crush immediately That still didn t mean I wanted to look awful in front of him, though He was sitting across from Matt Collins, who was saying something that made Frank laugh, and I turned my back on them I m so, so happy and I reallywant to reread it nowWe re doing a scavenger hunt, and we need something that has a business slogan with a pun, I explained Ah, Dawn said, turning to Emily So you re trying to check items off a list she asked, nudging her What s that like Ignore my friend, Emily said to us, rolling her eyes She s inhaled too many pizza fumes todayI ve missed them so much, why didn t I reread it before picking this up And the references to Matson s other books didn t stop there, I was extremely giddy when all her characters randomly and not so randomly showed up There were so many references and it made my heart lighter and my cheeks hurt from smiling too much Thank you, thank you ,thank you And then when Andie finished Clark s second book, I was cry laughing over the texts she sent to her dad And then it gets even betterPalmer and Tom both looked at Clark What did you do she asked He killed Tamsin, I said, glowering at him, while across the table from me, Palmer s jaw dropped You what she gasped Fictionally, Clark explained hurriedly It s not like she was a real person Clearly not, to you, I huffed You bastard, Tom said, now glaring at Clark as well Wait, why are you upset Clark asked, sounding baffled Because it s all coming back to me now, he said, shaking his head at Clark Really, how could you have done that I absolutely love them The texts in this book were spectacular Morgan has something special in each of her books, and this one did not miss out And speaking of Andie s friends, I was amazed with how well all their friendships were written Their group dynamics were pretty much all I could think about It was both complex and lighthearted at times, especially with Bri and Toby it was so great reading about such a close friendship And even when they took a break, I was really glad for it I could really relate to them and am extremely grateful that Morgan Matson ended it in that wayDo you know how horrible I ve felt over the last two weeks Toby asked, turning to look at all of us It s been the worst time of my life And I couldn t even talk to my best friend about it, since it was her fault I felt the same way Bri started, but Toby talked over her I realized I don t know who I am if I m not your friend, she said Like I have no idea at all And that s a problem So that s it Bri asked, and I could hear the fear beneath her words We re done Yes, Toby said, her voice cracking I can t do this any I m done I was definitely crushed, but this was something so real that I couldn t help but agreeI didn t know what my life looked like if we weren t all still friends It was a reality I couldn t even fully grasp For the last five years, it had been the four of us, what I had always believed to be an unshakable unit The thought of not having them the thought of some reality I might have to accept where I didn t have them was making me feel like I wanted to scream, cry, and throw up, all at the same time Those parts really hit home for meAnd it was Maya s words, coupled with severe boredom and loneliness, that led me to reach for my phone and scroll through my contacts until I got to Topher.
ME Hey You around TOPHER It s about time So I have to mention it because it s gonna really bother me if I don t, but I absolutely hated Topher I almost forgot that I did because we hadn t focused on him for a while but the hate came back so quickly Especially when he contacted her while she was with Clark Topher just gave off a bad feelingI could feel it happening, this pattern we always fell back into, but for some reason it didn t feel like it normally did It was feelinglike the time Bri accidentally took my shoes after a sleepover and I had to wear hers all day, aware with every step of how they didn t fit me right This description is so specific, yet weirdly relatable and accurate How does Morgan do it She clearly has a talent for writing incredible friendshipsYou know you can always come by Palmer nodded and took a breath But before she could speak, I jumped in I really, really messed up, I said I m so sorry I know it was coming from a good place, Palmer said, shaking her head But I know, I said I was trying to control everything, because the thought of not having you guysI let out a shaky breath But I shouldn t have interfered like that Palmer nodded I know you were trying to help, in your own, very not helpful way, she said, and I smiled But I overreacted And I m sorry, Andie I really liked that we got some closure with those two And there was a short roadtrip towards the end, which I m all for I really want to reread Amy Roger s Epic Detour I just love how Morgan Matson weaves both friends and family in her books.
The situation with her dad started out rocky, but thanks to a supply of great movies and the warm weather, they started to bond which, of course, melted my heart I adore close families in books.
And I m pretty happy with that ending, even if it was a bit cheesy I can t wait to readof Matson s future books, and hopefully reread her old ones.
5 starsNote I m anAffiliate If you re interested in buying The Unexpected Everything, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with This review andcan be found on my blog.