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[Julia London] ✓ Seduced by a Scot [tasmania PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Highly recommend this novel Especially since stayed up all night to finish while knowing I have a full week of work ahead of me This says lot about how much I loved this novel Loved our two main protagonists the author Julia London did a fabulous job crafting these characters Could feel the joy as well as the angst felt by these characters Was escapism in a novel to a T Even the minor characters had defined personalities that made themfleshed it seemed At times I can see where some readers might find the wit or thought process juvenile, but I loved it Easy fun read 3.
5 starsI ve read a few of the other books in this series and I was all in for another story I liked Maura and Nichol She s sassy and stands up for herself He s a sweet marshmallow underneath his stand off ish personality Together they do have chemistry and some sweet banter, yet sometimes it felt like telling, instead of showing Plot wise, it had a bitstubbornness than I wanted to see, even if I ve come to expect it in this genre I did like the character growth and the last couple of chapters were fantastic I m sort of at a loss at this review because I did like the story, but something kept me from loving it Overall, it was the characters that kept me reading and I look forward to reading the next book Huge thanks to HQN for providing the arc free of charge Seduced by a Scot is a delightful read and pulled at my emotions right from the start Nichol Bain has been called to fix a problem between two families who are negotiating a marriage and a business deal between them He sees the problem when the groom to be has fallen for the family s ward, Maura Darby, and not his intended bride Immediately Nichol knows he needs to remove Maura from the household and get her married to someone else Knowing he can kill two birds with one stone, he proposes she get engaged to an elderly gentleman and escorts her to his home The journey there was anything but normal when she runs away and he s chasing after her Along the way she behaves not like any ordinary maiden and catches Nichol off balance with her righteous indignation talk and beliefs I was immediately drawn to Maura and loved her spunk She was just born in the wrong century and her beliefs were ahead of her time Nichol was a fixer and found himself falling for her but unable to fix himself from taking Maura for his own He s amazed by her willingness to take charge of her own way and astounded when she makes things happen to save him Nichol Bain was another interesting character because he had a horrible past himself and never considered the true cause of his pain until it was revealed Revelations have a way of freeing oneself and for Nichol it put things into perspective Nichol and Maura together werealike and so right for one another They just needed a way to find a way to be together and the author brilliantly worked her magic and made it happened A thoroughly entertaining story and a great addition to the Highland Groom series.
Ummm squints Am I suffering from extreme Outlander withdrawal, or does the cover model look an awful lot like Sam Heughan 3.
75 5 Nichol Bain has been building up his reputation over many years as the go to man for the aristocrats to fix any awkward situation they might find themselves in His latest task is to situate an inconveniently beautiful young lady anywhere but at her guardian s house, as her allure has proven to be a mighty distraction to the fianc of the guardian s daughter He decides to neatly kill two birds with one stone by matching her up with an older earl who needs a wife to keep him in line Of course the lady turns out to be less than compliant with his brilliant idea This might be the one situation he cannot manipulate Since her father s death when she was twelve, Maura Darby has learnt to hold her tongue and tried her hardest to fade into the background so as not to draw too much attention to herself and the ire of her guardian s wife and daughter As her beauty bloomed however, it became an increasingly difficult undertaking as her physical appeal attracted unsolicited male attention Falsely accused and unfairly banished from her guardian s home, she is in a seething, simmering state of agitation when located by Nichol and instead of the expected gratitude and feminine appreciation for his offering of a comfortable marital settlement, she unleashes on him all her years of suppressed anger Basically, there is no way in hell she was going to submit herself under male control again now that she has a small taste of independence But as a young unmarried female in Scotland, Maura really didn t have many options As she and Nichol negotiated an acceptable deal to suit them both, they of course acquaint themselves with one another farthan what was appropriate for a professional fixer and the subject of his assignment Spirited and smart heroine who just wanted to finally have a voice after being silenced for so long Hero with a lot of emotional baggage Nice chemistry especially their feisty initial meeting The author highlighted the limited rights and general helplessness of women in those days unable to choose their own spouse, occupation of their choice or own property and generally were often used as pawns for monetary, social and political gains by their families and guardians It was a coming together of two lonely souls, rejected by those who supposedly cared for themAnyone who claims no to need someone to miss them is a person that needs someone to miss them the most I ve no one to miss me, either, but I need someone to miss me He belonged to no one He had no one He was a man completely unto himself

This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSeduced by a Scot is the most recent installment in the Highland Grooms series and I have the first few books in this series and really enjoyed the first few books so I was expecting to really love this book as well I will say that even though it was a likable read at times, I struggled with this one throughout the story I think it just didn t click right for me and the heroine is one I really struggled with Nothing specific about her character, but she seemed to be so uneven and it really threw me off at times.
