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[ Read Online The Blood Scion (The Scion Legacy #1) ð guinea PDF ] by Nazarea Andrews ð I Was Just A Reporter, Trying To Stay Ahead Of My Student Loans I Knew The Rules, And I Followed ThemI Thought I Knew How The World Worked Humans Lived Their Petty Little Lives In The Safety Of The Sun We Loved And Fought And When The Sun Sank We Scurried Behind Our Walls And Lived In Fear That Is When The Monsters Came Out To Play And Even In The Safety Of The Sun, We Knew Who Ruled Us The Houses And Their Scions Everyone Knows The Great Houses And Their Scions They Are Feared And Loved And Hated And Envied They Are The Gods Who Walk The Shadows And Rule All Of Our Lives They Are Salvation And Death And Somehow, I Am One Of Them I am not goint to rate this book, because I m a mood reader, and sometimes that means I m not in the mood to read certain story I am in the mood for some vampire supernatural stuff and deliciously dark book thats passionate, sexy,and i did not find it here.
You know that tingly, hair raising feeling you get when reading a really good book Yea, I had that the entire time I was reading this book You don t necessarily need to read novella, The Scionless House, to understand this book, but the novella gives you the background on where The Blood Scion starts off The Blood Scion starts off with us meeting Farley and that she has a surprise lunch that begins the change of her life.
Farley is one hell of heroine I love her character Where she comes across as meek and shy, underneath all that, she is strong and fierce as hell She doesn t skip a beat as things are thrown at her and she is expected to just go along with them, no questions asked.
As the story moves along, the plot gets deeper andintense We learn about how the Houses work and all their ins and outs We also learn about the dynamics between the humans and vampires I absolutely love how creative Nazarea is with this world It s unique and I love the twists she adds in.
The book moves at a perfect pace I couldn t put this book down Everything intrigued me As I said, I had goosebumps the whole time I was reading this The character development is amazing I love their interactions You can feel the room heat up when O and Farley are in the same room You can sense the tension when O, Farley, Sulla, Jule and everyone else is in the room You can sense it all Nazarea wrote some exquisite characters in this story I can t wait to see what happens in the next book and where Nazarea takes us in this world I am excited to see what transpires Another hit series from the wonderful N 4 I came across this book through blog tour and it sounded like something I enjoy so I requested a review copy.
I really glad that I did I really enjoyed this book.
It has action, suspense, romance some steamy smexy scenes and plenty of snarky humor.
The beginning was a bit confusing since I have not read the prequel novella but this book had a glossary in the beginning that helped with that As far as what house is what and what positions in the house and such I think what I liked about this book the most is that while the world knows about Vampires they should still fear them They are still or can be very dangerous to human and they have no problem showing the human world who is on top of the food chain Of course they is always one group that tries to destroy the vampires.
You can find my full review here I thought this book was good, but considerably too short in my opinion I like it when it takes a little bit longer for the characters to develop I never really felt like I got to know any of them well enough to so I didn t have any particularly strong feelings about any of them, with the exception of really enjoying Farley s slight bitchiness and take no abuse make no excuses kind of attitude What I liked most, however, was the way the vampires were portrayed They are so often over glamorized, but not here Here they seemed to be a combination of menacing, intriguing and very self absorbed yet some of them were kind to a certain extent Added to that is the feeling I got that they are all just playing games to amuse themselves and it left a feeling of suspense that I enjoyed I didn t quite understand why this particular house thought that Farley would just jump right in and do a good job of being their Scion just because of her bloodline and who her mother was Part of her job is politics and part of it is problem solving and she really doesn t have any experience with either because she is very young I got really annoyed during the scene when members of the House expressed their disappointment in the way she was handling things Mostly because it was their own fault for basically forcefully recruiting her in the first place, especially as they knew she had no experience whatsoever It kind of irked me and I wanted Farley or Winston or someone to point it out I will certainly continue to read the series but really think making the next book a bit longer anddetailed would certainly be beneficial to it I recommend this to anyone who is tired of done to death pretty vampire heroes.
