Í Telling Tales ☆ Download by ☆ Patience Agbabi

Í Telling Tales ☆ Download by ☆ Patience Agbabi I tried to find some favourites but there are too many What do Women like Bes and Tit for Tat and The Kiss of course, such a joyous laugh, but Joined up Writing made me cry Glad I met them as a collection because it really brings out the riotous language and feelings Have to give it back to the library now A Brilliant Reeinterpretation Of The Canterbury Tales For The St Century Tabard Inn To Canterb Ry Cathedral,Poet Pilgrims Competing For Free Picks,Chaucer Tales, Track By Track, It S The RemixFrom Below The Belt Base To The Topnotch I Won T Stop All The Clocks With A Stopwatchwhen The Tales Overrun, Run Offensive,or Run Clean Out Of Steam, They Re Authenticand We Re Keeping It Real, Reminisce This Chaucer Tales Were An Unfinished Business Award Winning Poet Patience Agbabi Presents An Inspired Remix Of Chaucer S Canterbury Tales Retelling All Of The Stories, From The Miller S Tale To The Wife Of Bath S In Her Own Critically Acclaimed Poetic Style Celebrating Chaucer S Middle English Masterwork For Its Performance Element As Well As Its Poetry And Pilgrims, Agbabi S Collection Is Utterly Unique Boisterous, Funky, Foul Mouthed, Sublimely Lyrical, And Bursting At The Seams, Telling Tales Takes One Of Our Most Significant Works Of Literature And Gives It Thrilling New Life An absolute riot to read, but also such an introspective view on Chaucer s work As one guy in my class said, She s extremely meta Agbabi really claims the Canterbury Tales for herself here and puts a modern twist on the centuries old collection of tales There is just so much to discover while reading Agbabi s poems, I highly recommend this to any students that have read The Canterbury Tales or are currently reading The Canterbury Tales like I am.
My favorite part about this whole book There mini bios on each and every single character in the back of the book If you miss the multipage description of the pilgrims from the original General Prologue, flip to the back and thank me later After you ve read those mini bios, do yourself another favor, go to Youtube and search up Patience Agbabi reciting the Prologue spoiler alert she is amazing.
I love Agabi s retelling of Chaucer s tales It s fresh It s great It s also interesting what the poet seems to focus on each tale Some are creative, others are just as tragic Though I am renting this book for my Chaucer class, I m really thinking about buying it.
Agbabi is a great poet and I really like her poems However that wasn t the case for quite a few poems in this volume Maybe if I knew the original Canterbury Tales better, some of these poems would makesense to me.
Not a very entertaining read A contemporary poetic re write of Chaucer s Tales I don t feel the rap guise suits them very well Perhaps this is a book that should be performed or read aloud Reading it in one sitting was not engaging.

I don t usually read poetry but I came across this at a library book sale I couldn t pass up a modern day version of the Canterbury Tales This is absolutely genius.
These poems are gorgeous, inventive, irreverent, and joyous I loved them I d previously read and taught with individual poems, but they re a special treat as a collection I m not sure why so many reviews seem to characterize them as rap the genres of poetry represented are diverse, though there is a lot of slam poetry, and the Prioress Tale is a breathtaking rap Here, the General Prologue is replaced by a creative, thought provoking set of author bios as an appendix of sorts Harry Bailey and April get to open and close the collection Whatever your previous acquaintance with Chaucer, this is worth a read.
Favourite poem What Do Women Like Bes