Our story is set in the Georgian Era in Scotland, in the 1700 s and our hero, Nicholas Bain, is a rescuer of situations He travels all over to deal with scandals and tough to straighten out problems and sorts them out for the upper classes A upper class family calls him in to their home when a scandal involved their family Maura Darby, is the ward of the family but when she unwillingly catches the eye of the fiancee of the family s daughter, tensions rise and the situation gets very bad for Maura Maura is innocent of their machinations against her, but when Nicholas is to take her to her betrothed, she is resistent but she also knows she has little choice But along their journey, Nicholas and Maura learn to admire each other and desire andtender emotions build between them But Nicholas has a life on the road and can t ever give Maura what she deserves It will take them almost losing their lives to fight for their love and finding their HEA.
This story was a On The Road romance and I really liked the development of the plot here And I really appreciate that this was the time era before the Regency era, it does take place in Scotland, so it was a very refreshing setting for me I found Maura s situation to be so disheartening and it also focuses on the bad situation that orphans especially female one s had to rely on others to survive Maura wantsout of life than just marriage to a stranger, or being treated so horribly by her guardians and let me tell you they use her, demean her so much and are very vindictive but we a great inner strength in her character and Ilike seeing her fight in those small ways.
The romance that develops between these two is so sweet and endearing, but itsof a slow build There is some not so fun tension between them in the first half of the story, they really don t like each other much, but they make compromises and there is a change in their relationship when Nicholas helps Maura get her things returned including a priceless necklace that has been in her family for generations that her guardians stole from her We see a shift in their friendship and this is the beginning of their romance that really hooks in the reader The pacing of the story is on and off steady, there are moments in the plot where the reader is hooked but other moments that are very slow going and I will admit I almost DNF d this but I kept with it since I was close to being finished and I haven t ever DNF a Julia London and didn t want to start now But it was a very close call in this book But overall I had a fun time with this book here and really enjoy certain aspects of the story But I didn t love it and really struggled with the pacing at times and yes the heroine rubbed me the wrong way at times But I did find it interesting, and loved the change of setting and the slow build romance was lovely and sweet.
When Calum Garbett s ward, the lovely Miss Maura Danby is embroiled in a scandal that may cost him a lucrative business deal, the Duke of Montrose recommends that he summon Nichol Bain.
If you have been following the series, you will remember Nichol as the secretary of the Duke of Montrose the man who tried his darnedest to keep Hamlin and Catriona apart Nichol is a fixer , he has an uncanny knack for finding solutions to the toughest problems and Garbett s problem seems like a walk in the park He will help Garbett s daughter Sorcha and her fianc reconcile and then he will marry Miss Danby off to a former client, collect his fee and be off to Wales.
Maura is done being the demure, complacent young lady she promised her father she would be The Garbetts took her in as a girl and made her life hell She has borne it for years, staying out of the way and never complaining but when Sorcha s would be husband kisses her and then proclaims her a temptress, she is cast out of the house and her only true possession is stolen from her She will not blindly follow Nichol to a marriage she will get her necklace back and then she will figure out the rest of her life she doesn t need a too good looking, too smart man meddling in her affairs She escapes from Nichol and heads back to the Garbett s, she is bound and determined to get her necklace and perhaps a pound of flesh Nichol catches up with her and convinces her to let him fix this he isenad with her than he should be, but knows that nothing can come of it he has no home to offer her, he will marry her off to Dunnan Cockburn and try to forget her.
