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[Paige Dearth] ↠´ Believe Like a Child [world-of-warcraft PDF] Read Online Ü Home Isn T Safe For Young Alessa Because Her Uncle Lives Thereunfortunately Neither Are The StreetsAlessa S Uncle Is A Child Predator, And She S One Of His VictimsAt Sixteen, After The Death Of Her Only Friend, Alessa Finds Herself Isolated At Home With Her Uncle Unable To Live There, She Runs AwayAlone On The Streets Of North Philadelphia, She Encounters People Who Hurt Her About To Hit Rock Bottom, Alessa Breaks Free From Her New Tormentors And Finds Refuge In A Shelter For Homeless And Abused WomenWherever She Goes, However, Trouble Keeps Seeking Her Out, Until She Meets Three People Who Change The Course Of Her Life Though Alessa S Bittersweet Journey Is Fraught With Challenges, She Does, Nevertheless, Find Fleeting Moments Of Joy Then, As She Settles Down, A Ghost From The Past Comes To Haunt Her, Threatening To Destroy The Very Foundation Of Her Small World And Plunging Her Back Into An Abyss Of Despair, Until She Makes Her Final Bid For Escape WARNINGReaders Only Graphic Content And Subject Matter This Is A Standalone Novel When I agreed to review Believe Like a Chile by Paige Dearth, I knew I was in for a bit of a tough story Just the synopsis of the book, which is in some ways like Ms Dearth s own background, as she explained in her email, was bracing and eye opening The subject of child abuse and pedophilia are very tough subjects, but it was Dearth s candor in talking about these subjects in her email that definitely caught my attention I decided then and there that this story needed a wider audience, as its message is very important So, albeit in a small way, I decided to review this book and promote it as best I could here on the blog So, here it is.
Dearth begins her book with a young girl named Alessa Alessa s home life leaves a lot to be desired, with a mother that constantly berates her over her appearance she is paler and lankier than her siblings and her demeanor Although she does nothing to deserve it, Alessa is beaten by her mother with a wooden spoon This changes, however, when her Uncle Danny moves in with the family Although her earlier memories of the man are pleasant and fun, Uncle Danny becomes a very different person when he begins to live with Alessa At night he begins to psychologically manipulate and rape her, which continues for years unchecked Once, Alessa gathered the courage to tell her mother, but she was met with a barrage of insults and comments that she was a liar Eventually, Alessa befriends a schoolmate and is able to escape Uncle Dannyoften, only to end up in a situation where she must leave her home due to something that occurs with this schoolmate I won t give too much away She flees to North Philadelphia with a train ticket and 2,000 in cash, and is able to secure a dingy apartment and a job at a discount store She soon befriends a woman named Tasha, who eventually introduces her to her brother, Harlin Harlin is a drug dealer and is known for his violence and protection he provides to those he deems worthy in North Philadelphia Although she is initially scared of Harlin, Alessa eventually begins to befriend him, and even thinks she may like him This all changes, however, when things again spiral out of control for Alessa and she is forced to flee again to save her own life What will become of her Will she ever be able to escape her demons So, with that short synopsis, you can see why this book is definitely an intense read What struck me most about Dearth s writing style is that she pulled no punches, nor elaborated on any detail too profusely It read like a detached third person narrative, explaining the facts and nothingin the worst sections of Alessa s life, then providing a short section on how Alessa felt and how hopeless she felt after the repeated abuses It was definitely interesting, as it was in no way influencing the reader to feel a particular way, or encouraging him her to feel bad for Alessa Obviously, I felt extremely bad for her, and in a way I think the bracing format that described everything exactly as it happened is a good way to go about telling these kinds of stories We re often confronted with tales of sexual assault e.
g Sandusky trial , yet often we talk about it in abstract ways, never actually describing the horrors the abused must endure By specifically stating what happens, Dearth is plainly laying out the facts and forcing us to deal with the gravity of the situation I applaud her for doing this, as it will start a dialogue that hopefully will end with better protection of young people from pedophiles and ensure that these crimes never happen again Until we really face this problem head on, instead of pretending it isn t happening e.
g Catholic Church scandals, Boy Scouts , we can t adequately treat it I m glad that Dearth was able to write this, as I believe it probably helped her heal as much as it helped me realize that these crimes aren t something we can ignore So, if you aren t moved enough to already do so, pick up a copy of this book and read it The help that Alessa eventually receives is enough to restore your faith in humanity.
