Trailer ☆ The Essential Lenormand PDF by ½ Rana George

Trailer ☆ The Essential Lenormand PDF by ½ Rana George Master The Keys Of Wisdom And InsightLenormand Is ACard Deck With Simple, Straightforward Illustrations That Provide Direct Answers For The Reader For OverYears, The Lenormand Deck Has Been A Popular Divination Tool Around The World, And It S Rapidly Becoming A Phenomenon In The US Providing Step By Step Instructions And A Guide To Individual Card Meanings, Leading Expert Rana George Shows How To Use The Lenormand For Predictions On Any Topic Relationships, Work, Finances, Family, AndFrom Simple Inquiries To Critical Dilemmas, The Lenormand Provides A Glimpse Of The Future When You Need It Most The Essential Lenormand Includes Traditional Reading Methods, Rana George S Personal Techniques, Tips For Working With Multiple Spreads, And Ways To Use The Lenormand With The Tarot Use The Lenormand To Unlock The Secrets Of Your Destiny, And Reveal The Knowledge Hidden WithinPraise You Won T Find A Better Teacher Than Rana George Mary K Greer A great book for beginners and experienced Lenormand readers alike Information about each card is presented in a very helpful tabular format After that, Rana George goes into some amazing examples to show us real life applications of the readings So, along the way, we not only pick up the meanings of the cards, but also on the subtle techniques of the lenormand.
Brilliant A must have for every person wanting to delve into this amazing system of divination and fortune telling.
My interest in the Lenormand deck has grown over the past year or so, leading me to acquire several decks and books on the subject The Essential Lenormand by Rana George is thorough, detailed, and jam packed with fascinating and useful information It s exactly what I would expect from a woman who started working with the Lenormand deck when she was ten years old and continued through college, marriage, and children Rana George leaves no card unturned, no nuance unnoticed, no aspect of the Lenormand unexplored The tone of the writing is personal, and the reader is continually aware of what these cards have meant to George throughout her life This combination of highly organized information and inspiring anecdotes feeds the mind, heart, and spirit in wonderful ways Here we have both an exceptional reference book and a series of engaging narratives to be read and absorbed.
I found the section of the book covering Nuance Cards especially interesting Rana George groups the cards into four different categories action, portrait, mood, and time Certain cards fall intothan one category Using nuance cards works best with small spreads, adding power and subtlety to readings I am also intrigued by her ideas on charting a pair of cards using columns with the following headings A Person, Place, or Thing Action Description Other After filling in the columns, you combine what you have written for each card to get a sense of the many different interpretations that can be applied to those two cards.
If you want to immerse yourself in every angle and aspect of the Lenormand, you can t go wrong with this book.
Absolute must have if you want to learn to use Lenormand cards.
I d been struggling with the cards for close to a decade, could never get my head around the Grand Tableau either Rana explains step by step how to do readings, including how to tackle the Grand Tableau Very in depth explanations on each card and a number of combinations There s info on work, love, advice, health etc on each card It s a treasure Great detail and explanation of Lenormand Enjoyed the real life stories and how they relate to the cards This book sold me on using this as a supplement to Tarot.
Wonderful book It was a quick read, but, highly recommend to anyone looking into Lenormand.
This is a great beginner s guide to Lenormand Additional information will be needed foradvanced learning It s very well written and the information provided is organised.
The Essential Lenormand Your Guide to Precise Practical FortunetellingAuthor Rana GeorgeLlewellyn 201ISBN 978 0 7387 3662 4I have been patiently waiting to get my copy of The Essential Lenormand It is hitting the Cartomancy Community by storm I have been taking my time reading this wonderful book One of the rules that I personally set for myself is not to review any books or materials that I have not fully read I refuse to just skim something that someone pours their blood, sweat and tears into In the time that It has taken me to do that I discover today that in less than a month Llewellyn is putting this book into it s second printing I really like how Rana George has organized this book The card images that she uses in the book are the same deck that I have The cards are very clear and not busy so it is very easy to tell the difference between the Garden and the Path She goes step by step through the whole system.
