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» Read ê One Night with a Hero by Laura Kaye Ò This was a lovely, sweet and super steamy romance.
Brady Scott, sex God Special Forces soldier, tall, lean, built and totally gorgeous has recently moved to town He s been having anger management issues and has been ordered to get his head straight by his Commanding Officers before going back out on active service Brady has some serious Daddy issues having grown up protecting his younger sister from their drunken, abusive father after their mother died.
He spots and is instantly attracted to Joss who is sitting alone on a blanket at the town Labor Day firework display She s got multiple piercings, tattoos and pink streaks in her hair this is a way of carving out her own identity in the world after she s grown up alone, in care, after the death of her mother.
When they first meet, the chemistry between Brady and Joss is INCENDIARY He liquefies her insides and melts her knees with their first kiss and they have a super steamy, deeply passionate one night stand and then they part to go their separate ways, never to see each other again Well, that s what they think Turns out that Brady has moved in next door to Joss and they are now neighbours So, after a blazing start to their relationship, you just know that these two are going to take the rockiest path possible together Brady needs to confront his past before he can move forward and Joss finds his hot and cold mood swings, his anger too much to deal with after the childhood she has lived.
This was a short but very sexy contemporary romance, the story never once felt rushed, the characters are well developed and if you ve enjoyed Laura Kaye s books before, you won t be disappointed with this one.
4 stars contemporary romance.
I also have total cover lust Forreviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Blog read the first on in this series and really liked it We got a brief glimpse of Brady in that one.
He and Joss meet at a Park, and get chatting and watch the fireworks together.
Brady is on leave from the military, trying to sort his shit out, so to speak He has anger issues and was abused by his father as a youngster When his mother died, his father changed and started drinking Brady became the surrogate father to his younger sister, Alyssa the first book was about her It was only meant to be a one night stand.
But fate brought them together again.
He felt he was not worthy to be in a relationship Swore he would never marry or have children.
Joss had been alone most of her life and was wary also.
The relationship had its ups and downs and it was nice to see that 5 BROKEN HERO STARS.
She shoots, she scores I feel like a complete winner reading this series by Laura Kaye Everything about this authors style I love, give me her to do lists and I d gladly read them Picking up One Night with a Hero came as a result of deciding to go on a Brazen book binge and after falling in love with Alyssa and Marco s story from book one in the series s, Her forbidden Hero I was eager to get started on this instalment from Laura Kaye and I can confirm that I loved this story too, possibly evenHere are my addict, addled book thoughts What s it all about Brady Scott is on leave from his position as a solider in the United States Army Special Forces, before he can make the promotion he has been seeking, his superiors have ordered him to take some time to overcome his anger issues Brady is a broken, troubled man the ghosts of his troubled childhood and torn past have followed him into adulthood A tragic loss of his mother in his teens caused his father to turn to alcohol and as a result Brady and his sister fell victim to domestic abuse Brady took it on himself to be all that his younger sister needed to rely on As the years have gone by Brady doesn t believe in love or want any part of family life, so long term relationships are out of the question Jocelyn Joss Daniels has shouldered a tough and heartbreaking upbringing living in foster care all her life As an adult the one thing she desires is a family of her own, this tough beauty hasthan enough love to give and is happy to rise to the challenge of loving the right man Brady and Joss s lives cross paths and an unexpected chemistry explodes, what they both don t expect is to find is something that could beOne Night with a Hero maps the rocky road for these two souls who might just be what they were both looking for.
What did I love Laura Kaye, hits the nail right on the head once again Emotional, sensual, romantic everything about this book I adored It had a sweetness laced with heart melting scenes that totally had me wrapped up in the story Brady and Joss make the best combo for a romance story, they are both a little broken from their own pasts which just made for aheart warming connection between the characters Call me silly but I believed their story, I was completely drawn into the drama and love and raced along with the pages desperate for the happily ever after Although predictable this series is just my cuppa, complete loved up scenes with hot bedroom action all delivered with gorgeous characters makes one special book This story and author has a like ability factor that I won t be forgetting soon.
Final thoughts There s not muchto say other than, give meLaura Kaye, my one click finger and romantic heart is going to be busy catching up on other books that I have missed by this fantastic author Yes I m gushing I realise this but what can I say, I adore Romance and the book delivered Big time Don t delay, go grab it Romance addicts Enjoy, kisses.
First of all let me say that I still can t believe that One Night with a Hero has been written by the same author who wrote Hearts in Darkness.
I loved and devoured this fabulous little read which featured great writing and wonderful characters I m sorry to say it but my biggest issue was that I didn t recognize the author s voice any What happened One Night with a Hero is a disappointment Everything about this story felt stilted, wooden, forced, exaggerated and the writing is very cheesy I know what I like but this isn t it I have nothing at all against flawed heroes or characters in general If anything, it makes them interesting and real However, when the author is drowning the hero s characterization and issues in a sticky mess of ridiculous melodrama, then the story and its main protagonists can t hold my attention any.
Brady treated Joss like s it when she told him view spoiler about her pregnancy hide spoiler Wow did I looooooooove this one But I m stuck what to say about it that will show how much I loved it Well, I won t go into the plot the book blurb lays it all out there and even includes a spoiler I will say that I love a hero with some emotional hangups.
And Brady Scott does have some problems dealing with the anger he feels towards his father But Brady s biggest problem seems to be that he thinks he will turn out like his father an angry, abusive man So rather than subject a woman and possible children to what he might become, he decides that he ll deny himself the opportunity to fall in love and have a family But then he meets Joss Daniels, and the attraction that he feels for her starts messing with his head He doesn t want to want her, but he can t help himself.