Todd Reflections of a Book Addict originally Posted Believe Like a Child is the story of Alessa, a young girl who has been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her whole life The story starts out right in the first paragraph when Alessa was 7 years old and is being raped by her uncle We get to watch her over the next few years as she grows up so we understand her background and where she s coming from so that later in the story we can maybe empathize and understand some of the decisions she makes throughout her life I m not quite sure where to even start with this book I knew just from the book description that this would not be a light, easy read, and boy was I right It was an emotional rollercoaster, going through each and every emotion you could possibly think of with such rapid succession at times it made my mind spin At times this book had me laughing out loud, and the next chapter over I would be in tears It was an engrossing read that I found hard to put down I just had to know what was going to happen next The characters were amazingly written Alessa was so easy to love as a person There were times I just wanted to be able to reach into the book and hug her or help her or just tell her it was going to be okay Watching her go through her struggles and making the decisions she did sometimes based her low self worth was heart wrenching, and the ending wow Definitely not what I thought was going to happen I won t say anything else about it here because there s nothing I can say that won t give too much away I ll just leave it at wow The third person narrative really worked in that we got to see so many different perspectives, some just for a short time, but those were times where there were things that we really needed to see from a different perspective As I was reading the book, I was pretty sure I was going to give it a four star rating rather than five star, simply because the dialogue did not flow as nicely as I would have liked it to It seemed just choppy and not realistic, but theI read the easier it got to read and I did not notice it as much It also seemed to fit it well with the overall feeling of the story.
The only thing that I was questioning is the time setting of the story I would love to know what year this is supposed to be set in Most of the time I thought it was pretty current, as the characters had cell phones and there were other things to make me think that it was a contemporary setting, but at the same time minimum wage was only 3.
35, which confused me.
The topics in this book are not things that are usually written about openly and candidly I think that is one of the things I enjoyed so much about Believe Like a Child, the frank and genuine openness of it Overall, I enjoyed this story very, very much and am glad I had the opportunity to read it.
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Though I applaud the effort, no part of me enjoyed this read I fought hard not to DNF it and the only reason I didn t was because it was a giveaway and I figured the least I could do was finish and review it My track record with giveaway books so far is one DNF and it is something I swore to myself I wouldn t do again.
This book is about a sexually abused child that as she grows up, struggles to find a safe passage through life The story is told from her point of view and she shares every detail of what happens to her throughout the story I want to be clear, the descriptions are extremely graphic I m sure they were written this way to highlight what kind of hell children as well as adults face in these situations.
The introduction was brutal and stomach turning and the rest of the story meandered down a fantastical path into the absurd I could excuse the beginning when I thought there was a message to be had but once it worked its way into everything bad happening all of the time regardless of believability, I was over it I could get past the childlike writing style because I assumed like the graphic details, it was written that way to send a message I could not get past the mediocre characters and the beyond belief storyline Two stars changed to one after I tried for hours to find even one positive thing I could say in this review.
I received a free e copy of Believe Like a Child by Paige Dearth from Goodreads for my honest review First off I should warn you that this book will not be for everyone This book is sad and very hard to read much less stomach I did read the entire book, as I felt like I was so far in I needed to know how thing turned out There is so much emotion written in this book The pain deep in your heart and soul you will feel for Alessa and Lucy will have you so choked up at time you will need to put the book down and just concentrate on your breathing This book deals with Child rape, kidnapping, prostitution, torture and drugs It is a book that I don t regret reading as I think these subjects are so often ignored I, myself lived a childhood of abuse and there are signs that people need to pay attention too If anything it might raise awareness for these horrible crimes More needs to be done to help innocent children from these kind of things and stronger punishments need to be upheld.
This is a completely unsolicited review, independent of any obligation real or imagined by anyone Let me say first that I am an editor, and as such I read a lot Now I will set aside my day job, and talk about this story It drew me in from the beginning with a story so honest, so terrible that you knew the author had been there, done that The story is an impressive tale that covers a topic most people shy from Most people would never, even in fiction, be as honest in what really happens in life I sincerely wish there was a higher rating than five stars, for I believe Paige Dearth to be one of the very few authors I know of that I would give a higher rating to WARNING there is graphic honesty about the sex trade, and the sexual abuse of children For me, this very honesty made the story better It showed the horror children live through, and what is possible to over come.
Stepping back into my job as an editor, yes there are a few small boo boos in the story I would be less than honest if I didn t mention them However, whomever did edit this did a good job None of the tiny mistakes will detract from the story, nor would fixing them have enhanced the story I will be readingof the work by this author Count on it May I also say that as Ms Dearth, herself, was a victim of childhood abuse, she gives the look from the inside in a way no other could Well done This is one book I know I won t forget If that sounds like a negative premise, then let me just tell you this this is the kind of story that ll stick with you and change how you might look at things from then on.
