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À Read É Sinners Creed by Scott Stapp ↠´ Sinner S Creed Is The Uncensored Memoir Of Scott Stapp, Grammy Award Winning Leader Of The Multiplatinum Rock Band CREED During CREED S Decade Of Dominance And In The Years Following The Band S Breakup, Scott Struggled With Drugs And Alcohol, Which Led Not Only To A Divorce, But Also To A Much Publicized Suicide Attempt InNow Clean, Sober, And In The Midst Of A Highly Successful Solo Career, Scott Has Finally Come Full Circle A Turnaround He Credits To His Renewed Faith In GodIn Sinner S Creed, Scott Shares His Story For The First Time From His Fundamentalist Upbringing, The Rise And Fall Of CREED, And His Ongoing Battle With Addiction, The Rediscovery Of His Faith, And The Launch Of His Solo Career The Result Is A Gripping Memoir That Is Proof Positive That God Is Always Present In Our Lives, Despite The Colossal Mess We Sometimes Make Of Them Well let me start by saying that I AM a huge fan of Creed They are one of my all time favorite groups So I was so excited to see that Scott had written a memoir and evenexcited that it was up for grabs as a review book I think I may have actually screeched a little.
This book certainly did not disappoint me It starts out when he was very young and talks about his family his step father and the abuse he suffered under him With Scott, you go through him leaving for college, his first job, his first band, their first album, drug addiction, heavy drinking, his failed first marriage, the birth of his son, and then finally finding the woman of his dreams and realizing he had a problem and needed to seek help.
But the one constant during all this turbulence was his faith in God Through all the drugs and drinking and the fame, he never once gave up on God It was truly his strong faith that saved himthan once I had gone from the poverty of my youth to considerable wealth and I was only thirty three How could things be any better How could things be any worse I d been assailed by a battery of pernicious drugs Prednisone for my ailing throat, OxyContin for the injuries sustained in a car accident whose side effects fueled my undiagnosed chronic depression I was a mess Their first hit song was My Own Prison All through the book Scott talks about how he felt like he was living in his own prison and how this song was so fitting for his own life These lyrics sprang from my unconscious I didn t deliberate I didn t sit down and try to figure anything out The words just flowed The prison I wrote about was my own making, not God s And I was guilty as charged but of what I was struggling to say goodbye to all the negativity I am entitled to overcome I wrote My message was simple no matter how many times you fall, you have to get back up again You never run out of chances That s what God s grace means to me through Jesus Christ we re all entitled to overcome For those of you who are not familiar with Creed s songs they are a Rock group, but if you listen close you will find amazing lyrics In each song you will find a not so hidden message, about prayer, about God, and Grace, and faith They are not just a rock band and Scott Stapp is not just a singer song writer He is a man of God with a strong faith and a message to sing about This is a bare all memoir that takes you into the life of a rock star into hell and back.
Another thing I loved about this book was that it really read like a story You feel like you step into Scott s world, get to know his family and band members, feel what it is like to be in his shoes.
At the end of this book is a section with all the lyrics of his songs from every CD Scott says that his lyrics are his life and that you can t really understand him without understanding the songs I thank God for all that is good and great in this world I thank Him for allowing me to tell my story The glory is his.
This is not really a Christian book More a biography about a rock star with God tagged onto it It is well written and interesting but not from a Christian faith perspective.
Stapp was the product of a broken home and was raised by his mother and step father until his teens It is clear that this step father was physically and emotionally abusive and that unfortunately this abuse was carried out in the name of God as some form of legalistic attempt at purging sin The devastating consequences of this were felt throughout Stapp s life.
Stapp discovered rock and roll he had always been taught that it was sinful and formed a band Creed The band became very successful selling millions of records which was at first Stapp s dream but resulted as it usually does in a chaotic mess of drink, drugs and sex Stapp made various attempts at suicide after becoming addicted to prescription drugs and almost losing his mind His turbulent thoughts during this period make for some difficult reading He kept trying to straighten things out but was unable to do so Stapp later married again and had children he already had one child from a failed marriage I read in another source that his second wife has now filed for divorce and that Stapp has been in and out of rehab and continues to struggle with his various sinful vices From a Christian perspective Stapp repeatedly refers to himself as a Christian with a strong faith and belief in God He sites this throughout his book and talks extensively about it Despite this he repeatedly falls into all manner of sin and at times seems to justify this on the basis that God is a God of love and forgiveness His latest band is described as a heavy metal band and it seems that Creek also had these leaningsStapp was often asked about his Christian faith and described it as personal stating that his band was not Christian in lyric or purpose Whatever ones views on Christian music I find it hard to understand why a genuine Christian would place himself in a culture that embraces and promotes the kind of vices that he knows he is susceptible to It seems that Stapp became a Christian and then carried on living his old life, yes he made a few adjustments but there was no radical transformation or change in his basic direction His life was still about him and his music career and making millions.
