Trailer ð The Black Dahlia Files: The Mob, the Mogul, and the Murder That Transfixed Los Angeles PDF by ✓ Donald H. Wolfe

Trailer ð The Black Dahlia Files: The Mob, the Mogul, and the Murder That Transfixed Los Angeles PDF by ✓ Donald H. Wolfe Wolfe writes engagingly and he has truly made his research He doesn t reveal his theory about the murderer s until in the very end, forcing the reader to think about the case and connect the clues For that reason I ll try not to give away too much in the following.
I actually believe that the solution Wolfe provides is how things really happened It all makes sense, pieces fit in the gaps Even if it s not true, files that became public only recently give away pretty big clues, things that dirty cops and corrupt big shots had so adamantly wanted to hide Mafia involvement was the biggest factor I was pretty shocked to find out that Cary Grant and Gary Cooper among others were Bugsy Siegel s friends, at least until Hollywood realized he was a raving gangster.
Marilyn Monroe also talked to Elizabeth Short at one point, when she was asking about how to get into the right Hollywood crowd, and later Monroe was very disturbed by her murder There was so much anecdotes and information about the case, varying from plausible an interview with the possible murderer to downright ridiculous lesbian killer hoax The cover up probably lasted well until the 1980s when someone talked a bit too much hint a very movie like scenario involving an apartment fire Whatever the truth is, it s likely that the murderer s will never be punished for what they did.
This was interesting, but also rambling The author makes a solid case that Elizabeth Short was involved with the mafia And, it was this connection that brought about her horrid demise wherein her body was found severed in many pieces, left in a lot, near a sidewalk where it could easily be found Bloodless, severed with her mouth slit from each side of the lips to the ear, this was indeed a very brutal crime Mid way the author got off track, leading me to feel that he should have made his case and wrapped up pages earlier.
Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia was a sad soul who found herself attached to the wrong crowd A magnet for the seedy, sleezy Los Angeles crowd.
The Gruesome Murder Of The Woman Known As The Black Dahlia Was One Of The Th Century S Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, And After Five Decades Of Feverish Speculation, Donald Wolfe Reveals Not Only The Killer But Why His Identity Has Been Covered Up For So Long Donald Wolfe uncovers what he believes to be the truth behind the unsolved Black Dahlia murder in this book It is a quite interesting read and Wolfe seems to have quite a bit of information that previous authors were not privy to, mostly do to the time that has passed and the information that has been leaked to the public Yet, I remain amazed that much of the evidence remains to be sealed despite the passage of time.
I thought Part 1 of the book was put together rather well and easy to follow although the author tends to go off on tangents by talking about random personal things Part 2 was insane to me There were way too many people mentioned to keep concise track of Sometimes I had no clue who he was talking about It would have been nice to have some kind of summary of people to follow or may just a list of sorts at the end saying who belonged where and what their importance was to the whole case.
Wolfe draws conclusions of what happens at the end of the book and puts the puzzle pieces together his ideas are complete but may not be 100% accurate but the truth will probably never be known The book is worth reading and considering.
Without giving too much, if anything, away if no one has ever really heard much about the Black Dahlia case, I thought it was extremely well written and presented The book progresses through the evidence, and gradually outlines to the reader what is known, what isn t known, and the history behind the key people involved I think that s what I liked most about it, that it didn t really straight out exclaim things immediately, but kind of let you figure out and put the pieces of the puzzle together along the way I also liked that it shared a lot of back story about not only Elizabeth, but other people that played significant roles The fact that it was very to the point and didn t really exaggerate anything beyond what it was, made the findings very convincing and believable I also liked that it included dozens of photos, maps, messages, and really involved you in the evidence it also gave a clearer picture of what was actually going on I think the occasional visual goes a long way in painting a picture in your mind about what happened I think I started it not even 2 weeks ago, and already finished it it was one of those books that keeps you wanting to read to find out what happened The only downside was the many, many names mentioned, and at times it was hard to keep up with who was who, but I found that the book often referred back to information to remind the reader, and the photos helped putting a face to the names as well A fascinating story, it s unfortunate that it will probably always remain open and unsolved.
Reading this book I felt like I knew Elizabeth Short It kept me turning pages too Donald Wolf is an excellent writer as well as researcher One of my favorite written descriptions to date is in the first chapter of this book It is the description of a printing press After reading this I knew I wanted to readby Wolf so I checked out The Marilyn Monroe book he wrote I didn t like it as much as this though, but it was still well done This case has always fascinated me and this was the best look into it in my opinion.
Donald H Wolfe has presented a meticulously researched and thoroughly documented account of what likely is the truth about the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short Wolfe s book has the authority of a properly prepared murder investigation, but reads with the building anticipation of a fictional murder mystery The Black Dahlia Files is an excellent book in every respect, as Wolfe examines, in detail, the actual evidence Certainly, he possessed the ability to refer to documents and information recently released by the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County District Attorney s Office, many of which were unavailable to authors of previously published non fiction accounts of this crime note that some of the non fiction accounts previously published don t even count as non fiction because they were based upon complete speculation.
In as much as he is seemingly able to, Wolfe sets right some of the wrongs committed against Elizabeth Short that occurred even after her murder He speaks for her and sheds light on an ugly truth, not only about her murder, in particular, but in the subsequent cover up by LAPD investigators This book names names and levels accusations against the perpetrators of this crime before, during, and after Short s death It s an eye opening account that I recommend to anyone who is familiar with the so called Black Dahlia case or to those, like myself, who knew almost nothing about it Thank you, Madelyn of all

Hmmmm I kind of feel like this is two books in one, the first half dealing with the facts of the murder itself and the second which is the author s own theory and solution to the killing Both are really well written and vivid in their accounts, bringing the people and places, sights and sounds to life so you feel the public terror and outcry at such a brutal killing But then the theory side of things, while well supported by various pieces of evidences and less well by hearsay and gossip including from the author s own background , is just too far fetched and barely believable While I like the idea that the Dahlia killing was some kind of mob hit covered up by the LA police and politians, I really struggle to actually believe this This is the first book on the Black Dahlia that I ve read and now I feel like I need to read muchto be able to say whether Wolfe s theory holds any kind of water, but I really doubt it Because of this I found I enjoyed the second half much less, spending much of the time incredulous and cynical at the conclusions and accusations being made An interesting read but a dubious conclusion.
Muchviolence than I usually want to read about However, my family lived in Los Angeles at the time I was a 9 year old,and recall overhearing adults talking, without wanting children to hear, about this brutal murder This book was compelling in describing the life of Elizabeth Short, AKA The Black Dahlia, as it led up to her death More interesting to me was the picture it painted of the movie industry and the competing mob interests that operated within the control of a corrupt police force and city government.