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Ï The Cavendon Luck (Cavendon Hall #3) ½ Download by · Barbara Taylor Bradford I got Cavendon Luck from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I requested this book, because I loved Barbara Taylor Bradford s Harte saga books I haven t read the other Cavendon books, but since the reviews mentioned that Cavendon Luck stands on its own, I gave it a try However, whether it was because I haven t read the previous books, or something else, I could not follow the multitude of characters and relationships I got as far as 38% in the book, and realized that I was just not following and enjoying it The novel starts just before World War II starts and covers the war years The historical research is inaccurate, the author talks about the death camps in 1938 Although there were concentration camps in 1938, death camps and the final solution , the gas chambers, did not start until 1942 Overall I don t recommend this book.
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This book is the third in the Cavendon Hall series by Barbara Taylor Bradford It covers all the usual bases of the first two romance, the rich and beautiful, historic events, escape from real life A decent read, although editing it down 100 orpages to get rid of some of the extraneous information would have been welcomed The feedback of various readers that the first two books had too many characters to keep track of fell on deaf ears As with the first two books in the series, I found it hard to keep everyone straight It doesn t feel right for me to give Barbara advice on execution as her formula has worked well for her over the years, but I am curious to know if she has a ghost writer now.
From TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Comes A Captivating Epic Saga Of Courage And Honor, Following The Aristocratic Inghams And The Loyal Swann Family Who Have Served Them For CenturiesIt IsIn England, And Miles And Cecily Ingham Have Lead The Family In Bringing The Cavendon Estate Back From The Brink Of Disaster But Now, With The Arrival Of World War II, Cavendon Hall Will Face Its Biggest Challenge Yet It Is A Challenge That Will Push The Inghams And Swanns To Protect Each Other And The Villagers, And Reveal Their True Capacity For Survival And RebirthTold With Bradford S Deft, Evocative Prose And Featuring A Beloved Cast Of Characters, The Cavendon Luck Is A Story Of Intrigue, Romance, Sorrow, And Joy That Readers Won T Soon Forget As typical of a BTB book, this story is heavy on the daily issues of life between the two families and really not a lot of depth But in her traditional fashion, the author manages to keep us involved along the way I think the audio version has a lot to do with that as the reader is talented and engaging.
This book is not without its issues, however One of the main issues is there unless you have read the other installments, you will have a difficult time following the list of characters.
Another problem in this book is that like I mentioned prior, this book has no depth A lot of assumptions are made and people die off or disappear along the way The ending is so so and really has left no real impression on me.
While BTB is well known for her books, mainly because she has been around for so long and has so many publications, the fact is that while the concept is great for this book, the execution was boring and lackluster full review Usually, the Cavendon Hall series is one of my favorite forms of escapism It s Downton Abbey meets paperback In the previous books, I ve loved its magical, otherworldly feel with characters I could cry over after having just met them a paragraph prior Now that the series has gone into the mid 1940 s, I wonder if it s just too modern for me Is it entering into too much of our own familiar world for me to feel it offers a true escape Maybe But if I m frank, there were some other problems with this particular iteration.
It s the just before the middle of the century and there s a war on An infamous war that we all know well It s this war that draws the story away from the magic of Cavendon and into battle, be it in the trenches or at the war office We hardly spend any time at Cavendon at all, and when we the reader are there it has an entirely different feeling Like a house with no furniture.
Where in previous works of this series we spend time getting to know and caring for 3 5 new characters, in this book there were so many I could hardly keep my head straight, never mind caring for them Similarly, the plot itself is quite jumbled with one too many moving parts Some aspects even felt forced, like a history lesson with a bit of story thrown in This was only a slight irritation until scenes like Clark Gable showing up to discuss his part in Gone with the Wind began to cloud the work Look, I love Clark Gable like any other old movie fanatic, but I m not reading this series for him I m reading it for Cavendon So, I couldn t help but feel a bit let down by this particular book in the series I m not sure if I will read the next book or not Perhaps, as all series do, it has run its course Only time will tell, but for now I ll skip ahead to other deserving books on my TBR stack.
I read horrible reviews and I said nocan t be so But yes I too had to abort and put it aside about page 38 My only comment When you have a decent book and the sequel is okay don t attempt a third book unless you know it is a hit Did someone else write this Not worth even a beach readpass this one up.
SERIE CAVENDON HALL n 3Sono davvero arrabbiata Si perch questo libro iniziato sotto ogni migliore auspicio E ho pensato finalmente dopo due libriin forsearrivato quello giusto Invece le mie aspettative sono state deluse Purtroppo.
Come ormai noto, questi libri parlano della famiglia Ingham e dei suoi servitori Swan Siamo partiti dal 1911 del primo libro dove abbiamo conosciuto i personaggi e stiamo leggendo la loro storia, dei figli, dei nipoti etc.
Il libro temporalmente si svolge tra il 1938 e il 1945 Seconda guerra mondiale Inizia con il botto Con Ginevra la rom veggente che mentre con Cecily ha una visione E l subito inizio a star male Iniziano intrighi, e prime avvisaglie della guerra Libro molto patriottico e molto bello Davvero Lei molto brava a destreggiarsi tra tutti i personaggi, e riesce perfettamente a creare gli incastri e a stupire Qui si parla molto del terzo Reich e finalmente abbiamo la certezza che Diedre lavora in un agenzia affilita all MI6 e ci tiene sempre sul chival Molto bello tutto il racconto della fuga della famiglia della collaboratrice di Cecily da Berlino Bella Berlino Essendoci stata sono riuscita ad immaginarmela perfettamente Bello anche il siparetto di Los Angeles di James e Dulcie con Clarke Gable alle prese con la decisione di fare o no Via col vento tutta la parte della guerra molto bella e come dicevo prima molto patriottica.