ARC kindly provided from the publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
3 stars After reading the free prequel, I was looking forward to this one and it was good I ve mentioned before how picky I am when it comes to Paranormal, Historical and Fantasy which is why those genres are featured the least on my blog apart from my top favorites, I can t seem to find stories that captivate me.
The Blood Scion certainly had a lot of good qualities The story describes a world where vampires and humans try to co exist peacefully, the details are a little blurry because the history is told so many times and from so many people that it seemed like the story itself was trying to put everything in order so we could get on with the romance or whatever was happening at the moment.
There are twelve houses and vampire lines that saved the human race Our heroine, Farley is a journalist and she doesn t know much about the houses that are ruling and their scions Tavian is the mysterious lead and the romance between the two is kind of forbidden and intriguing since he is supposed to be like a guardian to her Tavian is a Blood Prince fiercely loyal even when he clearly would rather be anything but The story follows Tavian and his estranged brother as they travel to meet Farley and bring her home to their father the reason is unknown at first The two of them and the feel of the story is almost like mafia but in a vampire world, really intriguing House Cantelie, Tavian s House has been without a scion for fifteen years and when the reason behind it is revealed, Farley and Tavia s stories come together so beautifully, I m really looking forward to that I won t say anything to spoil the world building and how she becomes a main character, it s really interesting seeing this version and it s certainly entertaining but it has a few plot holes I loved the world setting and the Houses, but it neededtime to show character development as well as story development, it felt like things happened too fast and the same details would be repeated again and again Looking forward to the next one An Awesome read 5 Stars All the Way This is my first read by this author and I can tell you for certain that it will not br my last At the time of reading I did not know that there was a novella, a prequel to this story and honestly not having read it took nothing away from the enjoyment of the read for me I do fully intend to go back and read it now though it s called The Scionless House, just in case you would like to begin there This book is so well written it really knocked my socks off Farley is our heroine and I absolutely love her She is a totally fierce strong badass chick underneath the outer covering of a very shy girl The other characters are also very well created and real as well This world that the author has created is so amazing, the imagination that she has put into this story is stellar and totally unique The plot is wonderful and fast paced, painted in such a way that you are transferred right into the story It s full of my absolute fav the paranormal, dangers, love and magnificence A definite can t put down book I am dying to find out what happens next I was luckily, generously given a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.
I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Review can be found on Milky Way of books What I liked the idea of a horrible virus destroying the world and the vampires saving it before the end I did see a similar pattern on Julie Kagawa s Immortal Rules but that one is a different story.
There are parts in the book, which seperate the double POV That of O and Farley There is a complex world building about the Houses and their classes, as also there is mystery and some plot twists What I always liked about Nazarea s writing is the unplanned plot I now what I am gong to read but she always manages to create something different which also surprises me Fast paced but in need ofaction, this is a good beginning in her new series The cover caught my eye, the blurb interested my mind, the story grabbed my imagination and wouldn t let go I read this book non stop, I couldn t put it down.
Farley is just a girl trying to make it through life basically unnoticed As a reporter for a small time paper When she is sent on a meeting unexpectedly her life changes drastically forever She is faced with a position of great power and great danger Thrust into the very world she hid from all her life the vampire houses There is a faction attacking the houses and a power struggle always happening behind the scenes As with any power struggle comes the politics Vampire politics are even worse since they have such long lifespans The house that contacts Farley gives her an offer she just can t refuse Farley steps out of her shy demure shell and takes her new role on with style and intelligence.
I really liked Farley, she is not the bendable barbie often written into many vampire books She has a mind, a brass set, is quick with her snarky comebacks is willing to step into action when everyone expects her to crumble This girl is my kind of heroine.
Now the big question, because yes it ended in s cliffhanger When is the next book I need it.
If and when the author decides to continue this series