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Download Epub Format Ø Pride and Proposals PDF by Ö Victoria Kincaid Check out my review of Pride and Proposals on Austenprose I loved this book It was so strange watching Darcy on the sidelines as Colonel Fitzwilliam proposed to Elizabeth There are lots of twists and turns in this delightful story, one that I highly recommend Yes, it s a variation, but the main protagonists in this book are the Lizzy Darcy of Jane Austen s imaginings They are true to character and act as we would expect them to Yes I did enjoy this book.
What If Mr Darcy S Proposal Was Too Late Darcy Has Been Bewitched By Elizabeth Bennet Since He Met Her In Hertfordshire He Can No Longer Fight This Overwhelming Attraction And Must Admit He Is Hopelessly In Love During Elizabeth S Visit To Kent She Has Been Forced To Endure The Company Of The Difficult And Disapproving Mr Darcy, But She Has Enjoyed Making The Acquaintance Of His Affable Cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam Finally Resolved, Darcy Arrives At Hunsford Parsonage Prepared To Propose Only To Discover That Elizabeth Has Just Accepted A Proposal From The Colonel, Darcy S Dearest Friend In The World As He Watches The Couple Prepare For A Lifetime Together, Darcy Vows Never To Speak Of What Is In His Heart Elizabeth Has Reason To Dislike Darcy, But Finds That He Haunts Her Thoughts And Stirs Her Emotions In Strange Ways Can Darcy And Elizabeth Find Their Happily Ever After This Book Has Been Professionally Edited Awesome awesome awesome P P alternativeWow there is just so much I loved about this book It had lots of angst and misunderstanding and of course the path to true love The story starts at the Hunsford parsonage, but instead of Darcy s awful proposal we learn that Col Fitzwilliam s has proposed to Elizabeth and has been excepted Of course Darcy is devastated and spends a lot of time trying to cover his love for Elizabeth The journey from the engagement and the path to Darcy is a long one and with lots of obstacles Though I had to chuckle at one of them near the end of the book but the path the story took was incredible and I highly recommend this book to ALL JAFF readers.
Incredible story so worth reading.
I loved this book It had a great premise Elizabeth engaged to Colonel Fitzwilliam and I don t know why someone hasn t written it before The writing was very good and the plot didn t get bogged down it kept up a good pace I thought it was true to Austen s characters It was a moving and dramatic story I can t wait forfrom this author In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Colonel Fitzwilliam asks Elizabeth to marry him before Darcy is able to and she accepts him To say to much about this book would be considered a spoiler, but it is full of angst, danger, spoiled members of the ton, and love lots of love.
5 stars So Richard Got There FirstMs Kincaid offers her readers a deep character study of the torture unrequited or so believed love brings This compelling what if leads us back to Hunsford to a newly enriched Colonel Fitzwilliam making a successful proposal to Elizabeth moments before Darcy would make a disastrous one While the scarring of that offer was avoided, the pain and agony Darcy goes through over the next few years is daunting to him and the reader Subsequent events if detailed here would be unwelcome spoilers If you have not immersed yourself in Ms I d work, treat yourself to this one.

This is one of those times when I cannot say too much about a book, literally I must limit my comments so as not to deny the pleasure of discovery, of revelation, to other readers Be warned if you have any tendency to cry with angst, with pleasure or even sadness, this book will evoke such I did not count how many tissues I used today Yes, I bought and read this novel in only a matter of hours I think it might be 5 or 6 hours but didn t really note when I began I finished before 3 30 PM and know it was sometime after 10 AM that I began As the book description and or the Sample relate this tale begins in Hunsford as Darcy rides to the parsonage to propose to Elizabeth, going over in his mind how to word that soliloquy All lovers of Jane Austen s prized work will empathize with our dear fellow as he walks into the parlor and is informed by his cousin, Col Fitzwilliam, that Elizabeth has just accepted his marriage proposal Does Fitzwilliam Darcy rant, does he rave, and does he turn about and walk out Elizabeth and Richard are next to Georgiana the two people he loves best in his life one acknowledged and the otherperhaps now always to be denied You know, you must know, that Darcy is not one to share his emotions, his anguish with the world, even with close acquaintances and or family members.
We read many of the thoughts from Darcy s point of view And if you thought canon had misunderstandings, miscommunication, misrepresentation this tale has so muchDistance, separation, time, and even attempting to inure one by frequenting the presence of the source of pain cannot change or deaden the feelings of this man towards his cousin s intended Again society s and family s opinions and snubs play a part in the events Even Wickham has his role to play and it is not exactly as you may think.
Darcy is portrayed as analyzing and overanalyzing both his feelings and not only those of others but also how they are reacting or how they should react to events He attempts to act as protector, as guardian, only to have those acts interpreted as officious.
You have to wonder and, please allow such to urge you to read this book how can Col Fitzwilliam afford to propose marriage He is a second son, with no fortune And Elizabeth has stated to Jane her intention of only marrying for true love Has something happened to bring about the change in circumstances Surely she is not in love with the Colonel Is the Happily Ever After to be of a different resolution for JAFF readers There is so much to be said but I will not ruin it for others You can see this was a page turner for me I highly recommend this book.
Beautiful story filled with lots of twists and turnsThis book had me hooked right from the start I am so grateful a friend lent it to me It s actually a storyline I had recently thought about I love Colonel Fitzwilliam and I always believed Jane Austen intended that he and Elizabeth would have been together except for the whole fortune thing And the passion she always felt for Mr Darcy