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Ù Read õ Welcome to College by Kylie Gable Ç In Welcome To College, Kylie Gable Recaps The Epic Story Of His Own Experiences Being Forcibly Feminized By A Group Of Girls At His University This Is A Collection Of The FirstParts Of The Series Tracing Kylie S Adventures From Naive Freshman To Completely Feminized Senior This Story Is For Adults Only And Contains Female Domination, Forced Bisexuality, Crossdressing, Complete Feminization, Bondage, Spanking, And Heterosexual Sex Kyle gets the shock of his life when Amanda who had previously tortured him at summer camp turns up at the same college This volume contains the first five parts of the story of his college days as the feminised pet of Amanda and her friends.

This is a good story I m enjoying this story so far looking forward to part 2 which I ll be getting latter this week My only gripe about this story there were several misspelled words, it didn t distract from the story but it was noticeable.
This is a compilation of the first five parts of the Welcome to College series I ve broken down my review into each chapter below.
Welcome to College Part 1 5 Stars This is a wonderful little feminization story, and the first part of what I hope will be a series I was really impressed with this debut story by Kylie Gable.
It s supposed to be based on a true story, and the story seemsplausible than many feminization stories that I ve read.
Kyle encounters a charismatic beauty named Amanda at camp When he and a number of other boys lead a raid on Amanda s cabin, they are quickly outnumbered by girls armed with sticks Most of the boys are chased off, but Kyle and his friend Barry are prevented from leaving The girls give them makeovers, and use Krazy glue to ensure that their dresses and heels can t be removed The boys are intimidated into kissing each other before the girls will allow them to leave, and they re photographed doing so They are made to hold hands, with Krazy glue keeping their hands clasped together After they leave, they spend the night in their dresses until a counselor uses nail polish remover and warm water to free them.
A couple of years later, Kyle is a freshman at Dupont College when he is shocked to discover that Amanda is also a freshman there, and she hasn t forgotten him.
Kyle is blackmailed and intimidated into agreeing to a makeover, but Amanda s demands don t stop there Soon, he is made up, with his nails painted, being led around in public by Amanda and a bunch of her co conspirators.
Kyle s body hair is shaved off, and he is made to wear a bra and panties, stockings, a dress and heels, and a black wig He spends several hours trying on women s clothes for Amanda and her friends, and his male clothes are removed from the room Cameras record his humiliation, and he is made to pose for numerous glamor shots.
Amanda orders him to return to his room and wait for her, and he is forced to do this while still wearing a purple dress belonging to Amanda.
She visits him in his room, and gives him about a dozen pairs of panties from Victoria s Secret, apparently paid for with his credit card She takes away his male underwear.
Amanda explains to him that she and her friends have no intention of allowing him to stop wearing women s clothes She expects him to dress, speak, act, and think like a girl.
Welcome to College Part 2 4 stars This is a continuation of the story begun in Welcome to College, by the same author.
Kyle has been humiliated at the hands of four college women, led by Amanda, their ringleader Now he s being forced to wear panties underneath his clothes, and Amanda promises that they will verify this to ensure his compliance He s also made to shave off all of his body hair Amanda soon adds pantyhose to Kylie s wardrobe requirements The women take Kyle to the mall to shop for bras, dresses, skirts, a few tops, and a pair of women s jeans They add a selection of makeup, and a book about how to apply it to his purchases, as well as a pink sleep shirt and a pair of heels His secret is exposed to some sales people and shoppers in some of the stores that they visit, but not to anybody that Kyle knows.
Kyle is made to sleep in his sleep shirt and panties, and the women have a key to his room if they want to check Kyle is to practice walking in his heels, and applying makeup.
When Kyle displays a combative attitude towards the women, they tie him to a chair with lengths of clothesline, leave him that way for hours, and force him to sleep that way.
The chapter culminates in Kyle being forced to appear en femme at a campus Halloween party as Satine, Nicole Kidman s character in Moulin Rouge.
For those who keep score, there are no sex scenes in the story It focuses on Kyle s humiliation and feminization, with a brief bondage scene.
This chapter of the story seems dialed back a bit The humiliation is present, but it s less severe than in part one, and Amanda doesn t go out of her way to publicly humiliate Kyle to the degree she did initially She gives him assurances that they won t seek to expose him, to make cooperation seemattractive.
I enjoyed the story a lot, but not quite to the degree that I enjoyed the first part Perhaps because the women are establishing routines for Kyle to follow, the story lacked a bit of part one s freshness.
It s still very worth reading, and I like how the Halloween party doesn t quite expose Kyle it is Halloween, after all , but will certainly cause people to wonder and rumors to circulate Welcome to College 3 5 stars After exchanging Christmas presents with the women who are blackmailing him, while wearing a sexy Santa outfit, Kylie is looking forward to returning home for Christmas break.
Kyle s father, Howard Gable, walks into Kyle s dorm room, and sees Deanna stuffing bras into Kyle s bag, and Amanda wrestling with Kyle on the bed He assumes that Deanna had stuffed her own bra into Kyle s bag, and is impressed with Kyle s sudden, apparent success with women He also believes that he understands the reason for the Victoria s Secret charges on Kyle s credit card.
Kyle heads home for a few weeks, with a list of instructions from Amanda, such as wearing his lingerie, and continuing to shave and keep his toes painted He ignores her instructions.
When Kylie returns to college, Amanda is livid, and is already aware that Kyle disobeyed her Things get physical between them, and Kylie winds up in a headlock, and is made to say, I m Kylie and I m a pretty, pretty princess, He is then tied in a makeshift straightjacket made out of pairs of pantyhose that he d previously run With another pair of pantyhose tied around his balls, Kylie is dragged through the empty halls to Amanda s room, where his leash is tied to a leg of her bed The other women arrive, and discuss what to do next to Kylie.
