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[Cora Reilly] á Twisted Bonds (The Camorra Chronicles, #4) [architecture PDF] Read Online Ø It could be maybe we ll seebabies ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Twisted Emotions ended on such a heart wrenching high with Nino finally professing his love for Kiara, it was a given that their story wasn t to be ended there Twisted Bonds picks up from where Twisted Emotions had ended, with Nino coming to terms with his feelings for his wife Nino Kiara s relationship is exploredas the book progresses and above all else the dynamic between the Falcone family Kiara is shown extensively and my my was that a treat It is important to read Twisted Pride TP before this as a significant portion of that timeline was a part of this book in order to show how much the events that transpired in TP affected Nino Kiara s relationship What ensues after the events of TP is just an avalanche of action packed, gut wrenching and tear jerking moments Nino Kiara s relationship evolved so much in this book They had to experience so many highs lows but through all of it they came out stronger and became a force to be reckoned with Seeing Kiara emerging out from her shell, and not letting her past get in the way of her newfound happiness was an absolute delight Her strength, her pain, her struggles and above all else her compassion love for those around her make her truly endearing Twisted Bonds was filled with romance, action, conflicts, Falcone humor and above all else familial bonds This series exploration of the dynamics between each family member and the trials tribulations that they face is truly what sets it apart Twisted Bonds is such an integral book in the Camorro Chronicles because it serves as a bridge and lays the groundwork for the storylines for the next Falcone brothers and potentially other characters Onto Savio s book now, 2020 can t come soon enough.
Can t wait for this Kiara and Nino are my favorite couple, I really want to readof them.

I love reading.
The Novels means a lot to me, it s my private world, with them i find myself.
We don t just read, we taste the pages, embrace the phrases, travel so far like you sprawling over the cloudsAnd what a great chance, when you figure out an incredibly strong writer, give you ways to communicate directly with.
No matter what it cost you because we can not wait for the next novel.
we always very excitment and want the time pass too fast.
sometimes i feel that i will go crazy.
But, i believe that my patience won t go in vain.
Massive reward coming after that amazing torture That simply our real situation in Cora s flamingo squad groupKiara had went through the hell, she struggled her demons, and she won.
Nino, her husband, stood beside her, but the battle was too difficult, the past was insisted to digs its claws and shacklesStep by step, the two of them managed to reached safehold.
Yet, the path was branching out to many distinations, which one they must choose it, was depends of the revelation of the heart The Kiara s and Nino s hearts.
Love, is the master leader, its vibrations are The strongest motivation to challenge the impossible Welcome Twisted Bounds.
We are all waiting you on pins and needles.
Cora likes to play with my emotions I was lucky enough to read an ARC and I can t even tell you how many times I cried, laughed, sobbed, was angry, was happy, was excited, was terrified.
This book just has the whole package for me.
It was hot but the angst is real Nino and Kiara s journey takes a very interesting turn and I actually wasn t sure how this was going to end, it made me a little worried and I felt like with every page I was left going OH DAMN wether that be a good bad.
However I will say that I completely and utterly loved the bonds all these characters have its very interesting to watch them all grow together and all their personalities put together makes for some explosive, funny, crazy, hot scenes.
This is 100% Nino and Kiara s book however ALL the Falcones are present so if you are a Savio, Adamo, Remo, Fabiano fan they are all there and have some good scenes for themselves too This book defiantly has the shock factor, there were scenes I was kind of expecting and then there were scenes I absolutely was not expecting out of no where and they are CRAZY This is a very laid out book, it give you the right amount of every aspect I often find that I get bored or the books I try and read are too rushed but with Cora s book they are so very detailed and thought through that her books aren t overwhelming and rushed and that is something I love and it s why these are my favourite books.
Twisted bonds for me is amazing Nino and Kiara were a couple I hoped that got everything they ever wanted and I m not going to say wether they did or not you ll read for yourself It will open up new stories for those who are next with a Big Bang Thank you Cora for your hard work and dedication because it really pays off the work you do is truly amazing and we love your babies with all our hearts.
I m dying of despair, I will not be able to wait, I die slowly This is not healthy for my mental health.
you just had to go there Didn t you.
After teasing us mercilessly in the group, you finally delivered Guys.
This story.
This after HEA.
It was E V E R Y T H I N G Nino and my absolute love Kiara and their tumultuous life after they both have tried to bury their past demons but it ain t that easy It was so.
perfect yet so heart ripping all at the same time.
Add in the whole family glimpses of Remo and all other brother with Nevio and Greta.
We are shown how the babies are growing to be Their personalities and who are they taking after We see Adamo and Savio s life And my oh my so much has changed.
But my beloved Kiara.
This story is simply just the right amount of wholesome and throughout it.
I was a mess ARC received for review Can You Ever Truly Leave The Past Behind In A House Full Of Haunted Souls Kiara Always Wanted A Loving Family She Could Take Care Of She Never Thought She D Find It With The FalconesNino And Kiara Both Lost Part Of Themselves In Their Traumatic Childhood Together They Re Trying To Recover The Missing Pieces, But They Aren T The Only Broken Souls In The Falcone Mansion Kiara Fears That Not All Of Them Can Be Saved Determined To Protect Her New Family And The Future Of Her Dreams, She S On A Mission To Help Each Of Them In Her Own Way, Even If It Means Stacking Up SecretsFour Brothers Bound Together By An Unbreakable Bond Forged In Their Dark Past If One Of Them Falls, Will They All Is it bad that I m kind of sad Remo doesn t get a book I kind of wanted to see him humbled by a woman of his own don t judge me I now he s deranged but his story would have been epic.
UPDATE ok never mind Yaaay The summary for the next book twisted pride just got updated It s REMO S book So excited What is the release date of the book