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[ Read Online Armageddon? (The Salvation War, #1) ¿ romantic PDF ] by Stuart Slade ☆ MilSF crossed with Christian eschatology, but in a good way The author of this series knows quite a bit about modern military hardware, perhaps going a bit overboard at times describing it, but that s really part of the fun here you get to read lots of lavishly described battle scenes between the might modern day Earth can field versus a bunch of demons that last fought bronze age rabble and are going into battle expecting us to be impressed by lightning bolts and pitch forks It s not all curb stomp battles, though, as the forces of Hell have a bunch of other tricks up their sleeves that makes things not quite so certain for the good guys.
While I liked the story overall, it could really use a thorough going over by an editor or two That would tidy up a lot of the little typos and technical glitches as well as trimming some of the excessive verbosity, and perhaps tightening things up overall But as long as you go into this story willing to forgive a little lack of polish it doesn t get in the way too badly.
The biggest obstacle to enjoying this book might be simply getting ahold of a proper ebook version The story was originally posted chapter by chapter on a discussion forum with other comments interspersed throughout, and while there exist decent compilations people have put together they re not exactly official and may take some digging to find.
When All Hell Breaks Loose On Earth, All Earth Will Break Loose On HellThe Salvation War Is A Web original, Written By Stuart Slade, Which Premiered Online In The Beginning Of The Year , And Starts By Asking One Question What Happens When God Declares That Humanity Shall Forever Be Kept Away From Heaven, And All Souls And Bodies Are Now Property Of Satan Humanity Chooses To Fight Back, Declaring War On Both Heaven And Hell An interesting premise that I have not encountered before I like that he avoided the temptation to load it up with historical figures and for the most part it was a very enjoyable read.
This book reads like an unholy collaboration between Tom Clancy and Philip Pullman Basically, what happens is that all of a sudden, humanity is informed that Satan is now their master, and they are to prepare for an eternity of torment.
Unfortunately, Satan and his opposite number has not been in touch with events on earth for many centuries OoopsDemons have some few advantages, but these are quickly countered, and they turn out to be terribly vulnerable to modern weapons And once the humans learn the secret of getting into Hell, things start turning really unpleasant for the demons.
I d have given thisstars, but the version I was able to find had lots of typos and other things that made me think that a good going over by a professional proofreader would have been a Good Thing.
Lo, a great voice called out from the Heavens, proclaiming the start of Armageddon, mankind s final battle The gates of Hell have opened, and the demonic legions are set to conquer the world and throw the souls of the sinners into the fiery pit of Gehennon.
Humanity responds with overwhelming force, and quickly gains the upper hand, because as it turns out daemons, angels, and Yahweh himself are nowinged sacks of meat, who will bleed and die when shot at.
The premise is fresh enough, although it s been done before Robert Sheckley s Battle comes to mind The plot as a whole is okay it s mostly war porn, but there are a few twists and turns, and some characters you can actually care for The godawful prose and the spurious nerdy references, however, completely ruined my ability to enjoy of the book The author should probably find himself an editor.
An entertaining yet terrifying amalgamation of cliches It reads fine most of the time, and the sequel is worth it Feels like reading a stoned Tom Clancy who suddenly really likes the word retooling No, seriously.

interesting story Pretty damn good, although I am giving a looot of slack since it is unpublished, not formally edited, and given for free on the internet If I bought it at a proper bookstore I might have ripped it apart for its sometimes clunky prose and typos, and by might I mean definitely In this particular case I can t get too mad.
I would still be pretty affectionate in my review since this is a incredibly likable book , quotes used lovingly It has such a catchy and interesting concept, that it can t help but be captivating, and does remarkably well in not turning it into a cheap gimmick Just a shame about the fate of the third book, though.
I found the premise and thr setting very interesting, however one can notice the divergence of the writing style between the different contributors, as well as the extreme weapon obsession For less military savvy readers, it can get quite overwhelming to be faced with such a huge amount of differemt weapons and useless information about gun cartridges It was decent tho, and the few typos were tolerable However I am not looking forward to reading the second book of the series.