They decide to force him to attend lectures en femme, making Kylie an accomplice in his own feminization, as he s extremely frightened of being recognized while dressed.
The women also create an AOL profile for Kylie, indicating that she was an 18 year old girl, who liked shopping, partying, and cute guys The profile contained a number of pictures of Kylie dressed up They tell him that he will be forced to log in for five hours a week, and save the chat logs They re going to force him to practice flirting with boys.
He is also shown a link to another web page with numerous pictures of him, including one of him as Kyle, while he s kissing his friend Barry The website is hidden from search engines, but if Kylie disobeys them, they will take the site live, and ruin him.
Kylie is taken to the mall, where he is treated to a professional makeover He s dressed as a man with his face made up, though He knows that he looks ridiculous, and is forced to admit that he would prefer to be wearing a wig and a dress They show him that he will be far less embarrassed if he learns to pass as a woman.
When they arrive back at school, the women force Kylie to don a dress and wig, and then to call his father and ask for 400 to repair his car, blaming his sister for damaging his car when she drove it, and to give the money to Deanna The money is used to buy breast forms for Kylie.
Kylie is forced to visit a website designed to teach transsexuals to speak like a woman, to practice modulating his voice He is also given a haircut that could be combed to look like a bad haircut for a guy, or a short, stylish feminine cut.
The girls have Kylie dress up and take him to the library, where he is told that they ll let him leave after he has flirted enough to get two boy s phone numbers.
Amanda decides that Kylie should no longer be permitted to masturbate without her supervision, although he is on the honor system, and is not fitted with a chastity device.
Amanda makes him lie back on the floor of her room with his legs up on the wall She hands him a copy of Playgirl, and forces him to describe why each male model is hot, while he masturbates, and then to spray his cum on his own face Cameras record his humiliation.
Before heading home for the summer, Kylie is fitted with a chastity belt, and Amanda tells him that someone outside of their circle, someone close to Kyle, is aware of everything they ve done to him.
Kyle is made to drive home in a yellow sundress and wedge heels.
I really liked this installment a lot The level of humiliation feels a lot like the first chapter, which is good It was nice to see that chastity was introduced, as well as Kyle being unable to escape the girls by going home from school.
Welcome to College Part 4 5 stars Kylie s forced feminization continues, both at the hands of his tormentors from college, and from his own sister and his ex girlfriend.
Home for the summer, Kyle has been told that his sister Debbie has been aware of his feminization for some time, and has seen pictures of him en femme at a hidden website He will have no respite during his summer away from school.
Debbie forces Kyle to dress up, serve her breakfast, and keep the house clean while their parents are at work Kyle s ex girlfriend Robyn harbors a grudge against Kyle for breaking up with her, and now she s holding the key to Kyle s chastity device.
Robyn is intent on humiliating Kyle, and shows off Kylie to her girlfriends, before forcing Kylie to double date with her Kylie s date is Rick, who has no idea that Kylie isn t a woman Kylie is forced to make out with Rick in a movie theater, while Robyn s friends laugh at his predicament from a few rows behind.
Upon returning to school, Kylie is made to dress as a sexy, french maid to clean the house rented by four of the women blackmailing him He endures another Halloween at school, this time forced to dress in a naughty nurse s uniform He s made to flirt and dance with numerous boys at the dance, including Pete, who has had a crush on Kylie from their Freshman Humanities lectures together.
The women allow Kyle to masturbate, while making out with a teddy bear and calling out Pete s name as he pleasures himself.
At Christmas, Kylie is given a ten inch realistic dildo with a suction cup at its base He is made to practice sucking it, and he is told to worship it, and that it is Pete s cock that he s sucking When Kyle cums, he s made to catch it in a juice glass, and its contents are poured over the dildo, which Kyle is made to lick clean.
Welcome to College Part 5 5 stars Kylie is back at school, and her feminization at the hands of Amanda and her friends continues This includes a new hairstyle reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston with bangs.
Amanda begins to take her pleasure by placing a lingerie clad Kylie in bondage, and roughly penetrating her throat with a double ended strap on She relies on Kylie s rocking motion to work the phallus in and out of her, and she comes explosively while forcing Kylie to deep throat her cock She rewards Kylie by removing her chastity and giving her a handjob, before making her lick her semen from her fingers Soon, most of the women are forcing Kylie to suck their cocks in similar fashion.
When summer arrives, Kylie s maid s uniform is replaced with a swimsuit and heels, as though she s a beauty pageant contestant Deanna has Kylie lie down in the sun, and rubs lotion on her back Unbeknownst to Kylie, she uses children s colorforms to tan a little Tinkerbell on her lower back with the words Princess and Kylie above and below it.
Kylie s sister convinces her dad to let Kyle get an apartment for the summer, so he can stay at school around his friends.
On of the women, Karen, discovers the joy of tying Kylie to a chair, and giving her teasing lap dances, while denying her release Eventually, Karen gives Kylie her very first blowjob, before kissing her and feeding her semen back to her.
Kylie is volunteered as a date to a friend of Sheila s at a dance to rasie money for Deanna s softball team Before the night is over, Kylie gives her date Steve a handjob beneath the table.
Another college male earns the ire of the women, and Kylie learns that she isn t to be alone in her feminization, and that the women expect her to help entrap the unsuspecting guy.
This is a great way to pick up this series at a discount I highly recommend it.