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[ Pdf Kingdom of Exiles ☆ outdoors PDF ] by Maxym M. Martineau ✓ Released June 25, 2019Fantastic beasts meets Assassins Creed is an excellent description for Kingdom of Exiles Leena is a Charmer who can charm beasts and bond with them They can protect her She is exiled from her people for reasons you learn as the story progresses, and she s forced to sell her beloved beasts on the black market This is the number one law for her people to never break, and she thwarts an assassin hired to kill her Leena takes him hostage to find out who was trying to kill her, and she makes a truce with Noc, leader of the assassins He won t kill her, and she will gift him and his assassins beasts This was a wonderful start to a fantasy series I loved the beasts, they were my favorite part of the story They were each so unique, and I loved how many there were I need some fan art of them The world building was also remarkable, and woven nicely throughout the plot No info dumps here Leena is a strong heroine She s in a hard place, doing what she can to survive But she s kind to animals, and she s a softy beneath her tough exterior Noc is mysterious He has hints of a tragic past, and I hope that book two will explore his story I kept thinking about Amanda Bouchet s Promise of Fire while reading this book Both have strong heroines, alpha male heroes, well developed supporting characters, and unique world building I think fans of fantasy romance will enjoy Kingdom of Exiles, and I ll be eagerly awaiting the second book in the series I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.
4 FUN STARS Do you like Fantastic Beasts, Assassin s Creed and Pok mon Sounds intriguing This is the book you never knew you needed It s also surprisingly very good The only thing I can encourage you to do is pick this up asap.
This novel just ticks all the right boxes for me Slow burn romance Fantastic action Magical creatures Merry band of assassins Steamy scenes Great world building I enjoyed the heck out of this and I can t thank Netgalley enough for bringing this to my attention Can t wait to read the sequel Received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
Fantastic Beasts Meets Assassin S Creed In This Epic, Gripping Fantasy Romance From Debut Author Maxym M MartineauExiled Beast Charmer Leena Edenfrell Is In Deep Trouble Empty Pockets Forced Her To Sell Her Beloved Magical Beasts On The Black Market An Offense Punishable By Death And Now There S A Price On Her Head With The Realm S Most Talented Murderer For Hire Nipping At Her Heels, Leena Makes Him An Offer He Can T Refuse Powerful Mythical Creatures In Exchange For Her LifeIf Only It Were That Simple Unbeknownst To Leena, The Undying Ones Are Bound By Magic To Complete Their Contracts, And Noc Cannot Risk His Brotherhood Of Assassinsnot Even To Save The Woman He Can No Longer Live Without You think snake charmers are impressive Meet Leena, magical beast charmer, down on her luck and now wanted for selling her beasts on the black market The punishment is death, but that s only if you get caught, which she has no intention of doing until the realm s most talented Murder for hire assassin is fast on her heels How could Noc know he would fall for this beauty, even if it could cost him his life Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M Martineau has a magical, mystical romantic tale that may take a while to reach its boiling point, but trust me, it is well worth the wait Fabulously unique beasts steal a scene or two, but Leena s character is definitely one to watch in action, even as Noc gives a great showing as a hot, yet tormented hero Do you like some spice with your magical conflict Prepare to have the heat turned up Great writing, wonderful world building and those beasts Loved the idea This author has a hit for sure and a very creative imagination that promisesgreat reading to come I received this ARC copy of Kingdom of Exiles from SOURCEbooks Casablanca This is my honest and voluntary review Series The Beast Charmer Book 1Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca June 25, 2019 Publication Date June 25, 2019Genre Romantic FantasyPrint Length 400 pagesAvailable fromBarnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow I received this ARC courtesy of Netgallery in exchange for an honest review Pretty good read4.
5 stars.
Leena is a charmer, she charms magical beasts and and each of the beasts have certain powers that can be called upon when needed She has been living in exile due to a crime she did not commit To make ends meet she sells some of her beasts on the black market which is a punishable offense.
