ó The Lost Chapters of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Ä Download by º Douglas Adams

ó The Lost Chapters of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Ä Download by º Douglas Adams What’s Happening?” Asked Ford, Emerging From A Room With Bolo And Looking As Dishevelled As Everyone Else, Much To His Surprise “We Got Hit During A Space Battle,” Explained Zaphod, Flicking On The Scanner Screen “We Spun Out Of Control And Crash Landed On This Planet And As You Can See, Hundreds Of It’s Rather Short Looking Inhabitants Are Flooding Over The Desert Towards Us” “What Are We Going To Do?” Asked Fenchurch “The Monkey Man Is Going Out To Talk To Them,” Said Zaphod, Casually “What?” Yelled Arthur Farewell, I'll miss you! Surprised at how good this story turned out to be and at how much I enjoyed it.

Firstly, this story is definitely set right after the finale of Book 4, where Arthur and Fenchurch, accompanied by Marvin, travel to read God's Final Message to His Creation.

If you ask me, I prefer this storyline than the events that took place in Mostly Harmless, which ended the series in a rather bleak way.
Plus, the character of Fenchurch is absent there, while here it gets more texture.

If this work is genuine, it should be reedited and published as a sixth volume of the original series.
(date read approximate) read long after I read the original 5part trilogy.
I don't know if the series needed this alternate happy ending, but I certainly did; uncultured simpleton that I am, I think I would have been perfectly happy if the book ended the way it ends here, rather than go on to part 5.
ridiculously hilarious Quick read for fans of the series.
Humorous and entertaining.
so typicaly douglas, LOL funny.
the man was a genius.
Fan fiction to provide a happy ending for the characters.
Skip Chapter 24 and it makes a lot more sense, if Douglas Adams ever makes a lot of (common) sense.
Uncommon certainly.
Anyway, it is a goodly almost selfcontained romp with the usual similar humour to the Goons/Monty Python.
Example: ""Okay," said Zaphod.
"I've got the Ray Gun, the heat seeking Davy knife, the laser spear and that murder grenade over there, if you could pass it to me, Ford.
" "Sounds like you're about to embark on what the Americans on Earth used to call a 'Peace Keeping Exercise'," said Arthur.
" You get the idea.
Not as good as the originals though.