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ó The Juliette Society ☆ Download by Õ Sasha Grey I m marinating in my own juices and my ass is ready to be cooked, but I come multiple times before he s ready to leave his yeast in my oven And as I come, my asshole puckers and snorts a pinch of chili.
2 STARS DNF 63% En varias ocasiones he tratado de terminar este libro, pero simplemente no lo logro Si la primicia y planteamiento del libro son muy interesantes, pero el desarrollo de la historia no logra engancharme y lo peor, la protagonista me aburre demasiado.
Pase la mitad del libro leyendo a detalle sus fantas as sexuales pero justo cuando tiene la oportunidad de realizarlas le da miedo y huye, Pffff.
La curiosidad mat al gato y con tanta publicidad que le est n haciendo a Sahsa Grey, tenia curiosidad por ver si se le da bien esto de escribir, o solo domina la oratoria Como actriz convencional solo me ha convenido de momento en la temporada de Entourage que sale y mas que nada porque hace de si misma Pero como escritora el suspenso es total y es que hablando mal y pronto, menuda puta mierda de libro que ha colado.
No es que est yo muy al d a de literatura er tica, por no decir nada al d a, pero al menos creo que puedo distinguir donde hay una persona contando una historia y donde hay alguien sac ndose unos cuartos de manera r pida y f cil Y es que Sasha Grey no cuenta pr cticamente nada que no sea escena tras escena de sexo, en su mayor parte imaginario, pero salpicado de una pretenciosidad de cin fila co azo, por ser su protagonista estudiante de cine, que no hay quien aguante.
Pretende contarte algo de una sociedad secreta de follarines a lo Eyes Wide Shut, referenciando y mencionando Kubrick unas cuantas veces Pero es una excusa para vender el libro por la sinopsis Apenas hay rastro de dicha trama en todo el libro y casi todo queda en las fantas as er ticas de una universitaria muy, muy odiosa, que pasa un bache con su novio y que aburre a partes iguales tanto describiendo como se lo har a a fulanito o menganito, como hablando de Godard.
Vamos que una puta mierda de libro, como podr a ser de esperar, sin una idea clara de como contar una historia y eso si al menos hubiera una historia que contar Al menos es cortito, pero he tenido que echarle voluntad para acabarlo.
The Juliette Society, straight from its Sade s reference in its title, is the work of someone who knows literature as much as she knows what she s talking about when she s talking about sex and it s hard not to think about a few authors such as Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis and of course Sade himself, when reading chapters in which, for instance, Grey brings her character into some bizarre places where power, sex and violence merge into one Unfortunately, Grey never manages to take her distance from those writers in order to develop her own style which is not uncommon for a first novel Clearly, The Juliette Society lacks confidence and even the numerous movie and book references seems to be the author wanting to prove to us, and to herself, how smart she is It feels like Sasha Grey wanted to write a book that could be read as literature and not just as cheap erotica and the sexual description, repetitive and poor in style are definitely not her forte , and yet it s unclear what kind of book she exactly wanted to write As much as she keeps quoting her favorite authors and movie director, she also keeps switching genre and themes Thriller, Satire, Reflection about women s sexuality, etc The novel is so imprisoned in its references that it forgets to built its own identity Ultimately it s a big mess.
El libro no me ha gustado nada de nada.

What the fuck did I just read The Juliette Society is the debut novel of Sasha Grey, a former porn star For this reason alone it s attracting plenty of attention, although a lot of the reviews I ve read on Goodreads andseem to be negative The story itself is an intriguing proposition it s about a film student called Catherine, who pursues a friendship with Anna, a classmate who fascinates her and in turn, Anna introduces her to a secret underground organisation known as The Juliette Society Catherine is frustrated by the lack of sex she s having with her boyfriend Jack, who seemsinterested in work than her, and in Anna she sees a lack of inhibition that thrills her The enigmatic Juliette Society turns out to be a sex club for the rich and powerful, and as Catherine is drawn further into this world, she faces the prospect of being forced to chose between two very different paths There is part of me that really loved this book, and I wish I could give itthan three stars, but on balance I just don t think I can the plot is kind of daft, in parts actually kind of nonexistent, and despite the title, the story isn t really about The Juliette Society at all It sabout Catherine and Jack s relationship, and I didn t like Jack much he was a boring character and I couldn t see why Catherine, who was both very intelligent and very sexual, would be bothered about being with him However, there is still a hell of a lot to enjoy about this book It s been marketed as, and is presented as, an erotic novel no surprise given who it s written by However, while it s inevitably full of sex, I would argue there is muchto it than that Grey has given her heroine a smart, inquisitive voice, and the narrative is punctuated by Catherine s musings on film, literature, philosophy and the history of sexuality It was this that really made the story enjoyable for me, and it was a welcome surprise given that books written by celebrities of some sort are usually pretty terrible And the sex scenes They do venture into cringeworthy territory at times when is someone going to tell the publishing world that no real life woman has EVER referred to her vagina as my sex but they re much better than anything in Monsieur, for example, or any of the hundreds of Fifty Shades extracts I ve seen all over the internet in the past year In conclusion imperfect, but definitely recommended Give it a try and you might, like me, be pleasantly surprised.
