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[B.J. Daniels] Ú Hard Rain (The Montana Hamiltons, #4) [accounting PDF] Ebook Epub Download  Fourth in a series I am enjoying this journey The Hamilton family is full of hard working siblings This story belongs to Harper She is back from school and trying to find her place She runs into her childhood crush from a neighboring ranch The families are not exactly fast friends To make matters worse, when she finally gets to spend time with Brody, a dead body pushes them apart again After a lot of sleuthing together and apart, Harper and Brody fall for each other and risk family, life, and heart to stay with each other I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next to see how the next Hamilton finds their match This is highly recommended.
I had to give five stars on this one Hard Rain caught my attention right away because of the new format that Mrs Daniels uses for the story line The old and the new By interspersing the last generation of Hamilton and McTavish story line with the present generation s story line, you almost get two for the price of one But it tends to lend to the plot of the book by having the two stories parallel one another When Brody McTavish and Harper Hamilton discover the remains of Brody s cousin, Maggie, they are thrown together to try and discover what really happened and who murdered her Would it be Harper s grandfather Or one of the many guys that Brody s cousin was accused of seeing The many twists and turns in the story line is a great tool in Mrs Daniels writing One time you think you know who the culprit is and the next chapter you are back to square one I was happy to see that my favorite sheriff Frank and his wife Nettie were still solving crimes together in this book I will miss them when this series is over But it can t end until we find out about the mysterious Sarah, Harper s mother, and what she was up to those twenty two years she was missing Another great read by the amazing B J Daniels Sooner Or Later, Every Family Secret Comes To Light When Brody McTavish Sees Harper Hamilton S Runaway Horse Galloping Across The Pastures, He Does What Any Good Cowboy Would Do Gives Chase And Rescues Her Unfortunately For Him, The Woman He S Secretly Loved For Years Didn T Need Saving, And She S Just Reached Her Limit With People Treating Her As Hopeless But They Soon Have Bigger Problems When They Make A Gruesome Discovery Human Remains Revealed By A Recent Rainstorm Remains That Will Dredge Up Old Hamilton Family Mysteries And Bring About A Scandal That Could Threaten All Harper S Loved Ones With Her Father Running For President, Every Move Harper Makes Is Under Scrutiny But Despite The Risks, She S Determined To Uncover The Truth About Her Family S Role In A Long Ago Murder If She Can Trust Him Enough, Brody Will Be Than An Ally He Could Be The Only Thing Standing Between Harper And An Enemy Intent On Keeping The Past Buried Forever Awesome I just love this series I ve been reading all these so far Harper Hamilton and Brody McTavish are trying to deny the attraction between them since there is bad blood between the families The author teases us with tidbits of what happened years ago when Sarah Hamilton disappeared I can t wait to get the full scoop.
Hard Rain by B.
Daniels has it all, the beauty of the Montana mountains, a family secret that gets unearthed in a rain storm Family feuds between the McTavish s and Hamilton s A lost love and a new love A rape, an old murder and a new one, a cover up and politicians running for president need I sayIf that isn t enough to make you read this book then nothing can.
The mystery of what happened to Maggie McTavish J.
D was running for president and very married but was in love with Maggie when she came up missing The town has speculated for years wondering if he had something to do with her disappearance.
When Harper Hamilton and Brody McTavish find a body on Hamilton property it brings all of the past and speculation back again Could Harper s grandfather J.
D had something to do with it or did someone else Now Harper s father is running for president can his campaign weather the past coming back up again Will Harper and Brody be able to be together with all the bad blood between the families Then we have Sarah, Buckmaster s wife Not saying she has done anything but I just don t trust that lady She sure seems guilty of something I really like the way Ms Daniels pulls you into the story and makes all the characters come to life This is the first book that I have read by her and will not be the last I now have to go back and read all the rest I highly recommend this book A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection Harper can be a little forceful where her man is concerned at times, she shook her head It has always been you, Brody She grabbed the front of his shirt The snaps sang as she jerked it open and pressed her palms to his chest I enjoyed this book, I liked the mystery it had.
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This is book 4 in what looks like a 6 book series about the Hamilton Sisters This is Harper s book Harper is a twin, she and Cassidy are also the youngest girls, and we haven t seen much of her in the previous books Harper and her sister have been away for the whole dust up of the return of her mother The whole family dynamic changes with Harper s search for answers to a decades old murder that she and Brodie McTavish uncover on the Hamilton ranch.
Brodie is 8 years older than Harper and has been in love with her forever He has been patiently waiting for her to grow up before he declares himself As a child, Brodie is the friend of her older sisters she dreamed of to carry her away in her romantic girlish fantasies Now that she is older and back home to stay, she intends to make her fantasy reality But there are obstacles to this HEA The body they discover is Brodie s cousin who disappeared 35 years ago amid a scandal involving Harper s grandfather.
In addition to the mystery of who murdered Brodie s cousin, the ongoing mystery of Harper s mother also reveals someclues as to what happened to her.