She soon discovers there is a bounty on her head, a bounty carried out by a assassin s guild with a 100% completion rate She tries to make a deal with the head assassin and lucky for her he needs some beasts and since charmers are rare she is just the person to find them When she does she goes scot free view spoiler of course this is a lie because each assassin must complete the bounty when it has been accepted if not their own lives is at stake hide spoiler Title Kingdom of Exiles Series The Beast Charmer 1Author Maxym M MartineauRelease date June 25, 2019Cliffhanger yesGenre fantasy, paranormal romanceWhen it came to us, there were just too many thorns But damn if I didn t want to cut them all down and see what grew.
The first half of this book was a little slow going for me Thankfully once I felt comfortable in Maxym M Martineau s world of beasts, charmers, and assassins, I was all in It was loaded with action, adventure, and a romance that was refreshingly heavy for the genre I wasn t entirely sold on how quickly Leena developed her attraction for Noc This is a guy whom she thought could figuratively and literally stab her in the back But aside from that, it progressed believably and I enjoyed the forbidden love aspect of it Noc is an undead guild master of Cruor He leads a group of assassins brought back from the dead that must complete each kill contract assigned to them There is no choice in the matter, it s simply a something they do in order to survive Even knowing that some of his bounties are innocent, he s resigned to his fate But it s a lonely life he leads, because even the men and women closest to him must be kept at a distance for their own good He erected a barrier between himself and the rest of the world a cold facade that no one is permitted to penetrate He believes that his past is so tarnished by his misdeeds that this existence is all he deserves I thought death had wiped my slate clean when I followed Talmage and became a member of Cruor I didn t realize how wrong I was until it was too late If death couldn t cure me, then nothing would.
His past life is shrouded in mystery You re given hints and clues throughout the story, and I think I have an idea as to what he s concealing but this bombshell is left for future books to be revealed You just know that when everything does come out, there will probably be hell to pay Leena and Noc are similar in that they are both outcasts of society Both fallen from grace and doing what they must, living one day at a time Leena is a highly skilled beast charmer who has been cast out of her home, Hireath Betrayed by the man she loved, she no longer puts her trust in anyone but herself Her one goal is to somehow convince the Council to hear her side of the story so she may return home It doesn t help that she s been breaking the law by selling beasts while exiled And the hit put out on her from a mysterious source That tends to cause some difficulties as well Leena isn t one to go down easily though, and she manages to strike a deal with the man bound by Cruor s Oath to end her life She must provide beasts for his crew in exchange for her freedom If she can kill two birds with one stone and charm the beast she needs to re enter Hireath, she may have a chance to reclaim her home and her honor that was stolen from her The magical beasts were something completely different for me I really enjoyed the wide range of species and how their talents interacted and aided the group on their adventure Leena s skill in charming them was extraordinary Many times she was facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, putting herself in life or death situations Yet she faced each and every one with courage that was admirable There was a lot to love about Leena She was a strong heroine that was dealt a crappy hand, but always finds a way to outsmart the odds As she started to develop feelings for Noc, there was a lot of push and pull because he couldn t help but give her mixed signals Falling for each other could be the destruction of them both Noc was an open door Not because he was easy to read, but because every action begged me to walk right into him To unearth every secret of my own volition and turn it over in my hands.
The end was action packed, and satisfyingly suspenseful It leaves off in a happy for now place, but there is plenty of unresolved issues and room for the plot to grow in the following books This is my first read by the author, and I was very pleasantly surprised I m always looking forfantasy paranormal books with a strong element of romance, and this fit the bill perfectly Great world building, original concept, and flawed yet approachable characters that are easy to root for make a well rounded package I look forward to continuing with The Beast Charmer series next year with The Frozen Prince.
FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON Maxym M Martineau s Kingdom of Exiles debuts a fresh new fantasy world teeming with exotic beasts, magical secrets, and hot blooded romance Exiled from her homeland, and on the run from assassins, the heroine is a charmer, who can summon beasts to assist her and they are fabulous and wondrous indeed She makes a desperate bargain with the head of the assassin s guild, a cursed man compelled to hunt her down The climactic ending promisesepic adventures and political wrangling to come and left me with a happy sigh and a fervent wish for a beast of my own Highly recommend

UPDATE 5 27 19 I cant get this book out of my head so I just pre ordered my own paperback copy and cant wait to get it in my greedy little hands Heat Level 2 out of 4 flamesOverall 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MandieSee Mandies Blog Review HerePRE ORDERLINKOfficial Book Trailer I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
First, the description of Fantastic Beasts meets Assassin s Creed DUH AND its adult Sign this bitch up That is a recipe for eye porn So, with all the good reviews I wanted to give this a fair shake and I was very critical of everything but also super hopeful this was going to be good I ended up really liking this book but it wasn t a smooth journey for me What I mean by that is that it started off great, then got slow and then there were a lot of moments where things seemed off and inconsistent with the characters that were developed But everything did come full circle and was explained really, really well This book actually had a beginning, middle and end The ending didn t feel forced or rushed and ended up being really good However, the relationship between Leena and Noc did feel forced and didnt really feel genuine until the end So, one thing that irritates me when reading any kind of book is when a strong independent woman meets a man and all of the sudden is unable to function in life and take care of herself Everything she has learned in life up to that point has poofed away like magic There were moments in this book where that happened and I was fully prepared to rip this to shreds So I kept reading and the way the story is built, this was actually explaineda little bitlater in the story But I feel this could have been better explained earlier in the story because you might lose a lot of readers because of that Like, Leena doesn t have to be completely brainless and unable to take care of herself On the flip side of that coin, you have this super badass manly assassin, Noc who doesn t talk to anyone Especially not to thejobshe has to carry out Doesn t want to get attached to somebody he needs to kill I totally get that But that is not at all what happened I think this is the one character flaw that bugged me most and was never resolved for me There was no effort made to stay away from Leena Well, the author did try to write some internal conflict between Leena and Noc and very weakly attempted to show Noc trying to stay away, but it was not believable at all I think thats why I dont think Leena and Noc s connection is believable I get what the author is trying to do Hitman falls for his target Cute but could have been executed better The side characters and the beasts were really good I loved them all and cant wait to read all their stories Especially when Leena paired Calem with a beast It actually brought a tear to my eye, it was so sweet The sex was ok It didn t happen until close to the end and it wasn t anything spectacular And, y all the wordcreasewas used to describe Noc fingerbanging LeenaI wanted this Needed this He didn t pull away Instead, he slipped one finger beneath the lace and teased my crease Let out a heady groan You re already wet Tortuously slow, he drove one finger inside meAnd then next pageNoc growled, When you say my name like that He drove two fingers into my crease at the same moment his tongue danced over my clitAnd yet again A couple paragraphs downBarreling his fingers into me, he kept his lips poised over my creaseHonestly the image below is what that last quote reminds me of The quotes could have been hot if the wordcreasewasn t used Also, the tension wasn t believable for me and felt like the author was forcing a connection between the characters Overall, this was a good read and I really enjoyed myself I know I complained a lot but I liked the story so much and some of my complaints were actually explained later in the story that I can t wait to readThe story does end with a tiny bit of a cliffy but its not that bad It just intrigues you to want to read the next one As for comparing this to Fantastic Beasts and Assassin s Creed ya, I see it but this isnt a copy This story has its own voice and Im listening PRE ORDERLINKOfficial Book Trailer Kingdom of Exiles was a solid fantasy debut novel After reading the blurb I was intrigued by the premise and plot And as expected the storyline was unique, and at times gave me a Pokemon vibe which I really enjoyed.
The writing was smart, and I can see the author s potential Even though it felt like a debut novel at times, which it is the plot and writing soundedlike a YA novel The story was a bit stilted at times, and didn t flow as it could have Nevertheless I read it in short order, maybe in a couple days, since I had to squeeze in reading time at work etc.
