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☆ Read Í Thread Slivers by Leeland Artra Ç review coming soon This was the Indie Club Book of the Month in June.
I really enjoyed this fantasy adventure A lot of work has gone into producing a believable and detailed world, including a well thought out and complex monetary system, although you do need to use the glossary to truly appreciate it The characters also are complex and well rounded Ticca is fascinating and it is refreshing to see a female hero who does not take any nonsense nor need a man to protect her There is a lot to the Daggers, their society and codes and the rivalry with thebase Knives.
I loved Lebuin, he was extremely funny Vain, over confident and rather shallow he soon discovers the world beyond the mage guild is dangerous and people keep trying kill him He is obsessed with cleanliness and when forced to dress as a peasant his inner dialogue is great The magic is described well enough, especially the artefacts although these seem to diminish a little later on There is a little vagueness about his relationship with Magus Cune, ranging from hostility to hints that not all is not as it seems.
Duke is not what he first appears but he soon becomes the main focus of the latter part of the book He is rude, arrogant, dangerous and amusing but he gets things done and he is very powerful There are hints about his past, some of which are expanded.
The plot itself iscomplex than it seems, there is a lot of politics happening and a lot of factions and I did find the it a little confusing keeping up with who was working with whom.
I did find myself wantingfrom the ending as it was a cliff hanger but many people like that I will definitely check out the next installment.
She Desires Fame He Wants Freedom When Their Worlds Crumble, Even Survival May Not Be An OptionThe World Is Driven By Wizards, Gods, And An Imperial Space Marine , Years Into Our Future Fame Hungry Female Mercenary Ticca Is Willing To Skirt The Edges Of Her Warrior S Code If It Brings Her The Fame She Desires Her Hopes Of Making A Name For Herself By Spying On Assassins Are Dashed When She S Forced To Kill The Assassin She Was Hired To WatchLebuin Is A Rich Journeyman Mage Who S Just Discovered His New Rank Involves Actual Journeying He Hires Ticca To Help Him Advance To Master And Return To A Life Of Comfort As Quickly As Possible He S Willing To Spend All He Has To Make It Happen, But The Mage And His Mercenary Get Much Than They Bargained ForTrapped In The Crossfire Of A Vast Power Game, Ticca And Lebuin Must Survive A Battle Between Rulers, Guilds, And Gods In A Land Of Magic And Technology, They Ll Need To Give Everything To Keep The World And Themselves In One PieceThread Slivers Is The First Book In An Epic Fantasy Speculative Sci Fi Trilogy Set In A Distant Future If You Like Heroic, Humorous, And Exotic Characters In A World That Mixes Elements Of Paranormal And Hard Sci Fi, Then You Ll Love This Beautiful, original, And Thought Provoking Adventure Thread Slivers, the first book of the Golden Threads trilogy is a start for an epic fantasy series, depicting events in very detailed and intense fantasy world It is very well written, and the author is in his best territory when he depicts the nuances and details of his world Characters and descriptions flow smoothly and it is altogether an enjoyment to read.
The building blocks of this book are drawn from classic elements Two main characters are young and inexperienced, yet proficient and blessed with abilities and gifts of training The ancient evil is lurking around and fate of the world seems to be at stake, even though the details are very vague at this point This is the most dangerous aspect of this book, as I feel that it is at times bordering cliches and overused elements Still, there are wondrously original concepts as well that are developed quite well, I especially liked Duke and how he was introduced to the story.
What I wish is that the author manages to do next is to breathelife into his main characters through internal conflict They haven t really met any dilemmas or moral choices yet that define them as heroes Sure, they are good willed and exceptionally talented, but I think they need to grow in the story to become what they are to become Ticca suffered injuries but she didn t really suffer in a personal level that the reader could relate to I hope Lebuin s inexperience with the world could be developedas well For this I didn t like so much Kliasa as she seemed to pull the flaws of the characters away from them.
I struggle to determine whether to give four or five stars to this book I ended up giving five, because of the potential, but the following book s will show if I made a right decision.
Even with these slight problems I would say this is a very good book and I am eagerly waiting for the next in the series I hope the author can pull it off with the characters as I think it would make this good series into a classic.
Thread Slivers focuses primarily on Ticca, a new ish Dagger a sort of elite mercenary and Lebuin, a Journeyman mage with a fashion fixation The pair is brought together by chance when they both end up embroiled in a nefarious plot by a group that murdered a magus There s ratherdescription than I ve become used to, but this doesn t slow the pace as might be imagined and I quite liked it fashion descriptions aside Ticca and Lebuin are likeable, and I thought the story was at its best when following them which it does almost exclusively for the first half.
The author does have a tendency to info dump through exposition whether dialogue or inner monologue It s not done in huge slabs of text, thankfully, but I do prefer a show don t tell approach The world is well realised and it s clear from both the appendices at the back and some discussion on the Indie Book Club forum that a lot of thought and work went into making it a coherent, detailed world Strangely, therefore, certain terms did stand out as incongruous, but later references suggest that they will actually fit in and make sense onceof the history of the world is revealed in later books.