Each card is defined in great detail accompanied with multiple examples of how to connect the cards together and learn to read them in a simple no pressure way Each card also has a personal story from the author s personal experience.
Though reading Lenormand takes time, commitment and practice to gain proficiency, this book is an excellent start It is 384 pages packed full of valuable information beginning with the origin of Madam Lenormand Rana George s personal history and relationship to the Lenormand Rana George has been using her deck for many years and her experience really brings in practical insight that is missed in many books on the subject Many thought that this book exploded overnight and came from nowhere But that is not the case at all It is a project that took two years It has been lovingly embraced and Mary K Greer said You won t find a better teacher than Rana George This book teaches with many examples and spreads She takes us on a tour through the houses, as well as the Grand Tableau, this equips the reader with the necessary vocabulary and the practical exercises to put it all into action and gain confidence as well as accuracy.
It is a great starting point Rana tells how to choose a deck, and explains over and over that Lenormand and Tarot are not the same They are quite different Even though they share some of the same images She has been patiently declaring this and people are listening.
One of the strengths of this book is that it tells what each card means for specific categories like your future, money, or your spiritual path This road map is a great guide to navigate your way through this system though Lenormand is new to some of you it has been around for many, many years.
Lastly, I love so much the quote on page 16 Do not be afraid to be wrong, for it only means you are taking the necessary risks on the path to proficiency Keeping that piece of advice in mind equips anyone to achieve anything that they desire to master I personally plan to use it to become proficient in reading Lenormand.
Tidal Miller02 23 2014 Disclaimer I received an eARC from netgalley.
com Lenormand is all the rage this year it seems There have been many books published on the cartomancy technique this year, and I ve read three of them Rana George s book, The Essential Lenormand, is by far the easiest of the 3 to read and use for those beginning with the cards.
Rana George has used the cards all her life She does not come from a tarot background as the other authors seem to come from It s as if the cards are in her blood She s been reading with them since she was a young girl in the Mediterranean area And this book shows her passion, her wide range of knowledge and examples of the cards.
I loved this book Her down to earth prose mirrors her speaking patterns I happen to know her just a smidge She uses real examples and tells you a single version hers of how to read the cards The first section takes you through what each card means, how it can manifest in a wide variety of life examples and she even shares stories of how the cards wove their magic in her life The next part gives you exercises and ways for you to build your Lenormand muscles and reading formats Then she goes into spreads and the Grand Tableau the spread that uses all 36 cards , each with a real example and diagrams on how to read the many patterns with the cards Finally, the book closes out with a series of Appendices that give history, quick reference sheets andinformation about the Lenormand cards.
It s hard to find fault in this book As it was an eARC from Llewellyn, there are some weird stuff going on but I can t wait for this to be released in 2014, for I will be buying a copy for my library.
Bottom Line If you are a beginner and want a workbook to use with your Lenormand cards then get this book It s that good If you already know the cards but want to read real life vignettes about other readers experiences with the cards, then you ll also enjoy this book Rana George is a great teacher and The Essential Lenormand is a fun read Lenormand is not as popular as the Tarot However, this might be the book that changes that for within its pages, Rana George breathes new life into a very old divination system presenting it in a thoroughly contemporary way.
Whether you are looking for specific card meanings wanting advanced techniques for working with the challenging Grand Tableau Spread or looking for apersonal approach from the author, many people, like me, will find this an indispensable guide as well as an utter joy to read.
Created by someone who has clearly lived and breathed the cards for most of her life, this book demands your attention It is evidently the most authoritative, and, quite possibly, the most definitive, book about Lenormand on the market today The Essential Lenormand sets a very high standard for Lenormand workbooks For its sheer value of content and visual presentation it thoroughly deserves a 5 star rating