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I tried Oh my, did I try I wanted this book to rock F F Sure, why not M nage I m on board This type of book is very hard to write and unfortunately it missed the mark.
I m not sure how I even finished this one I know I m in the minority here but I just didn t like this read It s hard for me to call it a book, at times I felt like I was reading a porn script Don t get me wrong, I like it spicy but I also enjoy character development and plot This had none I wanted to know what Adam was about, why Sarah fell into loveless marriages and the details regarding Maria s call girl past I felt like I was rolling my eyes a lot Did Sarah really say sweet dreams to her privates Seriously Why didn t she feel violated with the mirror incident I was outraged for her Their twenty year class reunion leads Adam and Sarah to a dance around floor Sexual tension was high between them which lead to a night of passion When Adam leaves without saying goodbye Sarah decides to through caution to the wind and pay him a visit forhot sex his live in girlfriend answers the door Maria Ramirez is the super delight of this trio At first Sarah thinks Maria is a maid and Maria strings Sarah along for a bit while at the same time becoming increasingly enad with her And then everything turned when Maria and Sarah finally got intimate together and then fell for one another Of course like most men Adam is stubborn and did not want get with the program for all 3 of them together, so what do the 2 smart women do They turn up the heat Adam has a hard time come to terms with his feelings for both women he becomes jealous of their relationship and the fact that had a threesome with out him The sex scenes were really good This was a new author to me and I wasn t sure what to expect, but I was really surprised I gave this book 4.
5 stars and I would have given it 5 if the authors would have explained a littlewhy Adam was afraid of commitment and not wanting kids a littleReally good F F M or F M F.
Their twenty year class reunion, a friendly chat around the punch bowl leads Adam and Sarah to comfortable dance around the room Sexual tension was high between them which lead to a night of passion Their social standing growing up may have kept them apart but Now that they are older what will happen the in the morning Or even weeks after My thoughts The book had several POVs which is nice to read because to me personally you seem get a well rounded story for the most part The characters, what did I think of the characters Adam is a real arrogant self center and confused man for one thing Then Sarah were shall I begin the multilayer and her past Add Maria to the mix, Ay Caramba The book was a steamy read to say the least I could even add Holy Toledo Was there a quote from the book that I like Yeah there was You re fighting a myth, Adam Sarah was right when she said that she s not your teen angel or youthful fantasy She s capable of bleeding And thank God, she s capable of loving Guess we re all woman facing acceptance, rejection, longing for fulfilling relationships, integrating family expectations, dealing with significant others male or female, raising children and managing aging bodies.
OK, not sure how to approach this one The blurb I read seemed interesting, that s why I requested the book Once I started reading it, it was basically like reading a cheesy porn movie This book should literally just be written into a movie, I m sure it would do way better as a movie instead of a book.

I m glad this was a freebie, or i d be pissed that I spent money on it This book is lacking a storyline and although it may criticize porn movies and their lack of stories, it just looks like a badly written porn for me.
Really I felt like this was supposed to be a porn scriptand then thought that it must have been written by a guywhen I finished I realized it kinda wasI m really sorry, it was promising, but writing a story about a threesome relationship is just not that easy and it s really tacky when it looks like a common porn Sarah and Adam meet again at their 20th high school reunion Never having the courage to have sex while in school they make up for it that night, only to have Adam leave in the morning Sarah lets him go but keeps that night in her mind She finally decides she has to pursue whatever they might have and goes after Adam in Adriana Kraft s The Reunion Little does Sarah know what the impact of her actions will be and how it will change lives.
I LOVED this book At first I thought it would be a clich of old schoolmates meeting again after 20 years, remembering how much they liked each other in high school but not having the courage then to embark on a relationship so they decide to make up for lost time at their reunion, decide that they should have had the courage back then, fall in love now, and have their happily ever after as adults This is NOT that type of book There are so many layers in THE REUNION.
I loved Sarah She was not a goody two shoes that Adam thought she was and now wants to pretend she is She is a flesh and blood woman who loves sex While Adam worshipped her from afar in high school, Sarah was getting an education that surprised Adam when he found out about it Sarah has had two husbands Neither of which were worthy of her One is a senator who only wanted Sarah to give him a family so he would be surrounded by children for his campaign photos The other was only interested in her until she surrendered to him then the thrill of the chase was gone The only good thing both men did for her was divorce her and make her wealthy so she was able to find her life s work and pursue it.
I loved Adam He thinks he has everything under control He discovers that with Sarah that was not true She bests him so often that it is a treat to watch He is a Dom but he has not explained the rules to Sarah so when she misbehaves she has no idea she has misbehaved and does not understand what she has done wrong What Adriana Kraft has done very well with Adam is show us his flaws He is not perfect He is not this tough as nails alpha He has hang ups and insecurities He questions what is happening He questions what he should do He is not sure of anything when it comes to Sarah and their relationship.
