Download Epub Format Ì The Generals Slave PDF by µ Linn Young

Download Epub Format Ì The Generals Slave PDF by µ Linn Young Want to read Anyone willing to share Laina Mooreland Is A Village Woman Who Has Been Bought As A Slave By The Roman General Who Conquered Her Village As His Right, He Uses Her, First In Public Then In Private, As His Sexual Servant Laina Wants To Be Ashamed Of Her Enslavement, But His Touch Thrills Her So That She Becomes A Willing Slave The General Knows He Cannot Love A Slave And Is Betrothed To Another, But His Physical Need For Her Borders On Obsession, Which Threatens His Committment To The EmpireWhile He Serves The Empire, The General Knows He Has Little Choice But To Do His Duty, Both Professionally And Personally However, As The Roman Empire Crumbles Around Them, The General Is Freed From His Duty As Well His Obligation To Marry The Emperor S Daughter No Longer Tied To A Powerful Empire, He Is Free To Be With A Woman Of His Choice, Including If His Choice Is A Sensual Slave Who Heats His Blood With Intense Passion Boring, no character development, just sex poorly written as it is repetitive.

It was an enjoyable read Some good erotica but kept waiting for a bit.
There was potential for a good story line though it was a bit discombobulated Needed some tightening up for sure as I found there were parts that were just contradictory Also it just seemed to take so long to do anything Weeks andweeks and not much changed There was potential for greatness with all the characters and story plot and sub plots but just lacking in everything that left everything one with weakness Ashame I did love the general but again some weakness when he needed to be strong Maybe it s the actual authors lack of a strong voice that comes through Also have to say Hated the format used by the author to write her e book There were no chapter page breaks as well as paragraph breaks which meant it took a moment for the head to get around that it was the end of the scene and that a new time location was now taking place The format was again obviously written with longer lines that were squashed together and down sized to the reading V s the writing format Each line was to long for the page which in itself was not a problem just after ever How ever it jumped to the line after and started anew which again gave reading a warped view.
This is so hot I cannot get enough of it Definitely one of my favorites which I always turn to.