Paige got in touch with me, and offered me to review her book and after her touching e mail, there was no way I could say no to a story that needed to be told Some people write for fun, for money, for joy and then there s books like Paige s which are written to inspire and are stories that need to be told I m glad I read her book and I write this review in the hopes thatpeople will be encouraged to take this roller coaster of a book and feel inspired after reading it The book is Page s real life story, and she paints a picture for us of the trouble, turmoil, abuse and neglect that she went through She faced hurdle after hurdle in her life, only to overcome them and now stand at the brink of life where she can look back and be proud of the journey she has come on The opening page alone is one that captures your attention and from there on, despite the experiences that you see Paige suffer, you know you can t put the book down, simply cause if it s hard to read, how much harder is it for the person that went through it all This is a in you face kind of book, with nothing held back which makes me admire Paige even , for she wasn t afraid of telling her story, with the knowledge that the worst was behind her With poised and fluid writing, and descriptions that allow you to stand in her shoes, her writing was one that allowed you to take everything in all at once and feel the overwhelming emotions of fear, anger, love, hate, everything that Paige s character inspires in you For her courage, for the unbelievable story of bravery and inspiration, and for the bold truth that this book is, I highly rate and admire Paige and her story and thank her for sending me her book, and hope that she will take this review as a statement and testament that her dreams have already come true Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram As compelling and important as the topic of this book was, I had to force myself to finish it What I disliked intensely about this book was the almost childish way of writing In my opinion, had this book been written better, it would have been an extremely strong work The topic is something that needs to be spoken about, and kudos to the author for being brave enough to tackle it, particularly because she herself suffered sexual abuse However, I found the style of writing extremely basic and littered with unneeded quips that actually made me roll my eyes This is a book that, due to the subject matter and story, will haunt and disturb you However you may find yourself not wanting to read it because of the overtly simplistic and banal way it was written I didn t expect or want Shakespeare, but when a novel makes me distracted by its writing in a negative way , I find it disappointing as it doesn t allow me to escape or believe in the story.
This book was of a very intense subject matter and really deserved some better dialogue and overall better writing I thought, particularly toward the end of the book that the characters said some of the silliest things and I really didn t need the author to be walking me through the obvious explanations or thought processes the characters were having I also thought this was a little unbelievable I found it getting overly predictable that something new and terrible would be happen to the main character How fortunate for her that she only walked away with a potty mouth and no lingering trauma, STDs, poor self image amazing how easily she recovered with no therapy , or scars for that matter And she got to keep a child that wasn t legally hers, met a fantastic guy who didn t care she d slept with over 200 other men, and got to go to college and buy a homeless shelter This book just gotandridiculous the further I read I gave it two stars because I did actually wind up finishing it since I wanted to know the outcome There are much better books out there with similar subject matters that follow the triumphs of people who have been dealt a terrible card in life Would not recommend this one This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to seereviews please click here.
I honestly do not think I ve felt such a range of emotions throughout a book before, it has left me somewhat speechless As I was finishing up reading it I burst into tears, not just because what had happened on the page in front of me but because I d held back such strong emotions throughout the every page, it certainly becomes a weight and really touches your heart Sounds silly I know This story follows Alessa throughout her roller coaster of a life and by this I don t mean its thrilling and exciting, I mean it has plenty of ups and downs a few of my friends asked myself how I could possibly sit, read, by choice, and enjoy a book where rape and abuse happens for what feels like 80% of the book and I felt a little lost and first because it does seem an absurbed thing to do when I choose to read to relax and as first I did struggle getting through pages of the book but soon I found theI read, the harder the book was to put down, whilst what I was reading was far from pleasant it was interesting, interesting to see how Alessa not only handled herself and the situations she was faced with time and time again, but to see how as a person she grew, bloomed if you will, into this amazing woman Not only that, we can t simply sit back and pretend things like this don t happen, because they do and you d have thought by now the world would have changed but its probably something that s never going to happen, no matter how hard we all wish Anyway back to Alessa and her story, like I said it really is a tragedy, but on her journey she gains a new family and gets to live and cherish a life that we all take for granted It is an amazing book I m not even going to delve into the ending which led me tears, that is something you re going to have to read about for yourself But just remember no matter how insignificant you feel, if you will it enough you can change your life and the lives of those around you and make a difference in this world I really really recommend this book and that s why I m giving it a 4.
5 star rating, I can t quiet commit to the full 5 but wow, it s just amazing.