When the story drifts from Ticca and Lebuin some of the focus was lost, and I think a bitof the central plot ie why the gang of nefarious fellows were doing what they were doing could have been revealed The writing style is easy to read The only time I found myself going back to check something was when someone s name unexpectedly changed, but that was entirely deliberately and explained shortly thereafter.
On the whole, I liked Thread Slivers, particularly the parts that focused upon Ticca and Lebuin The pace seemed to slow in the latter half and when those two weren t the focus the story drifted a little.
Thaddeus I ve had this on my Kindle for over a year and finally started it I got into it very quickly and really enjoyed it so much so that I finished it in just over a day I bought the next one immediately My favourite characters are Ticca and Duke Lebuin is growing on me.
This is a decent book that could have been awesome withjudicious editing I generally overlook minor grammar errors and typos, perhaps because I read so much free fiction, and while present, these didn t bother me here My complaint is the over zealous descriptions used I don t mean just by the dandy wizard, Lebuin, although that trait grates after a while The level of detail used to describe what people are wearing, their weapons, the architectural features of rooms, really weighs the book down these passages were relatively short and able to be skimmed without losing content, but they should have been omitted My second complaint isof a problem than the first I liked the two main characters quite a lot in the beginning Both are out to prove themselves, both show surprising competence and even brilliance in their areas, and their worlds collide in a believable way I like that Ticca iscompetent,worldly,wise I like that Ditani is along to shepard the young ones along Then the whole thing goes off the rails Suddenly these two novices are godlike They are beneficiaries of genetic skills and they get additional skills in dreams There is no need for this.
It seems that the author fell for the device she is using to advance the story that the enemy believes Ticca and Lebuin s inexperience is all a ruse The story would have been so much stronger if the characters had been able to grow up, make mistakes, learn about one another, themselves, and their skills, while bumbling along from one near disaster to another It affected my enjoyment.
As I enjoy fantasy, I was pretty certain I d like this book, but I so muchthan just liked it Thread Slivers gives a developed world, with interesting characters and plot that kept me hooked At times it could get a bit confusing, but the writer managed to draw it back so as you could get your bearings quickly enough.
I found the writing style easy to read and flowed very well, which helped because sometimes I was reading very late at night because I couldn t put the book down.
Overall, this book was a great read which I think any fantasy fan would really enjoy I m looking forward to reading the next one now

Leeland Artra drew me completely into the world he created in Thread Slivers This story has something for everyone with action, adventure and magic as a reality in settings and situations that invite the reader to believe and cheer on Ticca and Lebuin in their quest The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are beautiful and thought provoking and added immensely to my enjoyment of the book Written in an interesting style, the plot develops at a good pace, feeding just enough information to allow speculation, and held my interest throughout The fight scenes kept me on the edge of my seat, with specialist knowledge put to good use without becoming too technical The characters are fresh, exciting, and oftentimes quite dangerous They develop nicely throughout, and the relationships are intriguing The divide between Lebuin and Ticca lessens dramatically, and in further instalments, I do hope to see their relationship develop further This is a book that highlights the virtues of trust, friendship and honour in a world that is truly magical, but primitive, barbaric and harsh at times I did not want this story to finish, but with a fantastic cliff hanger, Leeland Artra sets up nicely for the next in the series I would heartily recommend Thread Slivers to all fantasy paranormal action adventure enthusiasts.
Be warned, there is a cliff hanger ending.
I had a difficult time deciding how to review this book because the author chose to end it with an apology about the cliff hanger ending The book had interesting characters, lots of action, and a magical setting that is worth exploring The only downside is the cliff hanger ending I enjoy trilogies, but I believe there should be a satisfactory end to the story in each book A new reader often feels cheated by a cliff hanger, especially since the next book is not even published I hope no one considers this review a spoiler I believe a reader should be warned that the story does not end with the first book before making the decision to start the series.
Having aired my displeasure, I must say the author spun a fascinating tale that is sure to please some readers those who are willing to wait for the next episode There are a few editing errors but nothing that made me grind my teeth I enjoyed the glimpses into the society s history as long as unanswered questions are explored in the rest of the series , and I especially liked the character Ticca, the Dagger She is clever and gutsy, a great role model for our daughters The wizard Lebuin is naive but he learns about the real world quickly enough to keep us interested Of course my very favorite character is Duke I won t describe him as I believe that would be a spoiler Magical worlds run by their own set of rules and it s fun to explore how this one works Although I felt miffed about the cliff hanger, I do believe the series is worth exploring and recommend it to new readers It has all the elements of a fantastic trilogy and I hope potential readers can be patient until all three books are published We re waiting to see what happens, so don t make us wait too long I just increased my rating from 4 to 5 because I ve read the next book This is an epic series, so if you re willing to get started, you haveof the story to sink your teeth into read this one now and move right onto the next I m sure book 3 will come out before you re ready to attack the author with pitchforks.