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[Candace Robb] ¸ The Cross-Legged Knight [liberia PDF] Read Online Æ This is a wonderful book Well written and meticulously researched, with references at the end should the reader choose to spend some time with the source texts The story is compelling and riveting and shows a good balance between the facts of life in the middle ages and the suspense and analysis involved in a good murder mystery Definitely worth the time spent reading it This book had been on my to read list for so long, that I no longer have any recollection why it made it on there in the first place Somebody must have recommended it to me, and I m a bit puzzled as to why, as it turned out half way through the book that it s the 8th book in a series Thankfully the books seem to be only very loosely connected, so the lack of a background didn t matter too much.
It was an okay story, but I m really not big on whodunnits, so it only gets an average rating from me I also felt that the climax and the conclusion were poorly done and not compelling enough to warrant 300 pages worth of build up.
While I may check out some of the author s other works, I doubt I ll be readingin this series.
York, England, October OfA Series Of Accidents Is Making William Of Wykeham, Bishop Of Winchester, Paranoid Than Usual Terrified That The Family Of A Wealthy Knight Wants To Assassinate Him, He Requests The Aid Of Owen Archer, The Master Spy But Archer S Concerns Are For His Own Wife, Lucie, Who Recently Lost The Child She Carried Then A Fire Breaks Out At The Bishop S Town Houseand The Body Of A Murdered Woman Turns Up In The Charred Ruins Now Forced To Investigate Wykeham S Case, The One Eyed Agent Soon Finds Himself Entangled In A Dark Scheme That Involves Knights, Bishops, Even Kings This Plot Can Bring Death Into His Very Home Unless Archer Sets A Trap So Cunning That No Killer, No Matter How Influential And Powerful, Can Ever Escape The Cross legged Knight by Candace Robb in the 8th in the Owen Archer series This is one of my favorite medieval mystery series because Candace Robb not only evokes the 14th c city of York in such detail, but has managed to create such interesting characters both fictional and historic who develop from one book to another The title comes from the legend that knights who have been on a Crusade were often depicted with crossed legs As in her previous books, Robb manages to introduce history without being pedantic, as well as plot an intriguing mystery.
I ve reviewed several of Robb s novels, and even if this is not my favorite, I continue to love this series Purchased.
Historic Mystery Print length 316 pages.
This is my first Owen Archer novel, although I think its the sixth in the series I was able to jump right in without an issue despite the fact that there was so much rich history behind these characters.
This was a very good medieval mystery with some raw emotion and some slow healing between the main characters I found it fairly realistic and entertaining Some characters were especially endearing like Magda and have obviously been part of the pre existing storyverse.
Owen is home and has been for a while Lucie has lost a pregnancy due to a fall and is quite depressed even some time later worrying most everyone A friend s father has died in captivity after the ransom to the French went awry The family blames the Bishop of Winchester and Owen is forced to protect him from unseen threats from the Lancastrian allies of the family A fire at a home the bishop rents out kills a woman who once helped Lucie Lucie and Owen are out of sync which is annoying given the last two books had them in different countries Never really find out the whole motive Not my favorite in the series Another recommendation from work I loved the characters and the historical details plus the fact that it s set in a city I know quite well and intend to visit again this summer Managed to find the first in the series in a charity shop, will be taking on my trip to Cornwall next week Did find the title rather amusing, visions of a desperate knight in his armour kept springing to mind D I love the Owen Archer mysteries and I can t remember the last time I read one This one kept me guessing It was a little depressing because Owen and Lucie go through some tough emotional times, but that adds to the realism.
The story takes place among the secular and sacred worlds of 14th century York and weaves an interesting mystery.

I really enjoyed the help that Owen got in this bookI enjoyed the characters of York helping out in this book Owen s family members and neighbor helped too This was a big change from the last two It was great to have Owen working at home.
I couldn t decide how to rate this one but choose to go with the high points as it did keep me reading at a quick pace, eager to see the conclusion It was well researched, the historical points that have some question were decided clearly I enjoyed a couple of the characters immensely, especially The Riverwoman, Magda There was a bit too much physical description of nastiness for my taste but it surely put me right into the moment The main trouble for me was Owen Archer himselfI m not too sure I like him He s quick enough, sure enough for his role but he seemed a very selfish man at times aren t we all though and there was a bit of harping on his wife s illnesshonestly he couldn t have solved things nearly so well without her I read reviews onand see that this might not have been the best of the book series and will certainly give it a second go.