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Ñ Read ☆ Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante ¸ A New York Times Bestseller, Turn of Mind Is A Literary Thriller About A Retired Orthopedic Surgeon Suffering From Dementia And Accused Of Killing Her Best Friend With Unmatched Patience And A Pulsating Intensity, Alice LaPlante S Debut Novel Brings Us Deep Into A Brilliant Woman S Deteriorating Mind, Where The Impossibility Of Recognizing Reality Can Be Both A Blessing And A CurseWhen The Book Opens, Dr Jennifer White S Best Friend, Amanda, Has Been Killed, And Four Fingers Surgically Removed From Her Hand Dr White Is The Prime Suspect And She Herself Doesn T Know Whether She Did It Told In White S Own Voice, Fractured And Eloquent, A Picture Emerges Of The Surprisingly Intimate, Complex Alliance Between These Life Long Friends Two Proud, Forceful Women Who Were At Times Each Other S Most Formidable Adversaries As The Investigation Into The Murder Deepens And White S Relationships With Her Live In Caretaker And Two Grown Children Intensify, A Chilling Question Lingers Is White S Shattered Memory Preventing Her From Revealing The Truth Or Helping Her Hide It A Startling Portrait Of A Disintegrating Mind Clinging To Reality Through Anger, Frustration, Shame, And Unspeakable Loss, Turn of Mind Examines The Deception And Frailty Of Memory And How It Defines Our Very Existence Interesting premise, but ultimately over hyped Grim throughout, with no glimmer of anything The twist was surprising, but overall, I was just glad to be done with this I was quite interested in the whodunit part of the plot for the first half or so of the book, but the relentless deterioration of the main character made that seem unimportant by the time the murderer was revealed.
update Oct 4, 2014 check out Elizabeth is Missing for a novel with a somewhat similar storyline executed in a muchsatisfying way.
Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante may just be the talk of the summer I read it in one sitting, it was that riveting Sixty four year old Dr Jennifer White retires from her orthopedic practice when she discovers she has early on set Alzheimer s When her old friend is found murdered with mutilated hands and missing fingers, Dr White becomes a prime suspect What could be a run of the mill murder mystery becomes a complicated story of a woman experiencing rapid dementia and declining memory I can only liken it to experiencing a horrible nightmare over and over as we follow Dr White s thought process in this first person narrative The story goes backward, forward and round and round in an attempt to give us the whole picture yet in a voice that so confused that sometimes we feel our own memory is failing us With a deceased husband, two children and a caretaker also on board, Dr White s story is fleshed out and we eventually understand what happened I fear that calling Turn of Mind a mystery may lose some readers and what a loss this would be If you were able to read Still Alice by Lisa Genova, frightening as the topic of Alzheimer s can be, then don t miss Turn of Mind Disturbing but thought provoking, it s a different take on the topic of dementia and its many manifestations.
Another really good book Could not put it down I was not sure about the book at the beginning The writing style is very different and it s told through the voice of the patient with dementia and through her notebooks she keeps to help herself remember things But I got used to it and read this book in 3 days, very quickly for me It was a really good story with a mystery I can t begin to understand how this author got so into the head of someone with dementia I have dealt with this in my life and it is always surprising Every day is different for the person with this disease Definitely recommend.
Turn of Mind was marked as a Staff Pick at fountainbkstore, so I thoroughly expected to adore this novel I was not disappointed.
As a mystery, this book has a unique twist Not only is the reader puzzling out who dunnit , but the main suspect also wonders whether or not she is guilty of a particularly heinous crime The suspect, Dr Jennifer White is suffering from dementia The entire story is told from her muddled perspectives.
