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Trailer ☆ The Music of the Spheres PDF by Ò Chase Potter Well first of all this book completely wrecked me This is the 3rd 5 star book I have read by this author and this one exceeded all my expectations even though I knew it would be good going in Put simply this is just a beautiful story It s an astonishing peek into the mind of a young man detailing his life to us centering around a friendship that starts in high school The story is told completely from Ryan s POV, which in my opinion is an excellent choice by the writer As I read this story I felt completely at one with Ryan and what he was feeling This is why I read books I want to feel, and boy did this book do that Ryan has experienced tragedy but has a very close family father and sister Emma, what a treat she is Adam comes into to his life randomly because they are paired for an assignment in class Adam has foster parents that he barely has a relationship with They are different with different backgrounds but they fit together perfectly Their friendship is effortless, strong, and unconditional The closeness they share builds through years of being there for each other The story is told so realistically that you literally get caught up in everything that is going on.
As a reader of many M M novels with a GFY theme I find myself sometimes thinking oh come on no one can be in this much denial about their feelings for someone that did not happen here I believed every single word This is a slow burn, very slooowwwwllllyyyy burning taking years to get where they eventually end up Yes there is a very AWESOME HEA This book was all about the journey Life throws Ryan and emotional shit parade but Adam is the constant driving force in his life and together they make it I laughed, cried, and rejoiced, this was an excellent read for me I highly recommend it LOW on STEAMHIGH on EMOTION I wanted to review the book for weeks now I ve betaread it, I love it, it s amazing Have you ever read a book and felt speechless afterwards That happened to me How do I describe the range of emotions this book had put me through If I say I love it, I laughed and I cried that sounds so trite With this book I have the feeling that words really can t express the way it touched me Sure, I can tell you it s amazing, I can tell you it s the best book Chase has written so far, that he is such a talented author I can assure you that I m not wasting my time betareading books of mediocre authors But I still would feel like I just can t explain the range of emotions this books evoked in me adequately It s just sooooo amazing.
In my opinion Chase Potter is extremely talented, his books aren t cookie cutter but each individual pearls of creativity So despite the theme of this book sounds familiar friends to lovers over high school college time , the book is unique and extremely well written I m absolutely convinced that Chase Potter s books are little pieces of art and should be read by everybody who loves the power of the written word.
Chase Potter can make me FEEL in the tips of my hair if he wants to yes, he s so good.
So if you so far haven t read any books written by him, then you should try this one.
An Athlete And Introvert From A Family Touched By Loss, Ryan Mattson Splits His Life Between Reading And Spending Time With His Dad And Precocious Younger Sister With The Wounds Of Ryan S Past Almost Healed, High School Is Simple, And So Is Everything ElseBut That Changes When He S Paired With Adam For A Class Project Adam, The Guy With Birthmarks Like Flecks Of Mud And Compost Brown Eyes That Hide Behind Dorky Glasses Grudgingly, The Two Young Men Work Together, And As They Do, An Unlikely Friendship Is FormedWith The Passing College Years, Their Bond Deepens And Grows Even Ryan S Sister And Dad Take A Liking To Adam, And The Family Always Missing A Voice Seems To Gain Another But Just As Ryan Is Forced To Confront What Adam Really Means To Him, His Family Is Dragged Toward Crisis And Beneath The Silent Snows And Starlit Sky Of A Minnesota Winter, Their Friendship Will Be Tested Than Ever Before Unsure as to how to rate this one to be honest, but I think 3.
5 rounded up to 4 stars is fair My main problem with this story was the lack of heartfelt emotion, and believe me, there are some really sad moments and yet tellingly NO tears or even sniffles from me, and I m a complete sap as you know It s not cold and clinical, just lukewarm This is a double GFY, but for me, there was no tenderness between the two of them, just not a lot of connection at all I m not fazed by stories without sex, or hardly any sex, but in this case I think it would have helped to prove that Ryan wasn t an automaton.
you know, some description of his innermost thoughts and feelings for Adam.
Ryan was IMHO, to put it bluntly, a selfish arse He wasn t a likeable character, and I have to say that I much preferred Adam I quite often wondered who the older sibling in the Mattson household was clueit wasn t Ryan Emma, the youngest sibling, was by far the best character in the story as far as I was concerned.