Or can he Brady I loved Joss and Brady Loved them I loved how strong Joss was to get through her crappy childhood and make something of herself I loved her sassiness and the fact that she didn t play games I loved her passion for Brady I loved how she told him to get lost when he said some awful things to her I laughed with her I cried with her I was right there with her, urging her to give Brady another chance Especially when he kept giving her the little gifts.
This part of the story brought some tears to my eyes God, I just loved their whole complicated romance Joss Needless to say, this was one steamy, romantic read Some of the places where sailor boy Joss s nickname for Brady and sweetness got together her truck, the kitchen counter , and how they went about ithave a cold drink handy because you re going to feel every heated moment After reading the novella Hearts in Darkness by this author and absolutely loving it I decided to see if she could top it with a full length book And I think she did This author has a wonderful voice I love her dialogue and her character s inner dialogue I love the way she fleshes out her characters background story I love the little details she provides to round out the book the description of Joss s apartment, the breakfast she makes for Brady, the details of how Joss took care of Brady when he was sickall the little things that get you really immersed in the story this author does an awesome job What a storyteller Not every erotic romance comes with a good story, but Laura Kaye really delivers in this respect I think I found another author to add to my favorites list 5 big stars 5 Hero Stars Brady is in the Special Forces and has to be stateside for a couple of years to undergo counseling for his anger problems which all stem from his daddy issues Joss was an orphan has a child and has her own set of issues to deal with, namely never feeling wanted and no one wanting to keep her.
Brady and Joss meet at a fireworks display where they end up having a picnic together and both decide that a one night stand is all they want As fate has a funny way of doing sometimes, they end up being neighbors.
While trying to work through his issues, he can t seem to stay away from Joss As much as he wants to stay away from her, he feels like a better man when he is with her But of course, he is male and ends up screwing up and saying stupid crap and thinks he has lost her for good With a newfound determination, his mission is to prove to Joss that he wants her for good, but is he too late I absolutely loved this book I loved Joss s character She was funny and sweet and strong, one of my favorite female MCs I have read in a long time image error A Sexy Category Romance From Entangled S Brazen Imprint He Wants Just One Night After Growing Up With An Abusive, Alcoholic Father, Army Special Forces Sgt Brady Scott Vowed Never To Marry Or Have Kids Sent Stateside To Get His Head On Straight And His Anger In Check Brady S Looking For A Distraction He Finds It In His Beautiful New Neighbor S One Night Only Offer For Hot Sex, But Her Ability To Make Him Forget Is Addictive Suddenly, Brady S Not So Sure He Can Stay Awaywhat They Need Is Each OtherOrphaned As A Child, Community Center Director Joss Daniels Swore She D Never Put Herself In A Position To Be Left Behind Again, But She Can T Deny Herself One Sizzling Night With The Sexy Soldier Who Makes Her Laugh And Kisses Her Senseless When Joss Discovers She S Pregnant, Brady S Rejection Leaves Her Feeling Abandoned Now, They Must Overcome Their Fears Before They Lose The Love And Security They Ve Found In Each Other, But Can They Let Go Of The Past To Create A Future Together Great addition to The Hero series I adored Joss Brady Joss had an agreed upon one night stand but naturally nothing ever turns out as planned Brady is an emotional train wreck and Joss suffers from abandonment issues Both have very valid reasons for these issues, the road traveled to reach thier HEA was a bumpy one and I thourghly enjoyed the ride Bonus we get to see plenty of Marco and Aly since Brady is Aly s brother The epilogue was fulfilling and not leaving me with a million questions image error Four Stars When his gaze returned to hers, his eyes were filled with heat, wide and penetrating and intense Erotic tension filled the narrow space between them and made it hard to breathe.
I first noticed this book the day of its release It was advertised on Facebook and I immediately loved the cover I loved the blurb And the pi ce de r sistance The story was written by Laura Kaye I love this author Her stories are normally filled with hot Alpha leading males and are very, very steamy There was no resisting this one, so I instantly picked it up and read it one setting Built Light brown hair kissed by the sun with a hint of blond All that lean, bare muscle Sex on a freaking stick And a soldier to boot Bet he looked seriously fine in his dress uniform Panties probably dropped at the mere sight thongs, too Maybe even like the one she was currently wearing.
Brady is all kinds of delicious He s very sexy and very Alpha However, like most strong Alpha Heroes, he s got major issues He wants a promotion within the Army The only problem is that he won t get it unless he can resolve his daddy issues He grew up with an abusive father and practically raised his baby sister He doesn t believe in love, marriage and the whole loving family dynamic He does, however, believe in lust On the way back from a run, he notices Joss and is instantly attracted Brady was no stranger to women, but this one was full of contradictions that drove him wild She had a smart mouth and a sharp wit, but blushed in a way that revealed vulnerability.
Joss is beautiful character, inside and out I love her pink striped hair, tattoos, tongue piercing, a sharp wit, and to top it all off, she has such a kind heart Her single status is a little surprising, but then again, her track record with men with commitment issues is nothing new Then Brady comes into her life and she still can t catch a break After their planned one night stand, they find out the morning after that they re next door neighbors Poor Joss However, Joss stirs a lot of strange emotions within Brady He will do whatever it takes to keep up his fa ade She was marking him, as surely as the metal that pierced her tongue and the ink that tattooed her skin marked her.
Yes, this story was predictable, but who cares These are the type of stories we all love to read The sexy, stubborn, commitment phobic Alpha gets his walls torn down by a sweet and loving heroine Honestly Plus add on the fact that the steam factor was flat out steamy How could you not like this I know I did Another sexy, romantic read by the talented Laura Kaye