The third person in this m nage is Maria, Adam s live in lover When Sarah turns up at Adam s home, she assumes Maria is the maid At first Sarah dismisses Maria Maria allows it because she knows something happened at The Reunion that deeply affected Adam When Adam tells Sarah of Maria s place in his life, Sarah is unsure of where she fits into Adam s life I like how there are no assumptions that everything will turn out wonderfully Each character is feeling his or her way around this relationship Sarah has to question whether this type of relationship is right for her Adam has to decide if he can handle two women Maria questions it the least She is the most open to it and the ramifications of it.
The story revolves around Sarah, Adam, and Maria working out how they will have a relationship Sarah and Maria spend a lot of time together and, while Maria knows she loves women as much as men, Sarah has to come to the realization she is bisexual The women fall in love I liked that the f f story was given prominence It was well done Usually the f f aspect of a m nage relationship is ignored or downplayed The usual m nage focuses on the f m f relationship with the women servicing the man and little or no interaction between them That does not happen here The women and their growing love becomes the centerpiece of The Reunion Adam has to learn where he fits in the relationship That is what makes The Reunion different Adam does not have all the answers At times, he flounders badly as he questions what the women want, what he wants, what is the nature of the relationship between the three, and is he part of the relationship Sarah and Maria want him to be part of the relationship but they will not force him If he chooses to go, they will let him go and strengthen their own relationship It is only when tragedy strikes that Adam knows where his place is, where he needs to be.
There is a secondary storyline which is interesting As Sarah contemplates staying in California, she takes up photography again Her clients are women in the sex industry I was fascinated by their stories and how Sarah s views changed as she got to know these women She realized they were similar to her with the same wants and desires to have a home, a family, a job so they could pay the bills I liked how Sarah s prejudices were broken down It was refreshing.
The Reunion has well developed characters in an unconventional relationship The sex is hot and steamy It gets the juices flowing I wanted the happily ever after ending but I was willing to go with whatever ending happened Sarah, Maria, and Adam are not characters I will soon forget The Reunion is not a book I will forget I liked how the characters had to struggle to find their answers I liked how they fought to ensure the answers were right for them I am glad these characters visited me.
Not my cup of tea I should haveclosely read the description and other reviews before purchasing this freebie.
By Adriana KraftPublished By B B PublishingAge Recommended Adult Erotic Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review The Reunion by Adriana Kraft was a polyamory novel with real edgy characters with inclusive sexuality Now, I will just say this is not a read for the faint of heart Beware this story is of a man and two women This author really did her magic with bringing together two from there high school days Back during these two we find Sarah was considered a goody to shoes persona and then there was Adam the bad boy out of reach that looked on thinking Sarah would never want any part of him At that time these two Sarah Atkinson and Adam Granger weren t really friends but after a few dances at their class reunion these two are later to be found going at it in her room Wow Adam leaves quickly the next morning for home which was in California and Sarah is somewhat shocked because she wantsfrom this stud Sarah soon finds out where Adam lives so she leaves her Chicago home for California to find him However, upon finding Adam home Sarah finds out he has a housekeeper Maria Ramirez that was living with himbut was she really a domestic As the story continues to flow very smoothly, will this former good girl Sarah throws caution to the wind to pursue Adam What is up with Maiais she a live in lover of Adam s What happens when Maria hits on Sarah Is she trying to pursue Sarah Will Sarah run back home to Chicago maybe to a ex What will Adam do Will he try to push Sarah to her sexual limits to try to get her to leave his well made love nest Will there be a three some.
Sarah, Maria and Adam There is a lots that is going on in this novel and if this is your genre erotic plus you must pick up this well written novel to see how these authors husband and wife team will bring it all out for the readers You may be surprise at how well Sarah seems to adapt to it all and becomes a take charge person inways than one Also it will be interesting to see if Adam will want to be a part of this team and if he does what must he sacrifice I found The Reunion a very easy flowing smooth read with all the characters being so well developed and so colorful Once you start to read it will be hard to stop until you are at the end.
Thank you Adriana Kraft for permitting me to read your novel It was quite interesting learning about Polyamory Would I recommend If this is your type of genre then I am sure it would be your kind of good read.
Finalist In TheBisexual Book AwardsDark And Brooding, Adam Granger Was Always The Bad Boy Out Of Reach But Now He S In Sarah Atkinson S Bed, The Morning After Their Twentieth High School Reunion When Adam Beats A Retreat To His Pacific Palisades Estate, Former Good Girl Sarah Throws Caution To The Wind And Pursues Him Petite Copper Skinned Maria Ramirez Greets Sarah At Adam S Front Door The Former Exotic Dancer Doesn T Challenge Sarah S Assumption She S The Maid How Long Will It Take The Dark Haired Beauty To Figure Out Maria Is Adam S Live In Lover Better Yet, How Long Before Maria Can Entice Her Into Their Bed Determined Not To Rock His Hard Won Lifestyle, Adam Resolves To Push Sarah Past Her Sexual Limits So She Ll Leave When She Stays, He Watches Helplessly As The Two Women Fall In Love With Each Other Will They Shut Him Out And, If They Let Him In, What Must He Sacrifice