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[Anne Hampson] ✓ South of Mandraki [words PDF] Read Online ✓ I spent too much time wondering whether what I was experiencing was weltschmerz or existential ennui after reading it, but then I realized that this book deserves no such distinction This book is bad The characters are bad The world Hampson has created for them is bad So rather than fancifying my negative feelings, I m going with something simple.
Me sad now bad book.
The Only Way Daros Latimer Could Save Toni Freeman From The Ancient Cretan Law Of Vendetta Was To Marry Her As Daros Was Charming And Rich, Toni Might Well Have Done Worse For Herself Except That She Didn T Care About Him Any Than He Did About Her But He Had The Traditional Greek Male Ideas Of A Wfe As Being Nothing Than A Servant And A Chattel Did This Marriage Have Any Chance At All I don t know if the pdf copy of this book I got a hold of was missing pages but it started super fast Then from there I was absolutely confused as to what was going on If it was missing pages, then no wonder, if it wasn t holy hell that was a mindfuck Interesting to read though, once things started making a bitsense Those darn arrogant greeks get you every time enjoyed it Not bad I actually found this hilarious that the heroine would blatantly ask the Hero for money, playing up her gold digger image to the hilt.

Another one for the first 100 This is numbered 19 This heroine is a bit of a gold digger Mostly she wants the money for her family but because she is pissed at the hero for some things she overheard him say about English girls, she hides her reasons from him This is all about her trying to teach him a lesson but failing miserably She ends up getting schooled instead of course I really liked the hero, the heroine not so much.
Anne Hampson loves her feisty bitchy heroines and her Greek smitten heroes This one was very entertaining and I loved the angst