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[ Pdf The Wizard and the Dragon (The Wizard and the Dragon #1-6) È american PDF ] by Joseph Anderson Ø A Young Boy, Bryce, Witnesses His Village Destroyed In A Horrific Attack By A Dragon After Barely Surviving The Dragon S Magic, Bryce Flees Into The Nearby Forest Fearing That The Dragon Is Still After Him He Stumbles Upon A Mysterious Tower Built In The Forest And Finds Shelter From The Monster Great story Young Bryce runs from his town after it was attacked and destroyed by a Dragon While running through the forest during a thunderstorm, he finds a tower He enters the tower and is met by a wizard who has no name according to him and tells Bryce to call him Tower Tower teaches young Bryce magic and after a year, Tower disappears For 16 years Bryce lives in the Tower learning to be a wizard, until one day all becomes clear and he realizes why he found the tower, who Tower was and what he is destined to do.
Highly recommended read.
I m surprisngly curious about many things like the underground and how the time loop first started Kate kind of came out of nowhere, besides trying to set up the trilogy I could say the only moments that dragged was when the author meticulously spend pages describing how the gems work It would be better if all that information wasn t dumped onto the reader.
This was just not good There was some potential, since the magic system was at least vaguely interesting spells are largely powered by energy drawn from gems However, the fact that there are barely any characters, and those that are present aren t very interesting hurt this a lot Further, the writing is fairly clunky and dragged things down a lot Still, I was starting to get into this, and then halfway through a rather ridiculous plot twist happened view spoiler The narrator travels back in time and it turns out he is the wizard that taught him magic The worst part of this is it means there is a grand total of one significant character in the entire book hide spoiler It was entertaining I don t think I ll read the next one in the series but this one was a fun read.
So this book was a very interesting read not what I expected at all The writing will definitely improve in the subsequent books but the concept was very interestingly done I don t regret reading it It s a quick read give it a chance as a palate cleanser The author s often matter of fact writing style may not appeal to some and thefast paced action sequences feel lacklustre at times, but I say this only due to the contrast between these and the masterful character writing, world building , and narrative prowess As someone that mostly prefers pragmatic fiction to the overly fantastic, this felt as an excellent mix of both.