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è Read ¾ War Against the People by Jeff Halper ¾ Long Awaited, War Against the People Is A Powerful Indictment Of The Israeli State S Securocratic War In The Palestinian Occupied Territories Anthropologist And Activist Jeff Halper Draws On Firsthand Research To Show The Pernicious Effects Of The Subliminal Form Of Unending Warfare Conducted By Israel, An Approach That Relies On Sustaining Fear Among The Populace, Fear That Is Stoked By Suggestions That The Enemy Is Inside The City Limits, Leaving No Place Truly Safe And Justifying The Intensification Of Military Action And Militarization In Everyday Life Eventually, Halper Shows, The Integration Of Militarized Systems Including Databases Tracking Civilian Activity, Automated Targeting Systems, Unmanned Drones, And Becomes Seamless With Everyday Life And The Occupied Territories, Halper Argues, Is A Veritable Laboratory For That Approach Halper Goes On To Show How This Method Of War Is Rapidly Globalizing, As The Major Capitalist Powers And Corporations Transform Militaries, Security Agencies, And Police Forces Into An Effective Instrument Of Global Pacification Simultaneously A Deeply Researched Expos And A Clarion Call, War Against the People Is A Bold Attempt To Shine The Light On The Daily Injustices Visited On A Civilian Population And Thus Hasten Their End Overall an informative, incisive read The author sets out to locate Israel s international standing within its military intelligence security prowess, which is highly coveted by developing countries BRICS MINT At times the book gets a bit too technical, with too many details on sales arms models etc.
, however, as asserted by the author himself, this is because even social science oriented people should understand the intricacies of the international weapons trade Also, the author offers no convincing alternative to what he calls the securocratic model, apart from the reordering of society in small scale productive units, which might fail to convince some The book s strength lies in its presentation of Israel s relations with a variety of international actors and the documentation of its gradual attainment of military powerhouse status.

OK I don t even have the book yet but I m struggling with how to use GoodReads properly and to my own purpose of making book friends who are catching some of the same clues and tunes from the books we read and listen to Here s the podcast that put me on to this book books aren t nearly as interesting as they sound when I listen to a half hour discussion with the author, but this one hit so many of the truths I hardly ever hear discussed, I have to get it.
Excruciating detail concerning Israel s war making securitization industries the exportation thereof.