E purtroppo ho dovuto dire addio ad alcuni personaggi Sono davvero molto dispiaciuta.
A questo punto vi stare chidendo come mai ho dato solo tre stelle e continuo a dire che mi ha deluso Il perch che purtroppo per buona parte del libro stato tutto molto piatto Pochi sentimenti Essendo classificato come romanzo rosa, mi aspettavo di provare pi sensazoni Invece tutto descritto come se fosse la lista della spesa E questo mi ha davvero fatto arrabbiare Sar anche che ho letto prima la Clare e quindi abituata ad essere travolta dal libro e dai sentimenti, questo mi scivolato addosso, anche se mi ha incuriosito e la storia era interessante.
Quello che mi ha dato pi sui nervi stato quando un figlio di Daphne va in guerra e perde una gamba Alla notizia lei ovviamente disperata La disperazione viene descritta in una riga La riga dopo dice.
si ma lui forte e lo superer E la questione chiusa Ma vi pare e anche lui non fa una piega Non viene descritto nulla del suo dolore, ma solo che gli hanno gi dato una gamba artificiale e appena si abituato tornato a casa Durante questa attesa il pensiero dei familiari stato ha bisogno di uno psicologo o qualcuno che ha vissuto il suo stesso dramma per poterlo aiutare e ovviamente lo trovano nel giro di due secondi un amico di un vicino ha vissuto la stessa cosa e cos lo ospitano poi a casa loro Questione chiusa Ho detto questo per farvi capire che cosa mi ha dato fastidio Io non dico che bisogna fare sempre i drammi.
ma che cavolo un minimo di sentimento o forse perch sono inglesi e sono cos Poi vedo che i libri piacciono, quindi magari sono io E vero che la storia e gli intrighi prendono, ma io avrei preferito un p pi di coinvolgimento emotivo.
Legger il prossimo perch sono curiosa, ma io non li consiglio Se per volete uno spegni cervello ma con una trama interessante e siete in spiaggia in relax e non avete tempo di concentrarvi troppo sulla lettura, b avete trovto i libri per voi.

The Cavendon Luck is the third book in the Cavendon Hall series I read them in order and am torn as to whether they have to be read in order I liked knowing the history of the family and their friends but I feel like I could have picked up any of the books, in any order, and enjoyed them The third book is my favorite The era of WWII and how the world is living during the war is portrayed wonderfully The world was not an easy place to live in and everyone, even the royalty, had to adjust their lifestyles I really enjoyed seeing how the Ingham and Swann families prepared for the war and how they helped keep their possessions safe The way they came together from all over the world to keep each other safe, support each other, and just be together was heartwarming I was especially proud and invested in the women in this book They came together, worked hard, and made the best of a horrid happening They were the heroes of the Cavendon Hall They made food and clothes They gave support to the men, both those fighting and those not fighting When the book was done I continued to think about the Dee s, Charlotte, and Cecily It is amazing that in a time when men were in charge these women stepped up did what had to be done and still stayed feminine I recommend checking out this series The books have a lot of pages in them but are worth reading every word Barbara Taylor Bradford has a way with words that just pull you right into the story.
I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway If I had one word to describe CAVENDON LUCK meh If I had another cheese I have to say, I was pretty disappointed I love historical fiction, but this particular novel fell a little flat for me It wasn t the kind of story you can lose yourself in, and I didn t find any of the descriptions very vivid at all My biggest problem, though, was the characters If I had a dollar for every time someone was described as fabulously good looking, I d be richer than the Inghams Pretty much every character had the same sickeningly positive personality, void of any flaws or quirks that could have made them interesting I must have rolled my eyes several thousand times Even when deaths occurred, I found it difficult to care The second half was better than the first, probably since the war had actually started Considering that it wasn t alternate history, all their pondering over whether or not a war would happen was tedious Yes, it is going to happen We all know that I personally found the writing pretentious and dull, but that being said, the book wasn t without its merits It was an easy summer read, very cheerful, and stood alone well, although I think it would have been better if I d been able to read the first two books first So I won t be adding myself to the fan club, but I can see how it would appeal to other readers.
ARC received courtesy of Goodreads.
com First Reads GiveawayBarbara Taylor Bradford has been one of my favorite authors since I read A Woman Of Substance when I was in high school Part of what I loved about The Cavendon Luck was Emma Harte and Blackie O Neill showing up I love that Bradford keeps reminding us of the powerhouse that the Emma Harte Saga is I think I read the first book in the Cavendon Hall series the characters seem familiar, like old friends This book takes us through World War II with the Ingham and Swann families The families have been tied to each other through the centuries The reader assumes that their connection will continue far into the future Bradford s historical accuracy is always spot on The quotations from Churchill s speeches and the character s hanging on every word reminds us of the impact of words on a nation This is the first I d read about Admiral Caneris, the head of the Third Reich s intelligence division who used all of his knowledge and power to fight against Hitler from the inside.
As always, Bradford s characters are so well built that they seem like real people After reading one of her novels I always feel like I watched a movie I find myself rooting for the characters to make it through the war and to succeed at bringing Britain out better on the other side If you haven t read a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel, I would suggest starting with A Woman of Substance If you re a fan of her, I would recommend reading The Cavendon Hall series.