he even sued a former manager for negligent handling of his royalties Should Christians be involving themselves in this type of legal action Overall a confused picture of a man battling personal demons created through a sinful and wasted life fueled by fame, power and money I wouldn t recommend this book to Christians although Stapp doesn t glorify sin and admits his obvious flaws, the mixture of Christian values with secular will definitely confuse less mature Christians and may make them think that Jesus God can just be added as a label to save them from an eternity in hell But Jesus said If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me Matthew 16 vs 24 The book is free of bad language, there is some minimal violence and sexual content but it is not graphic.

I have to begin this review with a disclaimer I absolutely adore Creed They have been my favorite band since the release of their first album I felt heartsick when the band broke up and when the rumor mill blamed Scott for the band s demise I was and still am a fan in large part due to the message of struggle and hope portrayed in their music That being said, I was both excited and hesitant to read Scott s book I didn t want my view of Scott or the other band members to be radically changed because of what might be revealed The book arrived via UPS this morning and as soon as I got home from work I got busy reading and just finished it.
I was not disappointed Scott tells the story of his life from early childhood where he was raised in an abusive home to his reemergence as a confident child of God, a devoted husband, a loving father and a level headed rocker I realize this story is told solely from his perspective, but I was touched by his seeming insight about his relationship with family, with God, with the music industry and his own failings I think what touched me the most about Scott s story is the fact that he acknowledges that God was always there even during his rebellion from God s unconditional love God was able to use Scott s darkest days and turn them into Scott s greatest successes Further, he points out that living a life in Christ does not come without struggle It is a journey of ups and downs I wish nothing but the best for Scott and his family I feel blessed by his music and the message in this book.
A honest look at lead singer of rock n roll band Creed He is very much like the old testament King David who was called a man after God own heart but only Scott s heart has been taken captive It shares his struggles and his battle with depression I am always wary of reading testimonies of this type because when you read something like this, you think I have cried out to God and I don t get the same results The thing to remember is we come to God through Jesus Christ and what he has done on the cross, but the Lord uses different circumstances with each of us and the focus should always be on who God is and not the circumstances I think this was the focus of Scott s life He was not blaming his step father, however, he was struggling Life is a tapestery and because of his past, he became a the singer he is today Another question that came up while reading this that I never thought of before is does Rock N Roll and Christianity go together In Scott s case and many others that have searched their own hearts Yes The group Kansas with the song The Portrait is a great example, but some Rock n Roll is a story and Jesus was a great story teller with his parables It was told not to convert but show our struggles that so many can relate to I loved how this book ended with the Sinners Creed which he lays all the struggles on himself and because of that he was able to go the Lord with arms wide open.
I confess that I m a sinner Just like my old man In word and in deed I enjoy my sin In word and in deed my sin enjoys me There is no one to blame No one but me Sin is my nature I sin instinctually Sin mimics the gates of paradise Sin beats me to the floor Sin is the dark shadow that no one can ignore Sin screams What s yours I want Sin screams What s mine I ll keep Sin is forever knocking, beating at the iron door Don t even open it for an instant Sin always wantsSin forever stole the key But you re not locked out forever In this sinner s Garden of Eden where sin pretends to be a treasure Sin wants to make you bleed Sin cuts down every giver Sin cuts every hand Sin wants total control Sin wants to command Sin just wants to kill you And yes, for you the bell tolls So death came before life entered In death sin was conceived Sin will linger forever Blameless, it s part of you and me But there s a silver lining to sin s story And the silver lining is this When I was out chasing sin The truth was out chasing me and when it finally caught me That truth set me free Now I ve shared it all Perhaps I ve shared too much But in this you must believe The only truth I have left is this, my Sinner s Creed.