☆ Front Man (Three books in one volume) ☆ Download by À Adora Bell

☆ Front Man (Three books in one volume) ☆ Download by À Adora Bell Not quite what I expected, given how promoted it has been on facebook Story was very cut dry lacked depth.
awesome really fell in love with jack.
cant really complain with this story thoubecause im an enthusiastic read so i finish things fast basicly it could have been longer STILL AWESOME THOU XOXO All Three Parts Of The Captivating Front Man Series, Together In One Volume Get Ready To Have Your World RockedContents Front ManFront Man One Night In ParisFront ManFull FrontalJack Carter Has It Made Rich, Famous, Adored By Millionsbut Deep Down, The Ghosts Of His Past Just Won T Let Him GoSara Has Been In Love With Jack Carter Since He First Exploded On To The Music Scene Now She Has The Chance To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams She S About To Learn That Her Idol Isn T All That He SeemsCan This Rock God Find True Love At Last Or Will His World Be Torn Apart Secrets Are About To Be RevealedFront Man The Complete Trilogy Contains Scenes Of A Very Sexual Nature, And Is Intended For A Mature Audience This is first books I have read from this author Of course the title got me, I love books about rock stars But once I started, it got my interest Jack is a trouble soul His sister being missing his causing him so much guilt he can t move on happily Sarah meets man of her dreams but he is holding himself back At times he is selfish and cruel and just want slap him right up side his head But when you stop you get he loves deeply and with all his heart Sad to find out that most of this is caused by his best friend I enjoyed this series and will readof this author.
Freebie 6 9 13 Sara has a crush on the hottest Rock Star right now, lead singer front man Of Compass Jake She gets to meet him, be with him in Paris, morn the end of a sweet start and help him with his personal demons All in a days work for our Sara Really good story and Hot Love scenes Always love a good rock star love story Not what I expected of a rocker book, however the story was interesting.

5 I am a sucker for good rock star stories This one had some good parts, but it ultimately lacked depth I didn t feel emotionally connected to the characters and I didn t feel like Sara had much of a connection with Jack He was overly needy.
I do however really like how the epilogue was done, the article was a great way to sum everything up I was just sorry we didn t get to actually see that develop.
This trilogy adds up to be about 113 pages which is ridiculous to sell in 3 separate stories so I am glad it was put together, just wish there wasdepth to the story.