The element of charming animals that were as exotic as Pokemon creatures, and matching said animals to humans was very well done.
I would have likedof the animal charming, since that s a HUGE draw of the story, and less of the drama and romance that took over the book Again it felt like a YA novel with its angst and relationship drama and less like an adventure novel The comparison to Assassin s Creed is a bit misleading, because there wasn t that much action throughout the novel Compared to a Kate Daniels novel, this one was TAME Nevertheless the book ended satisfyingly, with a bit of foreboding of what might be coming which has me intrigued to say the least.
There might have been a couple of times I started skimming towards the end, with 448 pages it wasn t exactly a short novel But overall it was an enjoyable read, not wowing but enjoyable I can see that the author has a promising future in front of her and I m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review If you want to chat with me about books, find me on Instagram Forof my reviews My Blog Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog TITLE Kingdom of ExilesAUTHOR Maxym MartineauSERIES The Beast CharmerRELEASE DATE June 25 2019GENRE FantasyTHEMES TROPES Enemies to loversRATING 4.
5 StarCLIFFHANGER YesREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGKingdom of Exiles is the first in the Beast Charmer series and I m so happy I took a chance to read this debut As per usual, the first in a new fantasy series is a little on the slower side, at least the first half building a vast, detailed world like this one takes a lot of descriptive writing and doesn t help the story move forward But make no mistake this world is absolutely stunning, creative and imaginative I love every single colorful aspect of it and I didn t mind one bit to read about its complexity.
Charmers are coveted and admired in this realm They tame beasts that come with a multitude of different abilities, from healing over granting wishes to offensive and defensive magic Leena is a charmer but she has been exiled from the charmers world due to transgressions of a former lover which she has been accused of Our hero, Noc, is the leader of the Assassin s Guild, tasked with the assassination of Leena Their first meeting isthan awkward and problematic as you can imagine Leena offers a counter deal a beast for Noc and his closest friends in exchange for the guild to drop the order Together they journey to places far away and form an unusual friendship Unbeknownst to her is there no way out of the killing contract, so while Leena dutifully delivers the beasts, Noc struggles with the knowledge what he will have to do in the near future She treated each creature with the devoted love and attention of a mother E Class to B Class, they were the same to her She stroked chins, ruffled feathers, cooed words of pure happiness, and placed gentle kisses with her flushed lips Why anyone wanted to kill this woman was beyond me Noc is a troubled man, cursed by a priestess to bestow illness on everyone he shows love My heart ached for him, he was lonely in a way no one should be His craving for a deep connection was desperate and sad He kept pushing away the people he cared most about, so I was really glad to get his point of view, otherwise I would have gotten whiplash from his changing emotions Emotions that ran incredibly deep This man s love for the people he considered family was endlessShe was the ache in my heart The breath in my lungs This was Leena This was my lifeLeena was lonely in her own way She lost everything after being exiled and had to make a living selling her beasts, a punishable offense, often by death Her longing for a real family and friends was just as desperate but trust didn t come easy I loved Leena s inert sweetness, her capacity for love, her tenacity and will to survive She was a kickass heroine When it came to us, there were just too many thorns But damn if I didn t want to cut them all down and see what grew I loved Noc and Leena s connection, especially after every obstacle in the way of their relationship was removed it turned into a selfless, tender love that touched me deeply Leena s passion and love for her beasts was another of my favorite things in this new series Noc s friends, Calem, Ozias and Kost complete the couple with their loyalty and very well fleshed out characters.
Kingdom of Exiles is a treat for every fantasy lover who enjoys a complex magical world with a heavy dose of romance and a surprising amount of steam I loved the creativity, the beasts, who all had their own personality, and the characters that brought this world to life The writing is the kind I adore almost poetic in parts This story picks up in intensity and action in the second half and ends on a cliffy I m looking forward to continuing my adventures in this realm with this group of people Never again would I lose her Never again would she endure the horrors still lingering in her teary gaze Never She was mine to protect and love And I would follow her anywhere.