☆ Knights of the Air (Epic of Flight; 1) ä Download by ☆ Ezra Bowen

☆ Knights of the Air (Epic of Flight; 1) ä Download by ☆ Ezra Bowen In This Book From "The Epic Of Flight" TimeLife Series, WWI Provides The Stage For A New Type Of Warrior; One That Fights In The Air The Book Informs Readers How Aviation Underwent A Rapid Transformation As The Opposing Forces Introduced Daring Men In Their Flying Machines Into The Battle My father had this series of books when I was growing up and this was the one that always interested me.
I thumbed through its many illustrations of the aircraft when young, and I read sections on the Red Baron in high school.
It was good to read it in its entirety.

I love this book so much; this is the second time I've read it.
It has plenty of pictures, is written in an extremely readable fashion, and gives a heartwrenching overview of the air war, with a focus on the notable aces.
(The Red Baron gets a chapter to himself, but also given plenty of attention are Georges Guynemer, Eddie Rickenbacker, Albert Ball, Mick Mannock, and others.
all of whom I'd like to learn more about pronto.

This book puts me in a really sad mood, but it's worth it.
An excellent overview of the World War I air war and the advances in aviation the war inspired.
The book boasts a large collection of historical photographs that brings the action, the airplanes and the individual combatants to life.