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Æ Adrian å Download by Û Catherine Lievens I definitely enjoyed this onethan the last book in the series, I feel like it got things back on track with the overall story and plot I liked the characters and couple, and enjoyed reading this one Can t wait for the next one and the knowledge that we are this much closer to reading Keenan s story 2.
5 I cant get over how easily Josh got over Soren being a jerk Really Sometimes You Have To Sacrifice Everything For FamilyAdrian Is A Geneticist For The Glass Research Company He S The One Who Has Been Turning Humans In Shifters, But He Did It Only To Save His Brother, Even If He Knew It Was A Horrible Thing To Do The Company Kidnapped Him, And Adrian Hasn T Seen Him In Nearly Two Years Thinking Gabriel Is Probably Dead, Adrian Decides To Run Away From The Company And Turns To The Only People Who Can Help Him The Whitedell PrideJoshua Has Known Adrian Was His Mate For Months, But He Doesn T Want To Mate Someone Who Experimented On Humans And Shifters Alike, Not After What Happened To His Sister Thirty Years Agoearlier Still, When Adrian Is In Danger, Joshua Knows He Ll Help HimWhat Will Joshua Do When Another Shifter Steps In And Decides He Wants Adrian Will He Let Soren Have His Mate, Or Will He Finally Realize That Adrian Is His My biggest pet peeve, meddling friends family I wanted to see what Joshua would have done in the club Liking this series a lot Title AdrianAuthor Catherine LievensPublisher eXtasy booksISBN 978 1 4874 0284 6Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Whitedell Pride 8Sometimes you have to sacrifice everything for family Adrian is a geneticist for the Glass Research Company He s the one who has been turning humans in shifters, but he did it only to save his brother, even if he knew it was a horrible thing to do The company kidnapped him, and Adrian hasn t seen him in nearly two years Thinking Gabriel is probably dead, Adrian decides to run away from the company and turns to the only people who can help him the Whitedell Pride Joshua has known Adrian was his mate for months, but he doesn t want to mate someone who experimented on humans and shifters alike, not after what happened to his sister thirty years earlier Still, when Adrian is in danger, Joshua knows he ll help him What will Joshua do when another shifter steps in and decides he wants Adrian Will he let Soren have his mate, or will he finally realize that Adrian is his Summary The Glass Research Company have done untold damage to not only shifters, but humans too It is incomprehensible how of the many of the scientists have no feelings for their test subjects as they perform procedures that would never be allowed in traditional research Adrian was forced to work with them after they kidnapped his brother and threatened to hurt him It was terrible how he was forced to choose between saving his brother and hurting innocent people It was inspiring how Adrian stepped in find way to help many of the victims Jared knew Adrian was his mate, but it brought back memories of his sister who had been kidnapped years ago by scientists for similar making it difficult for him to accept his feelings Jared s feelings were understandable, but Adrian s need to help others proved him to be different from the other scientists It was fascinating how Jared s refusal to mate with Adrian was at odds with his Cat who couldn t understand why they hadn t claimed their mate The fight to free both shifters and humans from the Glass Research Company continues to heat up as the threats against all paranormal species and humans has just begun.
Adrian the book, not the character is written in the theme of earlier Whitedell Pride books, in that it focuses on the shifter experiments rather than the Council I had to force myself to look past my disappointment, because this obviously was the next story that needed to be told Like I previously mentioned, I don t think all of the books need to feature the Council but I think that that is where my interest lies at the moment However, this couple s situation is another that was set up a couple of books ago and I was looking forward to seeing how the author was going to sort their shit out.
Adrian was willing to do anything to try to save his kidnapped brother, even experiment on human subjects, though he was told that they were all volunteers The Glass Research Company has no idea that Adrian has perfected the technique of turning humans into shifters and Adrian doesn t want them to know After years of separation from his brother he s came to the realization that the company has likely killed Gabriel by now and he has no intention of providing them with the serum they re after He knows that the safest place for himself is with the pride so he sabotages what he can and takes off for Whitedell But the plan doesn t exactly go the way he envisioned and Adrian finds himself injected with his own serum Before he becomes something small, cute and fluffy he manages to make a call to the mate who rejected him, Joshua.
Thirty years ago Joshua s sister died, quickly followed by his mother and father, after she was captured and experimented on by human scientists There is no way that he s going to accept a scientist as a mate despite the fact that he understands why Adrian did what he did When Adrian calls and needs the pride s help, Joshua rushes to his aid, but he still has no intention of claiming his mate So if his friend Soren wants to date Adrian, Joshua shouldn t have a problem with that, right So, bluntly, Joshua was a bit of an ass I get where he was coming from, but still, an ass I was hoping that getting his story would change my mind about him but while he redeemed himself to some extent I can t say that I ever fully warmed to him On the other hand I loved Adrian so I was glad when the two men finally managed to claim each other.
My favourite character in this book though wasn t either of the main characters It was Troy, who finally discovers just what the scientists spliced his genes with Dare I hope that this part of the story is setting up the series for an m preg book I really can t wait to see where the Whitedell Pride series takes us next I ll be honest, I first started reading this series after the author requested a review from the blog My initial impression was that it was good enough, but I could take it or leave it But these characters really grow on you The pride really grows on you The carried over storylines seriously hook you and now here I am, at book number eight and each month I hang out for the next installment, needing my monthly Whitedell fix.
And, once again, don t attempt to read these books out of order.
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com 2015 05 1 Adrian was quite upset with what he had been forced to do in the name of research The Glass Research Company had kidnapped his brother and forced him to conduct experiments turning humans into shifters Feeling his brother is dead, he flees to, hopefully , the safety of the Whitedell Pride.
Joshua knows that Adrian is his mate but he wants nothing to do with someone who experiments on others He cannot help but remember what happened to his sister thirty years ago But can he allow another shifter to have him Adrian is a great entry into this series The shifters are getting closer to finding the labs but need help from other groups It is a wonderful Catherine Lievens has created and you cannot help but allow yourself to be immersed into the pages of the stories.
Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 4stars As I said before Adrian was by far my favorite of the ten books in the Whitedell series Probably because the conflict was real The Joshua s internal struggle with his past mirrored Adrian s Neither felt that their mating could would should happen They both considered eschewing their bond But along the way, they got to know each other They took things slow and mated because they wanted it, not just because fate said they should For Complete review see Prism Book Alliance

This was book 8 in theWhitedell Prideseries Adrian is a geneticist for the Glass Research Company He s the one who has been turning humans in shifters, but he did it only to save his brother Gabriel When first met Adrian in book 6 when Denver and Sebastian kidnapped him to help Oliver with his bear Adrian hates what he is doing and decides that he has had enough so he decides to run away thinking that his brother is dead but not before destroying the companies database Joshua has known Adrian was his mate for months, but he doesn t want to mate someone who experimented on humans and shifters, because 30 years ago someone kidnapped his sister and experimented on her When Adrian is in trouble he calls the pride for help Turns out Adrian accidentally injected himself with shifter DNA and now he is a squirrel shifter which I thought was funny Adrian knows that Joshua is his mate and he knows that Joshua doesn t want him but he stayed friends with Soren who ask him out and it makes Joshua jealous This was a good read these two have a lot to work out and Joshua wants to find Gabriel in the labs when he talks to the man that kidnapped Jaime they find out what lab he is in what was done to him This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
I totally loved it