The narration is heart wrenching, particularly for the reader that has watched someone succumb to such cruelty The confusion, mood swings, frustration, despair, annoyances and anger typical symptoms of Alzheimer s portrayed in this book allow a glimpse inside the mind of a dementia sufferer Often, I found myself weeping sometimes for Dr White,frequently for her family and friends There were times that I laughed out loud, but felt guilty about it This would have made for a great book however, Ms LaPlante was clearly not satisfied with great , thus weaving in a mystery that, as a reader, I really didn t want to solve This is only book I have EVER read with the hope of NOT finding out who dunnit Much like driving by an accident, you don t WANT to look, you don t WANT to know butyou kinda have to.
I highly recommend this book to all of my fellow readers, particularly if you are in the mood for something different.
What an incredibly ambitious book Very brave piece of fiction Perhaps the craft evident in this book is of little interest to non writers, but what an incredible undertaking to tell a story from the POV of woman succumbing to the ravages of Alzheimer s Disease The story began in first person, moved to second person as the illness progressed, and finally to third person, to show that Dr Jennifer White was no longer an integrated personality Brilliant Such a surprising but wholly believable ending Wonderfully thoughtful and important work.
I won this book from a GoodReads first read contest, and the subject intrigued meso as soon as I received it, I started to read it The first thing that threw me off was the style of writingit s a line or two, then a space, then another line or two And anytime the person is thinking, the thoughts are written in italicswhich seems easy to follow, but sometimes I found myself bored with having to switch voices so often and skip over spaces on the page I suppose this is a small thing to be irritated by, but I was PAlso, I think this book could have gone a lot farther into the emotions of it, but instead, this story seemed to beabout some murder and whether or not the main character had done it and just didn t know she had I was expecting a NORMAL life, regular everyday people, dealing with the effects of dementia on an older family member, and the effect it has on a normal lifebut the murder tale sort of took the reader away from thatand it wasn t even that in depth.
It was written grammatically correct, and in flowing English, but I was just left wanting MORE after reading this book When I had reached the last page, I actually found myself saying out loud, alone, in the dark, That s it This author has good potential, she just needs to write a muchenthralling story that EVERYone can relate to.
I give the author due credit for realistic portrayal of what it s like to have dementia, and what it s like for those trying to care for a person with dementia As for the story, the delivery is just too random and scattered When I reached the end, I was left with that HUH feeling that makes a novel unsatisfying.
This novel chooses an unusual perspective for its narrator and, in my view, accomplishes it well Dr Jennifer White is a retired orthopedic surgeon, self retired, apparently, due to self recognized signs of developing dementia All the action of the novel is seen through her eyes, filtered through her changing brain There is a central mystery, a murder, and all the various personalities and plot points are revealed but in completely non traditional ways through the fragmented thoughts and words of this deteriorating person, struggling to maintain herself and her world.
The mystery is not as important as the portrait of the person and the illness, what Alzheimers and other dementias do to the person, the personality Having worked with many people with dememtia over the years, the portrait presented by LaPlant seems to capture the essence of what I ve observed well At the same time she captures the struggle of people around the doctor, those who love her, those trying to help, those who really don t care, once again all through the doctor s eyes I guess I ll wonder how close LaPlante has come to how those patients have viewed me.
Highly recommended.
Dark DiseaseMurder is nothing compared with losing yourself which is what is gradually happening to top surgeon Jennifer White as Alzheimer s drags her under Her best friend of many years is murdered and she has to keep reliving it each time her son or daughter, her caretaker or detectives retell it Then there are her lucid moments She keeps a journal in order to jog her memory Others write his or her version of the truth in it as well The problem is their agendas differ Her son has medical power of attorney, her daughter financial and they each try and convince her to give them both powers Since she can t remember her reasoning for her decision she s unsure what to do if anything She also has flashbacks to her marriage She remembers being widowed but can t make sense of the different versions of their relationship Was he a loving, loyal husband and if so why did she have flashes of darker scenarios And what part if any did her best friend have in all this Why was she murdered Most importantly why do the cops suspect Jennifer The pacing of Turn of Mind is wonderful and the denouement has some nice twists A fun book.
5 5