Oh my gosh what an exciting read This is book 4 of the Montana Hamilton series and it still keeps you completely enthralled just like the other book in this series.
Harper has just come back to Montana from Europe where she was getting her education When she went for a horseback ride to celebrate an amazing day she never realized that she would run into Brody, the one man she has ever loved, or that she would find the one thing that could keep her and Brody apart forever.
Brody has always liked and then loved Harper he just had to wait for her to grow up a little bit because of their age difference Now when he finally has a chance with the one girl he has loved for what seems like forever a painful history between the McTavish and the Hamiltons comes up to ruin their one chance at happiness.
This was a great romantic suspense filled novel that keeps you pulled in from the very beginning I can t wait for the next novel from B.
J Daniels A book obsessed chicks review team selection Finally Harper s story I ve been dying to get to know her better throughout the series Her outgoing attitude and mixed feelings with respect to the events surrounding her family was a lot of fun The way that she comes to life was so approachable that she seemed oh so very real to me I loved Brody as well His conflicting concern for so many people vies with his need to do what s right He was so strong and loveable, and the perfect counterpoint for Harper s impulsiveness Getting to knowabout the family s past put a lot of things throughout the series into perspective It also opened up a great many questions leading into the next novel in the series This balance gave me chillsthan once The way that little facts pop out at different times gave me a few aha moments while also drawing me further and further into the mystery that spans this series This is all backed up with Daniels fantastic writing She drew me into the tale, allowing me to participate in it, rather than simply reading it The suspense throughout this novel was both apparent and subtle The undercurrent gave me chills at times while I was trying to unravel it all At the same time, the picturesque and vividly explicit descriptions allowed me to picture each moment of it.
Once again, Daniels has created a novel that I had a blast reading Romance and suspense combine in perfect proportion, ending with the perfect lead in to the next novel in the series.
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Fantastic book The trials and tribulations for the Hamilton family just keep piling up Harper has been away for most of the time since her mother s return from the dead, finishing school and doing some traveling Now she s back on the ranch, and in an expression of her frustration over what is happening in her life she goes for a ride, galloping across the fields and screeching What she didn t know was that Brody was nearby, and thinking that she s in trouble comes riding to her rescue She lets him know that in no uncertain terms, but once they get past that dust up, it becomes apparent that there is something flaring between them.
Harper has had a crush on Brody since she was nine years old, and has been waiting for the chance to do something about it She s tired of feeling like she s invisible around him, and makes it clear that she s interested Brody is stunned to say the least He s been interested in Harper since she was sixteen, but she was way too young for him Now, not only is she older, but it turns out she is just as into him However, there is one obstacle, and that is the enmity between their two families It is about to get worse, when they stumble on the remains of a human body Those remains are of Brody s cousin, Maggie, who had disappeared thirty five years earlier, and Harper s grandfather was believed to be responsible Both Brody and Harper are determined to uncover the truth Harper can t believe her grandfather would murder anyone Brody isn t so sure, but he won t let Harper put herself in danger.
I liked both Harper and Brody Both are strong willed and won t let anyone discourage them from doing what they think is right Harper tends to be a little on the naive side, I think, as she puts herself into some dangerous situations Both of them are honorable, and want the truth, no matter what it turns out to be I also loved the development of their relationship Because of the resistance of their families, they have to fight harder to be together Brody s determination to maintain his relationship with her, as well as pursue the truth about Maggie s murder, puts him at odds with his father and uncle I hurt for him, and loved the way he stood up to them Harper gets lectures from various members of her family, but it s the one from her mother that strikes closest to home Can she take her happiness at the expense of his relationship with his family I did like the end and seeing how both are determined to make it work for them.
The suspense of the story was excellent Interspersed throughout were flashbacks to Maggie, JD, his wife Grace, and Harper s parents, Buck and Sarah Each scene brings out a bitof the events that led up to Maggie s death In the current time, Brody and Harper, as well as Sheriff Curry, are trying to figure out who is responsible Unfortunately for them, the suspect list gets longer instead of shorter Every time I thought I had it figured out, someone else would come along and lookpromising A couple of attacks on Brody and Harper showed that someone believed that they were getting too close to the truth The final confrontation was intense, with a twist I hadn t seen coming I liked the way that Brody and Harper were able to stay pretty calm while it was happening and work together to bring the killer down Loved Brody s ingenuity in bringing in help.
Also running through the book is the ongoing mystery of where Sarah has been for the last twenty two years and what has brought her back Russell is still working on a way to prove his theory, and uncovers some new information Buck is happy to have Sarah back, but can t help having some questions of his own Some of the things that came out in the flashbacks add to the feeling that there is something fishy going on Even Russell is still working to figure out where she has been, though he has apersonal reason going on An unexpected arrival at the end adds to Sarah s distress and complicates things evenI m really looking forward to the next two books and finally getting the truth.