Since this is the closest I ll ever come to making love with a porn star, I wanted to take full advantage of the situation, having been introduced to Sasha Grey through the marketing and promotional campaign of The Girlfriend Experience although full disclosure I never did see the movie Thank you Steven Soderbergh And if I can still remember her name years later well, that probably gives you some indication of why I read so many novels a year So continuing on in my current erotica experiment, which has grown into something resembling an expedition, and is probably on the brink of turning into a full blown epidemic, I bring you The Juliette Society for your whispering pleasure.
This novel blew my mind Literally With periods so intense I thought I might blackout, it s safe to say Ms Grey writes as well as she fucks The lucky bastard who marries her might pass out on a nightly basis from sheer ecstasy and pure bliss, find himself in a sex induced coma, and hooked up to an oxygen tank and sucking pineapple juice through a straw I d like to go into explicit detail on the sex scenes, as I convey my state of erotic involvement, but I feel like this might somehow cheapen the whole affair And this novel wasn t cheap for me It was intense and weird and thoroughly entertaining.
The Fuck Factory really doesn t need muchof an introduction And the women Holy Hell I need some Crisco Stat Anna round ass, big tits, voluptuous, pale, and curvy in all the right places was so completely in tune with her sexuality and uninhibited, I could practically feel the pages vibrating whenever she stepped between the white space And Catherine in many ways the zin to Anna s zang was considerablyof a minx than she first appeared And I sucked it all up like a Slurpee.
It was raw and powerful and emotional and disjointed and invigorating and fulfilling and wonderful and sensual As for me, I was stimulated and lubricated and aroused and satiated and turned on faster than a drilldo And I devoured all of it greedily and lustfully, finishing it in two days time.
I think it s safe to say Sasha Grey can write even her less than enthusiastic reviewers have acknowledged as much She writes with passion and an animalistic intensity, baring her soul with a powerful mindfuck that opened my eyes wider than a chasm I found myself pondering questions I had never pondered before Like where did her writing come from And did she work on her soliloquies and monologues and diction and dialogue as she was getting pounded in the ass If Ms Grey is anything like her debut novel, she s not the most conventional individual And that s why this story spoke to me With plenty of flashbacks and storytelling within the story, spending a lot of time in Catherine s head, andthan a few cinematic references, this novel was executed with haphazard precision.
Her name sold me on the first book, but I ll be coming back forlike some lust induced bunny, especially if she takes another stab at the erotica genre A professional fucker who writes about fucking Whatcould you possibly ask for I received this book for free through NetGalley.
Cross posted at Robert s Reads Sasha Grey writes, Plot is always subservient to character Too bad she didn t listen to her own advice The Juliette Society is by no means about a secret sex club called The Juliette Society It is basically a series of diary like paragraphs from a woman named Catherine, who constantly daydreams about sex, with anyone, anywhere but isn t getting any from her boring boyfriend who I would have dumped by now The club in question is only mentioned about six or seven chapters in, and is quite frankly, a fizzle Catherine wants sex, but chickens out at the last minute She attends sex parties but refuses particular sex positions to keep them special for the boyfriend who doesn t give her the time of day This book could have been improved greatly if it had been told from the perspective of Anna, Catherine s sexually liberated school friend who introduces her to these clubs and parties, but unfortunately does not have enough air time I struggled to get to the end of this book, with its endless blow jobs and detailed descriptions of Catherine s ideas about ejaculation From a book written by a former porn star, I was expecting a hell of a lot .
Before We Go Any Further, Let S Get This Out Of The Way I Want You To Do Three Things For Me One Do Not Be Offended By Anything You read Beyond This PointTwo Leave Your Inhibitions At The DoorThree, And Most Important Everything You See And Hear From Now On Must Remain Between Us Now, Let Me Take You To A Place You Ve Never Been BeforeFilm Student Catherine Has A Secret A Long Held Dream, The Source Of All Her Sexual Imaginings A Dream Full Of Desires Of Which She Is Ashamed And Embarrassed And These Vivid Dreams Eventually Find Their Way Into Her Everyday Life One Night, At A Club, She Meets At A Man Who Leads Her Into A Strange World And Soon She Is Drawn Toward The Juliette Society, An Exclusive Secret Society In Which All The Deepest, Darkest Fantasies Are Explored But For Those Who Join This World, There Is No Turning Back