Another problem I had was view spoiler why was the father left rattling around on his own in that huge house after Emma s death He was grieving too, and had already lost his wife, and yet all Ryan seemed to think about was himself and Adam, and taking things to the next level Mr Mattson wasn t mentioned at all if I remember correctly hide spoiler What a beautiful story of friendship, family and unconditional love I was touched by the close relationship between Ryan and Emma I have never seen that The remarkable friendship between Adam and Ryan that grew from a literature assignment in senior year and just kept going right through college and beyond just blew me away Somehow, Adam just became part of Ryan s family and came to love Emma just as Ryan did Of course, in a story this exceptional, there has to be some heartbreak That was a heart wrenching part to read but it was written beautifully Mr Potter is a new author to me but the man can weave a story that just grips you The story flowed very well and kept me turning pages Highly recommended.
This book is everything I look for in a good love story I usually don t pay much attention to book covers, but this one drew me to it without even knowing anything about the story Turns out the book itself is pretty wonderful This author s writing is beautiful The voice was perfect The MCs were so lovable the secondary characters as well I hesitate to call them secondary, because Ryan s father and sister were so well developed and had such meaningful roles All the different types of love here familial, best friends, and lovers, were so packed with emotion I adored how deeply Ryan and Adam loved each other even before they were in love No silly miscommunications or characters being stupid, just life happening As sweet and often times funny as this book is, there s definitely a lot of heaviness and substance here It s a tearjerker It s a simple friends to lovers, coming of age story, but it s done in a way that really makes it stand out from the many books with that theme Highly recommend to people who enjoyed books like Rock by Anyta Sunday or Memorizing you by Dan Skinner though it s not nearly as much of a sob fest as the latter I can t wait to readfrom this author.
75 stars, rounded upCW view spoiler Death, depression, cancer side character hide spoiler

Note There are no spoilers in this review.
Coming January 25, 2016 toChase Potter s fourth book, The Music of the Spheres.
You should know I have read and loved every book that Chase Potter has published That stated, I ve watched him grow as an author, but that might make me sound like I haveexperience than he does and that is not the case.
The truth is, I look up to Chase because he s way ahead of me on the Indie self publishing journey He has been kind enough to share his knowledge and mentor me along my own journey to self publishing Yet, from a certain point of view, I have watched him grow as an author That said, this book, his fourth, is his best work so far How do I know this Because I read The Music of the Spheres in three days, which is a record of records for me But enough about me let s get to the book In short, Ryan, the main character, embraces the support of his amazing sister Emma and his dad Scott As the story progresses, Chase brings the reader through the special moments of their life together as they welcome Adam, the quirky kid, into the Mattson s home and hearts.
The Music of the Spheres is a beautiful coming of age romance story unlike any I ve read Ryan s journey to love is sweet, well paced, and leaves you wanting forin all the right ways I think this is why I had such a hard time putting it down, and Chase doesn t disappoint He delivers the skillful weaving of powerful themes such as love, life, family, innocence, discovery, loss, and most importantly, falling in love throughout the story.
A few things I wish to call out Real Chase created several down to earth characters, immersed them in believable, real life situations, and effortlessly mixed them with fiction He s getting really good at this I kept wondering which characters and scenes he based on his real life experience , if any at all That s how well his skill has developedwhich means his future books will be that muchamazing Emotionally Moving I instantly liked three of the four main characters as they entered the story I had to warm up to Adam, the fourth main character, but I believe Chase intended this because we perceive the story s world through Ryan s eyes and it takes Adam some time to open up to Ryan Emma, Emma Though Ryan Mattson is the main character, Emma, his younger and adorable sister, quickly steals the stage as the smart and sassy glue of the Mattson family Chase has mastered what I call reader empathy when a story s important characters emotionally connect with the soul of the reader I would love to meet them all in real life because they are so special The Power of Love This book is full of love There s father to son and daughter, brother to sister, best friend to best friend, Adam to the Mattson family, Adam to Emma.
So, if you re looking for a well written, compelling and heartfelt story that will be hard to put down, put this on your Good read s Want to read list and then order it on January 25 from I loved, Loved this book These are my favourite books The slow building, slow burning feelings From friends to something muchmeaningful.
Ryan and Adam s story is so beautiful They start as strangers, classmates, then Adam becomes Ryan s best friend and they share together their dreams, hopes and everything Their friendship is so amazing.
I liked Ryan s family and how supportive of him they were I liked how they considered Adam a part of it.
The book would be better if there wasn t that heart breaking and dramatic event, but nevertheless, it made the storypowerful.
I also liked how the author starts from a Ya, then continues as a Na and ends it as an Adult book maybe The development of the characters and their feelings is captivating.
The ending was magnificent I wouldn t change a single word.
Powerful story Recommended to everyone.
Review to come For now, I ll just say this was beautifully written as is always the case with a Chase Potter book.