They reclaim her necklace and set off to meet Dunnan Maura knows she is falling for him, but has promised to go along with his plans for her They sidetrack to his family estate and Nichol is dealt a blow he never expected Maura understands Nichol s pain, she too has been betrayed by those who should have loved her She comforts him and their relationship takes a turn She knows she cannot marry Dunnan, but Nichol is adamant, he has NOTHING to offer her and she deserves a good life.
They arrive at Dunnan s and things go from bad to worse By the time Nichol comes to his senses and realizes that he needs Maura, it may be too late for a HEA.
This was a well written, well paced book with two very wounded souls, the story is in turns emotional and amusing, Maura is a force to be reckoned with and Nichol is muchapproachable in this book than he was in the previous story, once you learn about his past, his action and manner make a lotsense The book is a bit steamier than the others I have read by Ms London THAT IS NOT A COMPLAINT and the story a bitcomplex and maybe a bit overly dramatic There is some question in my mind as to the resolution with Nichol s family and the same title error from the last book reappears in this one, but overall it was a good read and I would be happy to recommend it I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher.
Seduced by a Scot by Julia London is book 6 in the Highland Grooms series This is the story of Maura Darby and Nichol Bain This can be a standalone book if you wish to do so Nichol is known as a fixer of problems and goes forward to help a prominent Scottish family whose family ward is tempting to ruin a future family marriage agreement Maura has tried to stay in the background to keep please the mother and daughter of the family she is staying with but that isn t working Nichol feels that he can fix their problem but getting the couple back together Then take Maura away to meet another client who would possible marry her But what Nichol s hadn t counted on was being attracted to her nor building feelings towards her on their time traveling together I really enjoyed this book and hope to readstories from Ms London.
Check out all of my reviews at BY A SCOT The Highland Grooms 6 by Julie London is a historical romance set in 1758 Scotland Even though this book is part of a series, it can be easily read as a standalone.
Nichol Bain is a fixer for the aristocracy He prides himself on finding a solution for any problem or making it disappear for a price When a prominent Scottish family is on the verge of having a lucrative business deal fall apart, which is also tied to the marriage of their children, Nichol is summoned to find a solution To save the deal and the problem of the family s ward, who has been accused of enticing the future groom, Nichol believes he can easily use the ward to solve another of his problems of a rich bachelor looking for a bride.
Maura Darby has been a ward for several years after the death of her father As she has grown into her beauty, she has been increasingly detested by the mother and daughter of the house She has done her best to fade into the background, but it is never enough She desperately wants to be able to make her own choices for her future, but it is just not possible in her current situation When Nichol arrives to escort her to her new situation, he is captivated by her spirit and beauty As their journey takes them closer to the solution Nichol has thought out, he finds he is not at all sure it is the right one for all involved He is challenged by Maura at every turn to see her a person rather than a problem to be solved and to see things from a different point of view When he discovers a secret from his past, it could be that he needs a problem solver himself Could it be he needs Maura for himself I enjoyed Nichol and Maura s story They both had unique backstories which made the plotentertaining The story moves at a good pace with several plot twists that keep the couple reevaluating and adjusting to their situations The sex scenes are well written and appropriate to the growth of the romance The romance plot and the H h make this story a little different than your normal historical romance read and I enjoyed it as I have enjoyed so many of Ms London s previous books.
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There S No Matchmaking An Unruly HeartWhen A Prominent Scottish Family Faces A Major Scandal Weeks Before Their Daughter S Wedding, They Turn In Desperation To The Enigmatic Fixer For The Aristocracy, Nichol Bain Remarkably Skilled At Making High Profile Problems Go Away, Nichol Understands The Issue Immediately The Family S Raven Haired Ward, Maura Darby, Has Caught The Wandering Eye And Rather Untoward Advances Of The GroomNichol Assuredly Escorts Maura Toward His Proposed Solution An Aging Bachelor For Her To Marry But Rebellious Maura Has No Interest In Marrying A Stranger, Especially When Her Handsome Traveling Companion Has Captivated Her So Completely Thankfully, Nichol Loves A Challenge, But Traveling With The Bold And Brash Maura Has Him Viewing Her As Far Than Somebody S Problem Which Raises A Much Bigger Issue How Can He Possibly Elude Disaster When The Heart Of The Problem Is His Own