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[Melisa C. Michaels] Ò Skirmish [gender PDF] Read Online Ñ Hotshot Shuttle JockeyA Pilot Crazy Enough To Try A Docking Maneuver That S Already Killed Two Men, And Good Enough To Pull It Off Just The Pilot That The Company Needs For A Suicide Run, To Catch A Sabotaged Liner Falling Into The SunHer Name Is Melacha Rendell They Call Her The SkyriderBut Trouble Is Brewing Between The Earth Company And The Independent Asteroid Miners, And SOMEONE Doesn T Want The Skyrider To Succeed Someone Wants This Incident To Become The First Engagement Of The Colonial Wars Adventure and romance and a hero who throws punches and flies spaceships like a real woman.

When I first read the skyrider series back in the mid 80s, there really wasn t anything remotely similar out there The heroine is tough, independent, and cool, with the almost universal respect of everyone around her She can pilot better than anyone else and packs a mean punch Not to mention a gorgeous male best friend who secretly yearns for her These books are not terribly deep, literate or meaningful, but oh how I loved them The perfect antidote to being at the very bottom of the office pecking order as a recent college grad in the middle of a recession.
One of only two books published under The Women s Press sf YA imprint, Livewire, and originally published in the US for an adult audience I reviewed it for SF Mistressworks