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é Read ↠´ Queen (The Blackcoat Rebellion #3) by Aimee Carter ß lk iki kitaba k yasla son derece olays z ve dura and , ama bana g re hava ho Kitty bir nebze de olsa ak llanabilmi ok k r Eskisi gibi aptall klar yapmad Lily i pek sevmesem de onun i in z ld mAma Greyson, Benjy ve Knox i in tam da istedi im gibi bir son buldum knox seni var ya yiyerim yiyerim PAWNCAPTIVEQUEEN Kitty Doe Is A Blackcoat Rebel And A Former Captive With A Deadly Connection To The Most Powerful And Dangerous Man In The Country, Prime Minister Daxton Hart Forced To Masquerade As Daxton S Niece, Lila Hart, Kitty Has Helped The Blackcoats Take Back The Prison Known As Elsewhere But Daxton Has No Intention Of Ceding His Position Of Privilege Or Letting Kitty Expose His Own Masquerade Not In These United States, Where Each Person S Rank Means The Difference Between Luxury And Poverty, Freedom And Fearand Ultimately, Between Life And DeathTo Defeat The Corrupt Government, Kitty Must Expose Daxton S Secret Securing Evidence Will Put Others In Jeopardy, Including The Boy She S Loved Forever And An Ally She Barely Trusts For Months, Kitty S Survival Has Hinged On Playing A Part Now She Must Discover Who She Truly Wants To Be, And Whether The New World She And The Rebels Are Striving To Create Has A Place In It For Her After All Ik ben in tranen Een goed en vooral spannend einde voor deze trilogie Ik heb het gevoel dat dit boek behoorlijk gewelddadiger is dan haar voorgangers, maar dat maakte de ontknoping des te spannender Enkel de romantiek was ietwat voorspelbaar, maar tegelijkertijd wel goed en geloofwaardig uitgewerkt Een heerlijk boek dus, waar ik doorheen ben gevlogen Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.
Serinin bitmesine fazlas yla z ld m nk kitap muhte emdi ve tad dama mda kald Daha fazlas n okumak isterdim ama yazar ok g zel bir nokta da seriyi bitirmi bay ld m ki g nde elimde eridi gitti.
People like you hold their loved ones above ideals They ll do anything to protect them, no matter what it costs But me I hold ideals above people No single life is as important as this revolution, not even mine Lennox Creed, Captive MY KNOXITTY Knox Kitty SHIP IS NOT CANON I JUST WANT TO CRY, AND CRY, AND CRY AND WATCH MORE JDORAMA WITH UNREQUITED LOVE AND CRY view spoiler I m staying negative as much as possible for this ship Cause I want to be surprised and jumpy kind of happy if they ever end up together Inside I m dying cause there s 85% they won t end up together But I m also hoping for a plot twist I ship them so much, it hurts 3 hide spoiler The conclusion to this trilogy did not impress me While the last 50 pages brought me back into the Rebellion, the rest of the book left me not caring about the characters and their fates Overall 2 5 stars Pawn and Capture proved superior to Queen.
5 Stars.
I ve loved this series and even though I still enjoyed Queen, there was one thing missing One pivotal point that it should have ended on All that tension and nothing Where s that bloody novella when you need one

Serinin son kitab olmas ndan dolay bu kitaba nas l yorum yapaca m bilemiyorum nk anlatmak istedi im eyleri anlat rsam a r spoiler olur Yine su gibi ak p giden bir kitapt Gereksiz yere uzat lmam t Ve tempo ilk iki kitapta da oldu u gibi bir an olsun d m yordu ok vurucu sahnelerin oldu unu da s ylemeliyim Kitapta heyecanl bir ey olduk a annemin yan na gidip isyan ettim ve kad n kar ma ge ip k s k s g ld sadece Kitty ilk kitaptan beri ok g l bir karakterdi bence Sadece biraz salakt ki hala da salak Mant ndan ziyade duygular yla hareket edip her seferinde sa ma sapan i ler yap yordu Neyse ki bu kitapla birlikte Kitty nin sa ma sapan beni geren hareketleri de son bulmu oldu Knox Kitab heyecanla bekleyi sebebim Kitapta bu kadar az olmas beni zd B t n olaylar n aras nda g z m hep onu arad Ay Benjy den bahsetmezsem olmaz Sonunda birileri ger eklerin fark na vard ve bunu s yleme cesaretini g sterdi Benjy i ilk iki kitaptan daha ok sevdim bu kitapta Can m Benjy diyebilirim art k onada 3Ayr ca kitab n sonunu da yle a r sevmedim Yani sebebini s ylersem spoiler olur ama okuyanlar neden sevmedi imi anlayabilir bence O son b l m n ok daha ba ka ilerlemesini isterdim ama olsun bununla yetinmeye al aca m Her eye ra men g zel bir seri sonu kitab yd B y k bir heyecanla okudum o u yerde resmen gerilim kitaplar nda oldu undan daha ok gerildim Ate bast y z m adeta Sadece o sondaki beklentim ve Knox un azl ndan dolay bir puan k r yorum Ben sana demi tim Aimee Beni k zd rma puan k rar m demi tim Neyse sen bilirsin.
UPADATE AUGUST 7, 2015The cover is just awesome with the hexagon shapes that made me think of scifi, especially the TV Show Orphan Black I knew it that the eye will have the X symbol Plus the tagline is quite similar to what I made A move that will end it allAnd the book In the final move, you win or die Can t wait to read it Pawn Captive Queen Kitty Doe is a Blackcoat rebel and a former captive with a deadly connection to the most powerful and dangerous man in the country, Prime Minister Daxton Hart Forced to masquerade as Daxton s niece, Lila Hart, Kitty has helped the Blackcoats take back the prison known as Elsewhere But Daxton has no intention of ceding his position of privilege or letting Kitty expose his own masquerade Not in these United States, where each person s rank means the difference between luxury and poverty, freedom and fearand ultimately, between life and death.
To defeat the corrupt government, Kitty must expose Daxton s secret Securing evidence will put others in jeopardy, including the boy she s loved forever and an ally she barely trusts For months, Kitty s survival has hinged on playing a part Now she must discover who she truly wants to be, and whether the new world she and the rebels are striving to create has a place in it for her after all