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[ Read Online Good Husband Material ✓ vtol PDF ] by Susan Mallery ☆ Really enjoyed this story The plot wascomplex than in previous books in this series and there were a number of unexpected surprises along the way I think the writing was better too This was muchof a standalone book as well Entertaining book and series.
Kari and Gabe once were very close friends On the eve of the engagement Kari panicked and left town Now after 8 years she has come home to fix and sell her Grandmothers house She knows that she will meet up with Gabe after all this time because he lives next door.
She has a check that needs cashing so she reluctantly walks into the hometown bank knowing that she will be facing her past Everyone there will question why she is back and for how long What she didn t count on was walking into the bank while it was being robbed.
As it turns out Gabe is the sheriff of the town and he walks in trying to stop the bank robbery A great book by Susan Mallery that I would recommend you read.
Eight Years After She Skipped Town On The Eve Of Her Engagement, Kari Asbury Briefly Revisited Sleepy Possum Landing, Certain She D Encounter The Handsome, Upstanding Lawman Whose Love Once Thrilled And Intimidated Her Teenage Heart Still, She Never Expected To Stumble Into A Bank Robbery And Meet Sheriff Gage Reynolds At Gunpoint Gage S Forceful Gaze Captivated Kari His Gallant Rescue Riveted Her His Earthy, Upright Appeal Enthralled Her All Male, Gage Was Everything A Woman No Longer A Girl Could Want But With Years Of Heartbreakand Untold Secretsbetween Them, Could Kari Find The Courage To Stand By The Man She D Always Loved On to the next.
This book continues the Hometown Heartbreakers series These last four books, including Completely Smitten, were written six or seven years after book 7 and were generally better The reunited couple theme is one of my least favorite because I usually feel so irritated that the couple has needlessly wasted years that I can t really enjoy it Gage was a great hero and Kari was charming and likeable I felt that Gage s angst over his mother s secret was a little overdone.
The hero actually got it in this book, and for that, the author got an extra star I ve grown weary of people that bolt, who return later, and there s a half ased reason for the whole thing Even taking into consideration their age This one, however, I liked I took a star away because I just think eight years is this side of ridiculous, but, hey, a longer period of time has worked in soooo many books AND there was no darned secret baby SHUDDER Also considering her grandma died like a year after she leftI don t know, that part I just didn t buy nor get.
The opening scene was hilarious and the wanna be other woman, in her dreams, was a hootandthan a little deranged in a non violent way.
All in all Another great 1 table read.
Fourth in the Haynes brothers series, this one is about Gage Reynolds and Kari Asbury Gage is one of the four half brothers The two have a relationship that had gone bad and now get a second chance eight years later.
rabck from svoight 9 10 When Gage finds out that his biological father is not the man that raised him, he thinks that everything about him is changed But that s no true Kari just has to convince him that he s still the man for her

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This book tells a complete story and can stand alone There are some ties to book 7 in the series and to Earl Haynes in general, but everything is covered in this book I can t get excited about possible loose threads related to extended family.
This book isn t awful, but I didn t enjoy it at all Most of it has a somber tone The plot is pretty thin with the possible exception of the backstories of the two leads which are just depressing In addition, this is a rekindled romance story which, as typical, doesn t have the wonder and newness of romance between new acquaintances The chemistry was a mixture of reliving the past and lust with heavy emphasis on the latter There is a rival, but she is just a joke The ending is disappointing Any attempt at humor couldn t overcome the sad tone.
Kari is a recently retired and only moderately successful fashion model turned school teacher SM tries hard to overcome any negatives associated with models being arrogant, but I still struggled to really like Kari Gage seems like a great guy until he reacts stubbornly to his newly revealed backstory and sulks badly If you read book 7, any surprise or shock is greatly reduced In fact, if you have, I d say skip this one.
Reality check how does a twenty something former model with no teaching experience have teaching position offers just rolling in Mature themes there is moderately explicit sex and the Earl Haynes tie in is evendisgusting than the early books, although it is a repeat of book 7.