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✓ Read ñ The Go Programming Language by Alan A. A. Donovan ↠´ Quintessential text for learning The Go Programming Language After working through some of the examples you will discover the simple elegance of the programming language stripped down but expressive.
The chapter on testing, benchmarking, and profiling needs some work However, I think these will require another book in itself There is little or no mention of symbolic debugging Some may argues that with the proper array of functional tests, you don t really need a debugger However, I am in the camp which believes that there is nothinginsightful to understanding the behavior of code that stepping through it with a debugger.
Excellent book Buy it, orimportantly read it, then keep a copy on your shelf for reference.
If you ve read Kernighan and Ritchie The C Programming Language , this is the Golang KR alternative A must read for this young new language.
Go Is An Open Source Programming Language That Makes It Easy To Build Clean, Reliable, And Efficient Software It Has Been Winning Converts From Dynamic Language Enthusiasts As Well As Users Of Traditional Compiled Languages The Former Appreciate The Robustness And Efficiency That Go S Lightweight Type System Brings To Their Code The Latter Find Go S Simplicity And Fast Tools A Refreshing Change Thanks To Its Well Designed Standard Libraries And Its Excellent Support For Concurrent Programming, Go Is Fast Becoming The Language Of Choice For Distributed SystemsThe Go Programming Language Is The Definitive Book On Go For The Working Programmer It Assumes No Prior Knowledge Of Go, Nor Any Other Specific Programming Language, So You Ll Find It An Accessible Guide Whether You Come From JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, Or CThe Book Will Quickly Get You Started Using Go Effectively From The Beginning, And By The End, You Will Know How To Use It Well To Write Clear, Idiomatic And Efficient Programs To Solve Real World Problems You Ll Understand Not Just How To Use Its Standard Libraries, But How They Work, And How To Apply The Same Design Techniques To Your Own ProjectsThe Earlier Chapters Will Introduce You To The Basic Concepts Of Go Programming Numbers, Strings, Functions While At The Same Time Presenting Important Computer Science Concepts Like Recursion, And Useful Examples Of Graphics, UTF , And Error Handling The Chapters On Methods And Interfaces Will Show You A New Way To Think About Object Oriented Programming The Chapter On Concurrency Explains Why Concurrency Is So Important In Modern Programming, And How Go Helps You Handle It Well You Ll Also Learn About Go S Pragmatic But Effective Approach To Testing How To Build, Test, And Manage Projects Using The Go Tool, And The Art Of Metaprogramming Using ReflectionThe Book Contains Hundreds Of Interesting And Practical Examples That Cover The Whole Language And A Wide Range Of Applications The Code Samples From The Book Are Available For Download From Gopl I knew I had to get this book I have already consumed a lot of other books on Go inclusing teh very valuable books of Jan Newmarch and Ivo Balbaert.
This book is different It contains manyexamples, and the advice in this book is extremely valuable and based on extensive experience For instance, this work is one of the first that extensively documents locks and mutexes and how and when certain concurrency patterns or styles are useful in the concurrent programming space.
I would argue that this slim 400 and yet fat book is the fattest out there and is accessible to both college students and experienced programmers.
No regrets awesome book that clearly explains key concepts of golang One of the authors is Kernighan yes, that one , so it s as easy to read and as useful as your well thumbed C book It was longer, though, withto cover Still, I was able to write a substantial Go library after reading it I m going to get a paper copy to keep next to the C bible.
Dozens of programming books, years of reading them, most of them helpful but of mediocre quality This is a great example of what a high quality programming book is like Unlike a lot of books some of which are written by undergrads this book is written by very experienced programmers Kernighan He was involved with creating UNIX and C Every page of this book, you can tell a lot of work went into refining it A lot of it is example driven, which I love The examples were impressive They managed to find practical or fascinating examples that fit neatly into a book format For example, in one, they generate image files of fractals In another, they create a web server.
Go is a new programming language, fostered by Google It s designed to be radically simple It s like they took C, notoriously one of the smallest, simplest languages ever created, and REMOVED things For example, there are no while loops, and no preprocessor It does add some modern features that most programmers are now accustomed to, but surprisingly few For example, there s no templates or exception handling I was pretty skeptical, but this book won me over I m not sure if it will become my language of choice, but it s definitely a contender It showed me that a language doesn t need to be insanely convoluted and complex ahem, C , ahem to be fully functional and modern.
This book has very few weaknesses A couple that I ll point out The first, maybea feature than a bug, is that it s wide in breadth but short in depth You will get a wonderful tour of every feature of the language, but you won t learn enough from this book to use them very well You ll have to read the online documentation fordetails Another weakness I found is the last two chapters reflection and low level programming They seemed rushed compared to the rest of the book They kept apologizing for how cursory their treatment of these topics were, as if they knew they were disappointed with their treatment of these topics Finally, I d have liked to seedetails about error handling, which is one of my biggest sticking points with the language.
But I m giving this book five stars because it earned it I only rate books with 5 stars that are so persuasive and so well done that they win me over, and change my understanding of something, which is exactly what this book did It s not perfect, nor is any book, but this book really is as good as it gets.

The book about Golang This book is like a bible for Golang It covers all topics for the language from A to Z One of the interesting things is exercise section which helps to test your knowledge and skills I would have it on the shelf.
Great book, a must read for anyone seriously looking into picking up Go for a future project, the language seems simple but the nuances of it are very important and the book dives into it and provide a great guidance and gotchas here and there that are just priceless.
You re kidding, second mention on the for cycle for initialization condition post I can try to understand that abstraction, hut isn t this book for Go starters It s like trying to read anything from Google with their xomplexities they anyway lose the whole picture due to lost brain RAM, like with Tensor Flow they had marketed failure on finnancial markets or Iris Go web farmework examples shouldn t examples supposed to work Or few pages later counts make map string int input bufio.
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Stdin Wtf is make, map, string, int in this nonsense bucnh of code OK, I can exytrapolate that from Python, but still not good.
Well, seems it s much easier to just go to documntation of 1 basics, like data types, functions and2 bufio than to read such examples that hell knows where can be applied or for what the re hell they needed at this points Should we ll be building search engine Animated GIFs on opage 30 WTF I need this shit I remember when I had started Python I was starting froma 2b 2c a bprint c 4Easy and immediately all concepts grasped.
Dropped, too long for what can be learned much faster I just ran simple hello world web server without the help of this book Will go for online docs.
S Even C.
NET was clearer.
S Short, true intro and to the point online e book