[ Pdf The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Ñ graphica PDF ] by Steve Smallman ✓ babyandbeyondshow.co.uk

[ Pdf The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Ñ graphica PDF ] by Steve Smallman ✓ Tired of vegetable soup, wolf is dreaming of a delicious lamb stew when, lo and behold, who shows up at his door but a cold little lamb looking for a place to stay.
Dinner has arrived! But wolf is in for more than he bargained for when he invites the lamb inside.
The twists and turns and the cute illustrations made this a fun story to read.
Brief Summary

Wolf intends to eat the lamb until the lambs personality changes the wolf's heart.

What the reader needs to know

That wolf's in fairy tales are traditionally evil characters


Twist on traditional fairy tale characters

How the Pictures help tell the story

Follows the Pattern of safe haven of the wolf's warm house on the left, with the cold wilderness on the right .
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Goodness, this was such a cute story.
My students ate it up! The pictures in this are adorable.
And the story is sweet humor.
I put the book on hold thinking my mom might like it.
I think she would.
A great lapread.
Maybe a fun schoolage storytime.
Though preschoolers would grasp the concept well and might be able to sit still long enough for the whole thing.
This could be worked into another storytime of varying ages (like PJ or something).
A good choice during the winter months.
But I really, really love the pictures.
I couldn't eat a lamb that cute either!!

1/11/12: This went well in both storytimes.
I had a younger audience than I hoped for, but they still did well and sat through this longer book.
Being younger and many of them new, they weren't the most responsive.
But those were responsive were definitely into the bookimitating the wolf and eagerly looking at the pictures.
I think the parents enjoyed it, too.

4/30/14 The adults LOVED this.
They kept commenting on the humor, or how cute it was.
The kids followed along.
Didn't love, but didn't hate.
And they paid attention.
So I'm good with that.

9/9/15 Used in Lambs and Sheep theme.
It went well.

9/19/18 Used in What Big Teeth theme.
Small and newish crowd, but the other book had warmed them up and they were very into this one.
Did the actions quite well and had a great time doing so.
books like this one are weird.
From a kid's perspective, the wolf grows feelings for the lamb he was going to eat so it all ends up alright in the end.
From an adult's perspective, the wolf was seriously going to eat the lamb but then it got Stockholm Syndrome and hugged and kissed the wolf.
Then the wolf decided to love it back.
Uh? Yeah.
So you could use it in a storytime, but you might get weird looks from the parents doing a double take.

Picked this up because I love fairy tales and fairy tale characters, particularly ones where the wolf doesn't conform to the stereotypes.
The front cover shows the wolf as quite menacing, but the character is much more nuancedat first he is delighted to have a lamb arrive just in time for dinervegetable soup again!but then he finds various reasons why he cannot eat the lamb as she is frozen, has hiccups, etc.
A fun story for little ones which will leave you with a smile on your face! This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon .
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It's cold outside and a little lamb is knocking at the door.
The wolf is rather hungry, but he couldn't possibly eat a frozen lamb, it will give him indigestion! What shall he do?

So you've probably realised by now, but this is a kid's book! I ran into it because I happened to turn on the tv and Bookaboo was on! Bookaboo is awesome, it's on ABC4Kids and it promotes reading.
Bookaboo is a rockstar drumplaying dog who can't go on stage unless he has had a book read to him.
A pretty awesome idea if I ever heard one.
I could totally apply that idea to my entire reading life.

I don't normally review children's books (I can't say I read many of them) but this one deserved a special mention.
The animation was pretty cool, and the original graphics in the book were very nice.
It draws on so many other little children's novels in ways (reminds me of the three little pigs crossed with Mary had a little lamb), but it is a unique blend.
There are even some puns for older readers.

I don't know how Meatloaf got a job reading this book on the show.
I can't say I've ever heard (and recognised) any of his music before, but he does an awesome job of making the story come to life.
So awesome! His sound effects are pretty cool too.
The book begins in quite a sinister manner as the front over suggests it would.
The freezing cold lamb unwittingly asks the hungry wolf if she can shelter in his house from the snow.
The wolf decides he can’t eat a frozen lamb so warms it up.
Neither can he eat a hiccupping lamb.
But after putting the lamb on his shoulder and tapping her, the lamb falls asleep.
The wolf begins to feel for this naive, helpless lamb and has to fight his instincts to eat her.
For the lamb’s own sake the wolf forces her to leave.
He regrets it as he thinks of all the harm that could come to her and searches for her.
He returns to find the lamb waiting for him and when the lamb asks if the wolf can keep his teeth to himself, he replies: “I can’t eat a lamb who needs me, I might get heartburn!”

The story is obviously not the most original ever written but I found it ‘heartwarming’! But honestly, I enjoyed it this book on the whole.
To have friends sometimes we need to suppress elements of ourselves.
If you are looking for a book about making unlikely friends than a story about a wolf and a lamb could not fit any better.